I Accidentally Stole The Bad Boy’s First Kiss

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"I don't get it!" I yell while hurrying to catch up with him. "You don't need to get it!" he hisses out, not sounding tired after jogging for 20 minutes straight. While I on the other hand am heaving for my breath. "Why are you so hell bent on finding out who kissed you at Trevor's stupid party?!" No response. "It was just a kiss!" I try again. He stops up abruptly, turning around in a swift motion glowering down at me. I gulp. "Just a kiss?!" he whispers, I nod my head hesitantly. "JUST A KISS?!" I shrink back. He inches closer, his heavenly built towering over me. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose...disappointingly not mouth to mouth... I lick my lips slowly. He looks down, gulping before slightly moving away. "Just a kiss." I confirm. His blazing eyes find mine again. "No, it was not just a kiss! Maybe for her, but not for me!" "Why not?!" I press on. "BECAUSE SHE STOLE MY FIRST KISS!!" I gasp loudly, staggering back. His fingers graze his lips slowly before he snaps out of it, turns around and storms away. This time I don't bother following him, I am in shock. I Accidentally Stole The Bad Boy's First Kiss...

Romance / Humor
Vituna Kannan
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01 | Stalking The Bad Boy

Just like every single day, I tip toe over to my window, peeking out to see if my hot neighbour is present in his room.

And like every single day he is lying on his bed with the guitar in his hand, strumming a soft tone. I longingly stare at him.

He is Asher King.

The bad boy of Northwood High and the most gorgeous human being I have ever set my eyes on in my 17 years of living.

He doesn't notice me staring, he never does. Even if I so desperately wish for his attention, he never looks in my direction.

His curtains are always open though.

Once, to my utter embarrassment I even paraded around in my room half naked in my bra and panties! But did he look? NO... I mean come on... I wasn't the hottest girl out there but when you can look straight into your neighbour's room across from yours and she is parading around half naked YOU LOOK!

It is that simple!

The idiot didn't even budge that day. He was to busy playing games on his phone...

Twenty minutes later I gave up. After that I never pulled a stunt like that ever again. In fact, I became even more insecure over my body than before.


Asher stands up, putting the guitar down. Then he grabs the bottom of his shirt. I press my face closer to the window trying to get a better look.

Why are you so gorgeous? I whine in my mind, waiting eagerly.

But before I have the chance to see his defined packs I am being whisked away from my favourite spot in my room and the butter coloured curtain is pulled to the right, shielding the view from my sight.

Noooo! He was just about to take his shirt off! I want to see!

A slap on the back of my head awakens me from my trance and I yelp in surprise. "Hey!" I rub my head while frowning before looking up, only to see my best friend glaring at me.

Oh busted!

I smile sheepishly at her, scratching my neck awkwardly. Then I give her my cutest puppy face praying she will ignore what she just witnessed.

But of course she doesn't fall for it, only dad ever does.

"I thought you were going to stop this nonsense!" Kaylee frowns at me.

"I was but I can't!" I press out, turning around marching towards my bed.

"Why not Addy! He doesn't even look in your direction. I am wondering if he knows that you exist in the first place?!" I huff, throwing a book in her direction. She catches it with ease before plopping down next to me on my bed.

"Look, I know you like him. Maybe you don't know him personally but you have been crushing on him for ages. Ever since the day he moved in here eight years ago you have been fascinated by him, but I think it's time you let go," she whispers scooting closer to me.

Biting my bottom lip, I curl into a ball on my bed.

"I don't get it! Am I that ugly? Why doesn't he spare me a single glance?" I groan.

"I know! I know you have tried to get his attention...in weird ass ways..."

"My methods were not weird!" I give her a glare.

"They were weird alright, but he is a dick who can't see what a wonderful person you are!" she puts her face opposite to mine.

"You deserve so much better!" I shake my head at her.

"No, you are wrong!" I mutter.

"What do you mean?" she asks.

"You are wrong...he deserves so much better than me." I look longingly in the direction of his room.

"Addy..." Kaylee starts protesting but I cut her off.

"He deserves someone who isn't a freak. I mean look at me, I have been stalking him for eight years now! Eight years! In those eight years I haven't conversed with him even once! But I still know so much about him! I am ashamed of myself..."

"You know that it is not like that..." she says soothingly but I shut my eyes together hoping that my aching heart will get some peace.

Maaan, I sound dramatic.

"Kaylee could you please leave me alone for a bit?" I ask, looking back at her. Her eyes bore a sad expression.

"Yes, I get it. Hope you feel better soon!" She hugs me tightly to her and I hug her back.

"Don't let your silly crush get to you..." I nod my head and look down at my clenched fists in my lap.


When I look up again she is gone.

I feel bad.....we were supposed to have a sleepover and she just arrived but I needed to see someone.

Like right now.

So that is exactly what I do. I throw on a pair of random jeans, a hoodie, my caps and lastly my running shoes. Then I open my door.

"Mum, dad I am going to bed!" I yell waiting for an answer.

"Ok sweetie! Sleep well! Good night!" They yell back. I smile to myself closing the door again, locking it to be extra sure that no one notices I am going to be gone for a while.

With my phone in my pocket I climb out my window, something I was a pro at after all the practice. Even if my room was on the 4th floor.

On my way down, something slices a deep cut into my hand and I yelp out. I hear a sound from behind me and turn around, swiftly looking up into Asher's room...... but no one is there. I look back at my hand were the blood is oozing out.

"Shit, mum and dad can't find out that you sneak out Addy!" I mutter loudly to myself.

I internally scream when the pain increases and climb all the way down knowing I will fall if I don't. Once on the ground I get out my phone and put the torch on, examining my wound.

Well, shit....it is bad...

Do climb up again? No! I shake my head trying to find another solution, if I could just stop the bleeding then I was good to go again.

Think Addy think!

My hand slips under my hoodie and I grab my bra.


A cotton, sports bra. I have plenty at home, no one will realise if I ruin this one. While holding my injured hand still, I pull the sweater off my body.

The wind breezes my bare torso only clad in a sports bra. My fingers grip the piece of clothing I need, to stop the bleeding, when I suddenly hear a cough.

My whole body freezes and my eyes frantically look around.

I swear I just heard a cough.

But no one is here and there is no way that Asher...I look up into his room again. I am right, his lights are turned off like earlier.

Maybe I am imagining things? Screw this!

I pull my bra of as well, shivering slightly before pulling my hoodie back on. Then I take the bra and wrap it tightly around my hand.

The bleeding stops and I smile to myself.

Before I know it I am sprinting off into the cold night, not realising that a pair of eyes are staring after me even long after I dissapear into the ocean of trees.

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