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Athena Rose and Avery Anderson have always had a hard time finding love. It'll either be a one night stand or a pathetic attempt at commitment then their 'lover' cheats. Since day one in preschool, these two have been together like glue. Everything was done together with them, nothing could tear them apart. When Athenas parents were murdered one night, Averys parents made the decision tto adopt her so Avery wouldn't suffer from separation anxiety. Athena has never betrayed Avery, vise versa. That's why they've been together for 14 years. Athena was there for Avery when her baby brother was stillborn at age 10, and for that Avery can rely on her, so can Athena with Avery. When Kaden Caligula and Roman Kelly move to Hallows Sleepy High school, they had a bad record behind them from the previous High-schools they were expelled from. Roman would try to stop Kaden every now and then, but would end up joining him. That would end up either with being sent home or going to hospital even. Despite this, When Roman and Kaden spot Avery and Athena, they dream of doing things to them. Athena and Avery try to stay away and repress their feelings for these men they knew shouldn't of fallen in love with. With fate pulling them together, what should they do?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1 🌶 🌶

Romans POV

Ever wondered what it’s like to be one of the ‘bad boys?’. I know, So does my partner in crime, best friend for for life, Kaden.

For the longest time, we’ve been causing mischief together, and it’s never gotten old. We do all sorts of things, ranging from the plain old scare prank to popping tyres and scraping the cars in the parking lot.

When we were told our parents were moving us to yet another new school, we were ready to cause mischief.

And lots of it.

Hours had passed now, and the time read 4am. Why couldn’t I sleep?

I slid my phone off charge and texted my girlfriend,Ariana. For the last few months, I felt something off. Maybe the love and commitment was beginning to disappear.

Arianas POV

Roman text me at 4 in the morning whilst I was blowing some random guy from our old school. After he finished in my mouth I lowered myself and texted Roman back as I bounced on him.

Babe 😍🤤

Hey, you in Bed right now? 😴


Yeah your text accidentally woke me up. What’s the matter?

It made me feel sick that I had tto pretend to care about him. He didn’t want to fuck me, so I got bored of waiting and began to cheat behind his back.

It makes me laugh at how oblivious he is to this. Honestly. When will Roman realise I’m over him and only leading him on?

What an idiot. He’ll never learn, and it is funny when you think of it. Then, I got a text message I wish I hadn’t seen.


Since its only me and Kaden moving to the new school, I was wondering if you wanted to join me. I don’t want to feel lonely 💋

My heart jumped out of my chest in fear and shock that I stopped riding the guy I was on long enough now that he was now thrusting up into me.

I left him on read and focused on the man, riding him roughly, hands on his chest and his calloused hands groping my breasts. If Roman was serious, I’d be found out for my cheating soon. So I’d have to think of a plan to make sure I don’t seem too suspicious.

Someone help me.

Athenas POV

“Avery, hurry up! We’re gonna be late for school! We have to show some new people around!” I spoke quickly with excitement as I shook my sister awake.

Avery groaned and made a lazy attempt to swat my hand away. She threw her face into the pillow, showing off her insane bed hair. It was a blonde mess that triggered my OCD almost instantly.

“Wake up you lazy ass!” I grabbed the pillow and began hitting her back with it until she made a move and slid out of bed ”FINE! Just stop hitting me will you!?“Avery growled before storming out to get her breakfast.

Giggling, I followed her “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning”. That earned me the sharpest glare Avery has probably ever given me. Now, your probably wondering why we’re sisters when we look nothing alike and we’re the same age? To answer that, I was adopted. The story gets really upsetting but personally, ill tell people when I’m ready. Only Avery and my ‘parents’ knew.

I ate my breakfast in peace, like I usually do. “Mom, do you need help?” I asked, seeing as I had nothing to do now that I was already ready way before Avery woke up. This meant if she didn’t hurry the fuck up now, she would be late. Today’s special because we’re showing people around, so that means if Avery is late, she’ll get into tons of trouble.

As much fun as it is tto see her be scolded, I didn’t want her to be genuinely upset about something. We’ve been best friends for over a decade so if we even try to hide something from each other, it’s no use. We both know each other all too well.

“No, sweetie. Thank you anyway” Mom said, breaking me out of my trance. Nodding, I went into my room and plopped beside my beside table, looking at the picture of my parents holding a baby me. Tears filled my eyes and splashed against the glass cover. I just want them to hold me and tell me everythings okay, at least one last time. I missed them so much, and sometimes I wish it was me instead of them.

“Athena” a soft, familiar voice called out to me. I look up to see none other than my life longer friend Avery. She seemed ready to go to school now, all done up in the uniform and curly blonde hair as per usual. “Why don’t you take it to school with you today?” she suggested, rubbing my back in soothing circles as I gritted my teeth and ler more tears fall from my Blue-mostly-grey eyes. I nodded, hoping it would make her leave

“L.. Lucky my eyeliner and mascaras waterproof, huh” I sniffled whilst wiping my eyes with my sleeve. I had a feeling this day might just get worse for me. Like some sort of adventure will unfold for me and Avery today. Who knows?

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