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Meet Lilac a girl whose mother passed away while her father is nowhere to be found and left to be raised by her crazy grandfather who is a mad scientist that wants his only granddaughter to be happy and not alone in this cruel world that he only knows. 5 years passed Lilac developed a phobia against people because of grandfather passing away and her ex-boyfriend leaving her for his cousin on the day of her grandfather funeral. Locking herself away in her grandfather's home for he left everything in her name and she would be well off for generations to come. Going through his work shed looking for something she stumbles across a tall box with a bow on it and a letter attached saying " Happy birthday kiddo you're not alone anymore" She pulls the lid off the box to find-

Romance / Erotica
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All The Things Lost

Lilac Jones Pov

Black was everywhere, the unnecessary crying was becoming unbearable. I don't know why Auntie Sheba was this dramatic when she hasn't talked to grandfather since my mom has passed from cancer.

Honestly, she owed grandfather twenty dollars. Well, there's no helping that as I turn my head I see my cousins stuffing their pockets with food and laughing. Shaking my head as I was turning around to leave for the bathroom.

"Lilac oh baby I'm sorry this has happened to you we as a family should stick together you know that right I mean," said my Uncle Carl grabbing my arm tightly.

Why the fuck is he touching me? I could feel my skin breaking out on my arms a burning sensation started working its way on my arm to the rest of the body as if it's sending an alarm to the brain. The itchy sensation increase as I tried to pull my arm from him but his grip had gotten tighter as if I owe him something.

"Uncle Carl can you please let go of my arm I have to go the restroom and to be quite honest you guys were never around so family my ass and do me a favor tell Auntie Sheba to calm down or grandpa is going to come back for that twenty dollars that she owes," I said snatching my arm from him as I felt his grip loosen on me.

“You ungrateful bitch my sister should have aborted you while she had the chance," said my seething Uncle Carl as everyone looked around and running up to him to calm him down.

“Bye see you guys at the family reunion," I said walking away heading towards the door to leave for my home.

I rather piss at home, getting into my car I looked down at my wrist noticing that it was red and felt itchy trying not to scratch at it. I make my way home to find my house empty and I mean empty no furniture even my clothes were gone.

I walked to the kitchen to see if there was something left and my safe box with my important documents. I notice a note on the countertop grabbing it to find out that my boyfriend left me for his cousin who so happened to like my stuff they decided to take it since I was never home and thanks for the clothes.

*Knock knock knock*

I hear my front door being knocked on walking to it with the letter in my hand. Looking in the peephole I see a short and stubby man in a suit that was too small for him, his face reminded me of a pig he was balding underneath that hairpiece of his.

Why was he sweating for no reason it was making my skin crawl at the amount of sweat he had on him. He knocks again I decided to open the door knowing this man wouldn't leave until I open it.

"Can I help you, sir ?" I said while tilting my head to the side and crossing my arms.

" I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I've been asked to deliver this letter to you," he said while pushing the letter upon me and scurrying away from me.

Okay, that was weird closing the front door and walking back to the kitchen to sit on the countertop. I put down my ex's letter and open up the big envelope to find documents from my grandfather lawyer stating that I now own everything that my grandfather had and I was to move out of my current home immediately because that's what grandfather wished knowing that the rest of my family wouldn't be okay with what they got in their envelopes.

My grandfather had a home in South Korea in the mountains that no one knows about the hell I didn't know he had a home in another country. I see a plane ticket in the envelope I guess he predicted that I would be single... naw he just didn't like my ex-boyfriend or people to be exact.

I hear my phone ringing like crazy I see twenty-nine miss calls from my uncle and auntie ten text messages from my cousins each asking if I received a letter from grandfather and threatening me to tell them the truth.

So I did what any logical person would do... I grabbed what all I owned leaving the ex-boyfriend letter behind and taking the chip out of the phone and placing it in the envelope with my grandfather letter.

Walking out the door I get into my car. Looking at my phone placing it on the seat of my car drive to the park with the lake and get out of the car grabbing my phone to jog towards the lake.

Tossing the phone in the lake for it to be never found again. I jogged back to my car changing the license plates before pulling off and heading towards the airport.

I hand the lady my ticket only to be told that I was flying on a private jet so she walked me to the private jet. Getting on the jet quietly, walking to my seat dropping my bag off on the other seat.

I placed my seat belt on and relaxed until I fell asleep. Feeling that itchiness ten folds on my body cause me to jump out of my sleep and I look around the flight attendant hovering over me smiling.

"Sorry that I startled you I've called your name three times but you didn't answer so I got worried and wanted to make sure you weren't dead," she said frowning a little bit and straightened herself back up.

"Miss we've made it South Korea and a helicopter will be taking you closer to your destination." She said smiling warmly at me.

I get up and walked out of the jet with my bag to see the helicopter sitting right there I guess my grandfather doesn't have a cute townhome in Korea. The co-pilot tells me that we're heading towards Mountain Jirisan.

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