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This is based on a true story where a girl has trouble believing that she's beautiful, but her perspective changes when he enters her life ,yet little did she know his problems and his decisions will continue to heal and wound her one by one because inside that innocent body, there is a vicious beast waiting to be unleashed. A story of how she got over and healed herself. I dedicate this to all the females out there who was hurt by males...... Don't worry you can get over them because women are strong.

Romance / Humor
Ahinsa K Manimendra
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“Dude, let’s take the short cut,” said Kate.

We were munching the usual burgers from the cafeteria, arguing about which side we should take to get to our classes without meeting Baldy.

Ok, ok I know it’s rude to put nicknames to your protocol officer, but he’s so annoying! He just doesn’t get it.

Once he came to our class during an English lesson and guess what? He asked us and the teacher- without even excusing himself- “Hello Ms. Winter, I made a YouTube channel. Please subscribe, including you all too,” which was directed towards us. And we were like, we are not supposed to use social networks except for educational purposes...


It was a busy time, five minutes for the bell, ending our precious time period. Me and Kate, after playing rock, paper, scissors, we decided to take the short cut.

“So, Amelia,” said Kate, “You coming to class tomorrow?”

“What class?” I asked, to which I received a pat in the head.

“Tomorrow tuition class? Chemistry?” she asked.

“Oh, um, yeah,” I said, to which she nodded.

“Hey bro, that was a real chill huh?”

We were just turning around the corner when a gangful of seniors bumped into us. I don’t know about you people, but the seniors are the worst. They think that they are so high and mighty just because they are in their last year, but some of the sisters are no more taller than us.

I turned towards Kate and said like any other day, “Pfft, so they had a real chill…”

But unfortunately, it was at that time that I first had a glance on him. When I was telling Kate that, she passed a guy from his left while I passed on his right, so I literally said that to him, though that was not my intention.

He was tall, taller than me which wasn’t a surprise at all considering that some of the sisters in junior grades are taller than me, had a well-built body, tan, black, thick hair, black eyes, over which he wore glasses.

At that time, I didn’t know who he was since that the first time I even saw the guy.

After that incident, I just looked down and walked as fast towards my class without running. I looked for Kate but she has already vanished.

I didn’t know that he was following till he said, “Ah, so it was a real chill huh sis?”

I panicked, my heart racing as I willed my legs to walk faster. That was my first experience with an elder guy, a senior for that matter... Seriously he looked like a damn gangster! And here he was following me, laughing while repeating the same thing. I can’t remember who was the guy, but there was another person with him at that time laughing, looking at me smugly.

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