The Christmas Dove

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A stuck princess, Grace, from a small kingdom in Turkey has always thought everything belonged to her and she deserves everything in this world. From a very nice Horse to her own limousine until she and her sister find a half-frozen man on the path they were riding a week before Christmas. As the days go by, this man seems to bring kindness and the spirit of Christmas to the castle except for her. Will he be able to get her back down to earth or will something happen to destroy any chance of that happening?

Romance / Drama
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The Mystery Man

Monday, Dec 18 1:00 pm

"Ugh, " I said to my sister, "I don't know why I let you convince me to ride horses in the snow."

"We needed to get outside! We have been confined to the castle for a few days now and doesn't this area look so beautiful!" she with a pissed off voice.

"True but did we have to ride horses why couldn't take a stroll through the garden or a limousine ride to town to shop?" I said noticing her tone towards me. I don't know why she had to be pissed off about it being so cold.

"I mean you could have stayed home and listened to papa keep you occupied with his stupid stories about the war. We have been in the garden several times since the snow came last week and this is a good change of scenery and you have plenty of clothes. Just suck it up for know, we are almost halfway done."

"OK fine," I said with an irritated tone while grabbing the reins with my left hand and then pulled my iPhone 7 out of my beautiful $300 jacket. I looked and realized that I several texts from my friend, Isabella. I unlocked my Phone and pulled up my messages from my friend and the first message said, so sad you could not make it with me for Christmas to the warmth of the States. She also sent pictures of the beach and the beautiful weather where she was at. I was jealous because of my papa not letting me go with my friend for Christmas but instead stay here at the castle in freezing cold. He usually let me go where ever I wanted and have whatever I want but something changes this time. I texted her back and said, yea I know I wish I was there too and put away my phone and looked to see that we were looping around and heading back to the grounds of the castle.

I soon stopped when my sister halted quickly ahead of me and started looking around like she heard something. I asked, "why the hell did you stop for?"

"I swear I heard a faint voice saying help," she said and I listened around for a split second and then I said, "I think this cold weather is getting to you, Alexandria. Maybe we should hurry up and get home."

"I don't think..." she said but before she could finish she hurried and got off her horse and walked briskly to the right-hand side and walked up a small embankment and took a few steps and bent over something and started wiping the snow off reviling something I couldn't see.

"Oh my gosh! Grace hurry over here I need your help" she said

"What is the matter!" I said laughing, "did you find some animal you think you can bring home and save."

"No just get over here! It's a man," she said and I got off my horse and hurried over to where she was so I could pull her back to her horse so we could get home. But I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized she was bent over an actual person and realized that it was a man halfway frozen. She turned to me and said, "we have to help him! I am pretty sure he is still alive."

"Fine!" I said and grabbed his left arm and she grabbed his other arm carried him a few feet before our guard finally came over on his horse and quickly got out off and ran over to us and grabbed the arm that I had and then helped carry him to the closest horse, which was mine. I got on my horse, then moved back on my horse and helped put the man across my horse. We hurried down the path that leads to the castle and as we got closer to the wall the guards let down the gate and let us in. The guard with us yelled, "get the doctor, we found a man frozen in the snow." Two other guards came rushing over and help pull him off my saddle, which I was glad because he was getting my clothes wet from the snow. I didn't want to get my very new jacket and pants wet because they were just for looks. I look over to the direction they were taking and come to think of it he really does look hot, whoever he is. I guess I will have to find out when he has warmed up and is talking I thought as I walk to my room to prepare for tonight's dinner with the royal family of the large kingdom of Romanian. In hopes of securing me a marriage and an alliance with the kingdom. I don't know why we seem to be fine without any other kingdoms but I don't keep up with all that so I guess it doesn't matter.


I just got off my horse and turned to see some of our men help get the half-frozen man to our state of the art hospital wing. Then I notice my sister, Grace staring at where the guards were taking the man and noticed her smirk just as Mark our guard that was riding the horses with us today came beside me. He said, "she is on one of her quests and this time it's for the man we saved. If she has it her way she would probably be married to him by tomorrow."

"Yea but hopefully this time it will be different."

"I hope, for his sake!"

"And hers! I just hope this dinner tonight will be good for her or the kingdom. She has ruined too many marriage proposals." I said as we walked our horses and Grace's horse to the stables.


Monday,Dec 18 3:00 pm

As I got closer to my room, a guard that was following me since I got back from the damn ride walked past me and stood beside the right side of the door since there was already one on the other side. I turned the knob and go into my room and realized that my maid was laying out a beautiful long sparkling silver dress and a pair of silver shoes to go with them. She turned to me and said with her head down, "would you like to do your own hair for this evening or we can call in a stylist for you Princess."

"yes, call the stylist, I need to look good for the guest that is going to be here tonight, " I said and walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower and went back into my room with a big plush towel over me and grabbed my underwear then put them on. I yelled for my maid and she scurried back in and helped slide the tight dress up my body then zipped it up and said, "she will be in here shortly to do your hair." Then opened the door and left, five minutes later my stylist, Mandy came through the door and said, "are you ready to have your hair done."

"let's get started, " I said as we head to the bathroom vanity. I take a seat and while Mandy prepared the curling iron and everything else for my hair.

"Would you like it curled or up?" she asked

"curl it please and do that cool thing with the glitter," I said

"yes, ma'am! I heard a rumor going around that you and your sister found a man froze in the snow."

"yes, we did! He was very hot, I am going to go see him tomorrow after breakfast, " I said with a smile.

"I know that smile! He must very good look for you to be this intrigued, " she said with a laugh.

"yes, I am going to see if he even hotter in the morning."

"Nice, " she said and then a knock came from the bedroom door.

"Who is it, " I ask

"it's your mother, "

"come on in! We are in the bathroom." I say. She walks in with two other girls, my age, and says, "I know you said you wanted to pick your own Lady's in waiting but we grew impatient and we have chosen you some very good women. These are your Lady's in waiting, Albertyne and Allison." I sat there in shock for a minute and then said, "what the hell! I don't need them! It's the twenty-first century, not 1800's."

"Well too bad but you are going to do what all the princess's do."

"Ugh, fine. What do they even do mother?"

"To assist you with anything and everything you need," she said and walked out of the room and I turned back around and the girls both introduced each other to me and I said, "well since it seems I am stuck with you, Allison could you find me a pair of earrings and a necklace that match my dress and Albertyne, you can help with my makeup. Forty-five minutes later I looked gorgeous in my silver dress that went well with my light brown hair curled and my perfect tan skin that I inherited from my mother. I turned to Mandy and said, "thanks, you did great."

"Your welcome! Hope everything goes well," she says smiling and then packs up and leaves. I turn to my lady's in waiting and noticed that they weren't dressed to dine with at the royal dinner and I said, "why don't you guys get charged for the dinner and come back." They smiled and walked out, while I walked back into the bathroom and looked in the full-length mirror and made sure everything looked perfect.

Once I was satisfied, I went and sat on the couch and got on my phone.

My ladies in waiting came in thirty minutes later with their beautiful dresses on and makeup and hair done. I just stared and thought, this is going to be a long night.

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