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Lilypad Lake

Part One: Mirror

One quiet evening at the mysterious Lilypad Lake, or at least she never knew of the mystery that dwelled there.

A handheld mirror sunk into the river water, only to be found by a curious mermaid beneath the surface. She held it in her hands, taking a look at herself in the reflective glass. The mirror was no more than a shard, yet it was something that dazzled this mermaid. She viewed green skin and green hair... what she truly looked like.

“Where did this come from?”

Glancing up at the water’s surface, she already knew that this mirror came from above.

“Did heaven give me this? It’s magical, nothing that I’ve ever seen before.”

Curious about the water’s surface, perhaps there were more gifts waiting for her at the crown of the sea. The mere thought of gifts really got her keyed up for what else she could find. Thus, she rose to the surface once and for all, wishing to find a discovery yet to be discovered.

When she popped her head and torso out of the sparkling water, she glanced around to find what she could. Surrounded by rocks, a clear sea and the night sky. Merely moonlight, a night energised by a full moon. Although, during this rare moment, she found a creature along with her gaze.

This creature was seated on a rocky islet, and she was brushing her long blonde hair. The mermaid glanced from the oval hairbrush to this creature’s slender legs, and then back to the handheld mirror that she found in the deep.

They both gulped once they made eye contact, looking into each other’s eyes for at least a minute. The mermaid held up the little crystal mirror, showing the woman the pretty object.

“Is this yours?”

“Take it - it’s yours forever now.”

She held this mirror close to her chest, wonderfully pleased with this blonde woman’s response. She smiled a pleasing beam.

“But wait, what is your name?”

“Lunara,” the mermaid answered.

It was the first time she had ever met a child of the blue, and before she could say goodbye this mermaid quickly darted back into the azure. The woman watched the surface of the water, wondering if she’ll see Lunara again.

“Have you ever met someone and knew already that you’re going to be friends one day? It’s like a prophecy written purely for me...”

That one whisper ended this starlit night.

Part Two: Necklace

The following night she waited by the Lilypad Lake in hopes to find that one mermaid again, patiently waiting under the starlight. It seemed like a mystery beneath the tide, this blonde woman wanted to just dip her head under the surface to see what’s really there.

If she never dropped her handheld crystal mirror into the lake, she would have never met this sprite.

“Maybe she’ll come back if I give her my necklace this time,” she mused. She unclipped the valuable jewellery from around her neck and just dropped it into the abundant water below.

The necklace had a glassy yellow quartz stone as the pendant; it was a special necklace to the girl. However, she felt happy knowing this necklace would be gifted to Lunara.

She was so eager... so eager that she wound up singing during the time she waited for Lunara.

“Don’t be afraid of me, take me to the azure blue sea,” she sang joyously to the lake. “Take me to the azure blue sea, let’s make our friendship new.”

Curiosity at a peak, this enchanting song naturally attracted a visitor from beneath the lake water. It appeared to be Lunara, and she was watching this singing scene from afar. It was that girl again... the one that gave her the pocket mirror... and this time she was singing her song.

‘Take me to the azure blue sea, let’s make our friendship new.’

Intrigued, this mermaid glanced at the citrine necklace in her hand and then back at the blonde girl once again. Dazzled, she decided to swim closer to this girl seated on the same rock as yesterday. She hid her face beneath the flowing tide when she swam this time, keeping herself concealed by the dark blue night.

Before this blonde girl even suspected it, this mermaid rose out of the water and immediately placed a gentle kiss onto the charming girl’s lips.

“Serenading and precious gifts? Wow, I feel bad for leaving so quickly yesterday...”

Speechless, this blonde girl just blushed at that unexpected remark. Despite the flushed face, this blonde maiden really did think of Lunara as a mermaid princess with that citrine necklace and crystal mirror. Lunara was a mermaid so in love with her treasures and jewels!

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