End Game

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Chapter seven part2


Springing straight up from my dream state, my heart rate pounding in my chest. My breathing irregular. But I didn’t scream. It wasn’t real, it was a dream. Only a dream.

I closed my eyes trying to grip onto my version of reality. The version that right now I’d do anything to escape from. Forcing myself to keep my breathing steady, I reopened my eyes adjusting to the new scenery.

Bed. I was on a bed. Throwing the duvet wrapped around me, I hung my legs over, the tips of my toes making light contact with the carpeted floor.

Where am I?

Trying to absorbed my surroundings I looked around. Gold encrusted spiral walls, flat screen television secured to the far end of the wall. A table and a single chair situated towards the corner of the room and a slightly ajar door.

I was curious to say the least. Where exactly was I? I couldn’t be back at their complex, that building blew up right in front of me. An image I definitely wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

Putting my weight onto my feet, I suddenly felt completely delirious and I knew my body was weighing downwards and quickly but before I could make contact with the floor, arms rushed in grabbing my waist dragging me safely back onto the warmth of the bed. “Easy.” Isaiah. It was Isaiah, relief washed over me. I was safe at least.

Stabilising me onto the edge of the bed he kneeled down in front of me, trapping both hands on either side of my waist, holding me up, his eyes heavy with concern. “Are you alright?”

The daylight gave me a better view of his face than last night and it was clear that he took a brunt of the explosion too. Marks scattered his face but he still managed to look so perfect. His thin shirt, revealing a bandaged shoulder. It was then that I noticed that I couldn’t feel blood anymore, but only a tight cotton fabric encompassing the entirety of my head.


“Yeah. I’m fine.” Really, I felt fine the only thing I could still make out was a throbbing droning headache and that ringing died down. The pain was bearable. “I’m fine.” Reassuring not just him but myself. The only thing that really scared me was all these dreams, why was I having them? And what did they even mean? “Where are we? How long was I out?”

“A day. You were concussed and I knew that letting you black out was dangerous, but it was so sudden and my gosh- I thought something bad happened, something really bad. I was tempted to take you to a hospital but I knew it’d be to risky” Looking down I didn’t realise how loose my clothes were an oversized jumper with grey jogging bottoms, this was so much better, so much more freeing. “Zee changed your clothes and treated your concussion when you were out. We’re in a hotel. Most of my things I left behind. But I know the owners son, so we should be okay for a while.” Hotels worldwide were closing quite rapidly till just three big brands left and I’m guessing a few outlying ones. People just didn’t travel as frequently or didn’t have the sparse income to spend. “Listen, when we get sorted, finances, everything we’re leaving, heading to France. We have to make it there ourselves. Until we can get in contact with them, we’re stuck.”

Something hit me. “But Isaiah didn’t Veronica say something about the another unit close by. Can’t they help us?”

He shook his head, “I don’t think they can. If they knew about us they must likely knew about them. I tried calling, I didn’t could get a hold of anyone. It’s highly likely that they got them too. I just hope that at least someone survived.” His face fell, I could tell he was trying to conceal his feelings but evidently couldn’t.

“So we’re alone.”

He nodded once. “Yes Alexis, we’re alone.”

“Who where those people? Who did they want? Every chance they got they tried to kill me. Why? Who am I to them?”

His brows scrunched up like he was trying hard to think of the most plausible answer, I could tell he found it because his features began softening considerably. It was better seeing him like that, relaxed. “They know,” His spoke so softly that I almost couldn’t make him out. “Someone knows, someone knows what you are, what you will be and they don’t want that. That’s why they were especially targeting you Alexis.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Yeah, I guess. If someone sold us out, breeched out our information.”

“So what, these people are trying to kill me. Like I don’t have enough to deal with.” Everything within me prayed Evan was safe, that he was waking up to another hopeful day. It was so selfish thinking about myself and my feelings when the most vulnerable of people depended on me.

“I swear on my life nothing will happen to you. That I can promise you.” His previously distant eyes, deep in thought focus found its way back to me, the warmth of him radiating, to the point everything else dissipated until it was just me and him. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from all of this, I-” He sighed, clearly all of this was burdening him, my safety, the death of his friends.

He needed comfort. Reaching, closer to his face until I touched it, my fingers grazing over his cut, gently running my hands over one. “You did protect me, you still do. And I don’t think I thank you enough for that.” I paused, my attention back into his eyes, such intensity that it was overwhelming, but again I couldn’t bring myself to look away. “Thank you.”

His eyes darkened, “It’s my jo-” He stopped knowing that I wasn’t falling for any of that anymore. “Alexis, I thought you didn’t feel that way for me-”

Again, stopping him by placing the tip of my finger over his lips, he breathed in, shocked by my sudden movement and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised too.

My mind kept tumbling with the saddening thought that if I’d lose him or when I’d be gone that I wouldn’t have told him how I felt. I needed too, it was eating me up inside and I felt at any moment that I was going to burst from bottling everything in. I trusted him safeguarding everything that involved me.

“Isaiah,” Inching closer until if I moved one more cm our lips would touch, I took a deep breath. “If we, if I survive this I want- I want-.” I was new to all of this and I couldn’t express my words as I needed too. But he knew what I was getting at. I guess now if I didn’t make it he’d know how I felt about him.

“You’re going to make it,” My face turned, drifting from his, I hated false hope. “Look at me Angela. You, we are going to make it and then I can take you on your first date.” He must have read the expression on my face because the corner of his lips pulled up into a smirk, “Remember, I know everything about your life.” I still couldn’t tell whether that was a good or bad thing. “But you’re going to make it, even if I have to die to protect you I would.” I shook my head frantically in disbelief, I didn’t want to imagine Isaiah as cold and lifeless as Jordon, the thought alone was too much to stomach.

“Please don’t say that, please.”

Understanding what I meant he nodded, grabbing my waist tighter, like he didn’t want to let go. “I’m right here.” That simple sentence alone was more than enough for me.

We stayed silence, a comfortable silence his touch soothing my nerves and I’d give everything to just stay like this forever. Everything came into such clear perspective that I knew I could trust him. To trust him enough to tell him what was happening. About my dreams. Well leaning to more like nightmares “Isaiah, can I tell you something?”

With one hand free he cupped my cheeks, gently stroking them, my hands fell into my laps, I felt myself starting to anxiously playing with them, would he even believe me or would he just think I was actually crazy and that Veronica was right. Veronica. Her mangled body pictured in my head, I did my best suppressing the image that I wanted to- no I needed to forget. “Anything.”

Sighing, I knew that an overflowing amount of trust I put in him was still present so I continued, ” Isaiah, I’ve been having these dreams,” Quickly I corrected myself, “Nightmares-”

Suddenly Zee walked into the room, I could see in her eyes evident shock of the close position that me and Isaiah were currently in, I pulled back abruptly but he made no just movement in fact he looked slightly irritated that there was an interruption, he turned his eyes falling on Zee, his face instantly stomped out any previous annoyance.

Despite her visible injuries she still looking a lot better than I did. Her hair flowed freely around her shoulders, she was wearing similar attire to mine. Her beauty still present. But everything else clearly not, a permanent frown etched onto her face which was completely different from normal, happy smiling Zee and I despised seeing her like that.

Her voice came out hard, blunt but not an octave higher or lower from how she usually sounded, “Isaiah, are you ready to go?”

His eyes burned in mine, asking if he should go or if he should stay, all I could give him was a curt nod. I couldn’t rely solely on him for comfort. “Go. We can talk later.” I managed a smile, he stood up, leaving me alone on the bed and I’ve never wanted someone to come back as much as I wanted him too.

It was as if she was noticing my presence just now, she met my eyes, giving me a small smile that I was certain didn’t reach her eyes, “Good to see you up Alexis. Are you okay?”

Honestly it was a shock that she was still communicating with me, guilt flooded through me, everything that happened was because of me, because they wanted me. It was all my fault. “I’m fine. How about you?”

“I’m fine.” She wasn’t, we both knew she wasn’t.

“Zee, I’m so sorry-”

She cut me off, “For what?” Losing her interest in me she turned to Isaiah, “Let’s go.”

Giving me an apologetic smile he stopped turning back to me, “Elijah’s is the next room, so you’re not alone. Don’t leave this hotel. Okay. We won’t be long-”

“Where are you going?”

“To see if there’s any way we can get it touch with them. And to cash out our cards, buy burner phones, make sure nothing is traceable.”

It was crazy how they got some of their cards with them anyway, it was more than likely they had some of them on them at all times.

“Okay.” I smiled. “Be careful.”

“Always am. Bye.”

“Bye.” With that they both left.

Zee hated me, that I was sure of, the way she was looking at me only confirmed it. I practically killed him. And Veronica. Gosh, I couldn’t blame her if I was in her position. I would hate me too-

“Hey, Alexis.” Standing up immediately ready to fight, regretting it instantly as the feeling of nausea took over. Pressing it down, I made eye contact with Elijah. Out of the three of us he looked the most wounded. “Relax, it’s just me.” The tension fell. Limping into my room he stopped when I could see his entire body. Another wave of guilt practically drowned me. I was the reason he was like his. Me. “What, never seen someone hurt before?” He smirked, wincing quickly probably due to the cut on the corner of his lips. “Where are the others?”

“They’ve gone.”


“Just some errands, something about burner phones among other things. Why?”

Colour rushed up to his cheeks, “I need help with changing my shirt. I can handle my pants fine, the shirt it’s especially hard. Normally Isaiah or Zee would help but since they’re not here. Can you...” He wavered not finishing his sentence.

“Okay.” One shirt, it wasn’t a massive issue.


He waited for me whilst I was making my way to him, we both emerged out of my room, through the long winded, dull hallway to his room. Upon arrival everything was more or less the same type of decor in my room. He sat down on his king sized bed, clearly the short walk up here taking most of his energy.

Standing, close to him, he handed me a plain black shirt, the very action obviously painful as he winced with every moment, saving him to effort of bringing it all the way up to me, I met him halfway, gently taking it from his fingertips. He smiled appreciatively. “So how long were you out for?”

Smirking, his eyes glistened playfully, “I’m not sure, but it wasn’t as long as you.”

Kneeling down grabbing the hem of his shirt, my hands grazing along his abs every ridge prominent. Quickly I lifted it up above his head. And I took my time trying to pull it from his arms, I could tell it was hurting him but I couldn’t think of any other scenario that it wouldn’t still hurt. “Sorry.” I still felt obliged to apologise.

“Not your fault, Reign.” Only if he knew.

Taking the new shirt from beside him, he stopped me, placing a hand over mine locking eyes with mine.

What was he doing?

“Alexis,” He breathed out, “I knew being what I am was risky, I knew of the many dangers I would faced. And dying never really seemed to faze me, I had no one to care about. No one to care about me,” I was about to protesting against that to say that wasn’t true but it was like he read my mind, because quickly he stopped me. “But then I was just thinking, damn, I do have someone to care about. That dying wouldn’t be an option because of you, because I care about you. ” He paused, laughing, his head shook in disbelief, “Call me crazy but if I died with showing you how I felt, I’d be so mad at myself.”

He was drawing nearer. Until I could practically feel his breath fanning my face, his green eyes piercing. Struggling to place a hand to my cheeks, I found myself helping him, pushing his trembling hand, resting on my face.

What was I even doing? Was this right?

Smiling, I felt he took that as acceptance, caressing my cheeks, he gently asked. “Can I?” I didn’t stopped him. What was I even to do in these type of situations? Nevertheless that was the last bit confirmation he needed.

His lips forcefully crashed onto mine.

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