End Game

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Chapter eight part2


What was I doing? Why was I even doing this?

My hands twitched against the door knob, I knew this was the worst decision that I could possibly come up with but if it kept everyone safe, if I kept Isaiah safe it was worth the risk. My eyes found the metal block framed clock.

8:2. Thirty five minutes until curfew. That was more than enough time to get the bus to the ferry. I knew I didn’t acquire any tickets but I just figure it out when I get there. If I get there.

Apparently when I would reach the South of French, they would be masses of steps to take place in finding the base, it wasn’t just bang and there it was. It was hidden, deeply hidden. But all of that shouldn’t be my concern currently, I knew this wasn’t my brightest idea wandering about in a completely different country but I was certain that I’d figure it out. I had to right? The fate of the world did depend on me.

Shrugging on the small backpack Isaiah proved me with which encased the essentials; toiletries, feminine products, clothes, some dried tinned food. This is what was meant to be used on our trip there but I knew it would be safe if I made it to HQ myself. It’d put less people in harms way, with these people trying to kill me, I knew it wouldn’t matter who stood in their way, they’d take them down too and that almost certainly meant Isaiah.

The thought only sent spikes of shivers down my spine.

I stopped in my tracks, my heart pounding. Isaiah wasn’t in his room instead he was sprawled across the couch, eyes closed, a gun tightly held in his left hand his finger already loosely on the trigger. I could tell he was expecting them to barge right through the door. But me, I was praying they wouldn’t, I knew they’d be more causalities. Him being one of them.

He looked so peaceful, his chest gently rising and falling. His pink, plump lip slightly parted. Quietly and as quickly as I could I made my way towards him. His eyes fluttered but didn’t open.

This might just be the last time I see him again and deep down I knew that if I didn’t leave now, I wouldn’t have the strength to leave him later.

Every inch I got closer, I knew would risk waking him, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to leave him without a goodbye of some sorts. My lips made light contact with his cheeks, he moved slightly underneath it but didn’t fully wake up.

Satisfied, I jogged towards the door, all in quick movements, open it and closed it behind me. I didn’t want to think about what I was doing, if I did I knew I’d find myself returning back.

Taking deep shallow breaths, my back heavily rested onto the other side of the door. I stilled myself. Securing a black baseball cap to my head, I did my best to conceal the bandage. It would bring unwanted attention, so covering it was my only available option.

Springing myself off from the door, I ran through the black carpeted hallway right into the already closing lift.

Three. The door were gradually closing.

Two. Making myself pick up my pace, everything flashed past me in a blur. Everything in me screamed to go back. Pushing myself even harder, my feet picked up speed to make that lift.

One. Throwing myself into the lift, my back collided with the solid metal railing, pain rippled through but I ignored it. My injuries were still healing but I knew it’d be a lot worst if they caught up to me.

Hitting the flashing button that lead to the ground floor, the lift remained stationary before gently taking me downwards. It wasn’t fast, it was brisk or rapid but it still made my stomach churn uncontrollable, I grabbed onto the railing nearby trying to calm myself.

The lift heaved, alerting me that it reached the ground floor. A ping echoed through the empty space before the doors flung open. Everything in the hotel seemed to be in order, nothing was mismatched, the decor elegant and lavish. Only the best of the best whilst others out there were begging on the streets. Women, children. It dawned on me what Isaiah told me about them being orphanages and I realised that those begging on the streets could very well have been them.

Taking one foot out of the elevator, it was like I walked into a whole other world. People dressed in suits and expensive ball gowns scattered throughout the place, rushing to run their errands and get everything prepared in time before curfew.

It didn’t shock me that they dressed so extravagantly for such mundane things. They all didn’t know when there last breath would be, so in their books I guess it was better to enjoy themselves and boast about their riches. Which means absolutely nothing when you’re six feet under. I couldn’t tell whether to be irritated or borderline sad for their obliviousness.

“Excuse me miss, should you be going out now. It’s thirty minutes until curfew.” Following to voice, it was one if the workers, reaching over to warn me from behind the tall check in desk. He was middle aged, his eyes wore bag, his forehead wrinkled with age, a wedding ring enclosed his finger. I could tell he had children. That’s why he stopped me, because of my safety. But I was more concerned for his.

“I’ll be quick. ” I lied, it fell so effortlessly from my lips that I was slightly stunned. “I’m just going to the shopping for food-”

“We have an in house restaurant here.”

Crap. I guess that didn’t cross my mind. A fancy hotel like this was bound to have its own restaurant. “Yes, but most of things here I’m allergic to.” I gave him a sweet smile securing the validity of my lie.

“No problem.” He reached for the phone. “I’ll request the chef to make something specially for you.”

No. “No,” Stopping he raised an eyebrow, suspicious of my urgency. I gave a forced smile. “Don’t bother yourself honestly. Between you and me, the food here is a bit to much. I just want a good down to earth gluten free burger.” He seemed to buy this, like he was thinking the same exact thing.

He gave me a curt nod, before smiling. “Of course miss, just make sure you’re here before nine. Or I’m obliged not to let you enter.” His lips then tugged into a slight frown.

“I understand. See you at nine.”

Truthfully, I probably wasn’t.

With that he prepared to attend to another customer, taking that as the perfect opportunity to leave. I meandered through people, ignoring the stares and looks I got of bewilderment as if thinking what a girl dressed like that would be doing here. I was gathering to much attention. Tugging my cap further down covering my eyes and the cuts on my face, I subconsciously found my bag straps holding onto it for comfort.

I can do this.

Cold bitter air hit me as I practically ran out of there. It was a major relief that I was at least one step closer to my goal.

It was quiet, deadly quiet which was completely abnormal considering this was the capital. I remember the old London, the city that never sleeps; the constant blaring of cars and chatter of people. That no longer existed.

Trying to figure out surroundings, my head spun round persistent to find something that hinted to me where I was. Spotting a sign that read Kings Street.

I mean it was something but it still told me nothing. Turning I looked up reading the name of the hotel; Washington Inn.

Again that told me nothing, I was more confused and lost than before. I never been to the centre of London and I had a nagging feeling no one would be around for miles to help. I had to start walking or do something, I didn’t have time that I could waste.

Left. I turned left. Walking as quickly as my legs would take me down the streets. I wanted to slap myself for not bringing some sort of watch or a device to know the time.

But I knew roughly around five of those thirty five minutes had passed.

Passing down unfamiliar shops and bars I could feel myself getting closer to a possibly bus stop. The closer I got the more I was sure I wasn’t imaging it, a pole stood in the ground on top of it was a sign with the image of a bus. Bingo. Drawing nearer, suddenly these burning lights momentarily blinded me followed with the sound of track of a tank grinding before I acknowledged what was happening, a pair of hands grabbed me hauling me inside for what I could tell was a pub.

“Girl, are you crazy?” My eyes quickly adjusted to the girl in front of me, she couldn’t have been a couple years older with brown mousy hair and cerulean blue eyes, her Southern drawl thick. “Do you know what happens if they find you outside nearing curfew.” I was going to respond but she quickly beat me to it. “They kill you.” She was honest, straight to the point and that was an admirable trait, she reminded me of Veronica.

“I still have time,” She gave me a bewildered look, “It’s not curfew yet it’s not nine o’clock. ”

“You think that matters. If they’re out and you’re out. You die.” Making sure I received the message loud and clear, she ushered me towards her table. She was accompanied with a group of girls and she was the bravest one yet, risking her life for a complete straight. But I couldn’t stay, I had to wait until they passed the area and I had to go, even if it meant walking there I needed to get that ferry. “What would you like to drink?” She pressed me down into the seat next to her before I could protest. “Oh, right. Sorry, introductions. I’m Ruby. This is Claire, Cassandra and Liana.” She introduced me to the girls that glared at me like I was a piece of dirt and I didn’t remotely equal to them. They lost interest and to be honest she didn’t have my interest from the beginning. I kept glancing out of the windows checking if they finished examining the area.

“Sugar,” She nudged me trying to gain my attention, I turned to her. “What did your good parents grace you with?”


Rounds of sniggering came from the girls in front of me, like they were enjoying seeing me humiliate myself, back home there was a posse of that at school and they thought too highly of themselves too. She laughed yet not how they did and it was clear to see that she was the nice one, she replied back, “You’re name. What’s your name?”

“Oh it’s,” Stopping myself. I racked my head for anything that screamed out killers. But no, they seemed like relatively normal girls on a night out all glammed and dressed up. It seemed slightly worrying how instead of saving their money they decided to blow it on this. How were they even going to get back? My eyes wandering towards various drunk and passed out people that would eventually wake up when daylight hit. But none of them seemed even a bit drunk, looking back to her I managed a smile. “Alexis. My name is Alexis.”

“Well Alexis, it looks like you’re a girl on a mission,” She gestured to my backpack and black baseball cap. “Going anywhere?” Her eyes gleamed excitedly hungry for a story.

“Nowhere specially, this is how I normally dress.” She cocked an eyebrow, slightly deflated that she couldn’t get her wild story yet I knew she didn’t believe me still she decided against furthering pushing the subject.

“It’s okay I get it, mystery woman at all. You’re going to stay here and drink with us right?” With how eager she was that she made no attempt to ask me my age I could tell she wanted me here, a complete stranger. I knew that time was eating away and I had to be the sharpest of my senses but one drink couldn’t hurt, right?

Reluctantly I nodded. “Sure. Why not.” Her friends didn’t seem all to thrilled but they didn’t say anything as they knew it made her happy.

“Great! What would you like; vodka, beer or Pimms. Please choose Pimms.”

I smiled, I couldn’t help but feel slightly amused by her over excitement, she was definitely having a good time and it was a refreshing moment to see. “Yeah, Pimms sounds great.” My lips have never even touched alcohol before but I was intrigued to at least try it. What would it even taste like? Would I like it or detest it?

Her lips stretched into a big grin, “I’m glad you choose that. This rounds on me. It’s my last night on Earth better make the best of it.” Shimming out of the booth she got up jaunting towards the bartender.

What? What the hell did she mean?

Frantically, I looked over to her friends trying to understand what she actually meant. No one, absolutely no one dared made eye contact with me and that same sinking feeling trapped me rendering me motionless.

Instantly a black gloved hand caught my exposed wrist. My breathing stopped. The person behind me made contact with my ear, gently their lips ran over them. Pull away that was all that ran through my head, get out of the situation, you’d be outnumbered and out skilled. But everything stopped working inside of me and my mind went blank. “Alexis Reign, you’re coming with us. Don’t make a scene or your newly acquainted friends while not see the sun rise again. Nod if you understand me.” He whispered in my ear, chills trickled down my spine.

I nodded.

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