End Game

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Chapter ten part2


Locking any excess baggage in the boot. We all made our way into the Mercedes. Zee, Elijah and Adrian were situated at the back as Isaiah took it upon himself to drive and given his current mood no one made a quick protest. I couldn’t say exactly that they were scared but more or less what to give him his space.

That left me in passengers seat. Next to him. At least now there was no where to escape to and I could ask him some much needed questions. But then again maybe that wasn’t the greatest idea, I’m guessing it would be best for a little cool off time for him.

The tan leather exterior hinted to me how lavish and obscenely expensive this car was and the brand new car smell hit me instantly.

All this extravagancy made my feel guilty, riding in something this if one person sold could set their food for a lifetime. It was slightly irritating how quickly the rich blew money.

Securing my seat belt, the car reeved into action, swerving from the pavements into the clear roads considering it was six am the roads should be quite. But the people, the homeless were up from hiding from the military stalking the streets from anything to eat and attacking the trash can for food.

A woman. A destitute woman clutched her baby tights. Both their clothes tattered and breaking. Dirt covered their features and face and mould splattered all over the black coloured, out of date peach she was currently feeding her baby, neglecting herself and her wellbeing.

She locked eyes with me as we drove past I expected her to be bitter, furious even for boasting off this sleek car and I suddenly felt extremely embarrassed. But no, instead of scowling she gave me a little smile. I was so shocked at her reaction that I could feel myself staring blankly at her but before I could react the car sped past.

“You can help them you know.”

I looked over, Isaiah fixated his attention on the road but stole glances every now and then, his grip on the steering wheel tightly until his knuckles were visibly turning even whiter. His cap draped over his short haircut making a shadow over his features. His shirt clung closely to his muscles, instead of wearing jeans he wore black sweatpants but his whole ensemble worked, just everything about him worked.

Deciding that I was inspecting him for too long, breaking my stare I nodded. “I know.”


Thirty minutes passed and we made it. Using the back roads and anything that didn’t pass masses of surveillance camera which was more than difficult in London. But no one chased us or shot after us, so we must be heading off to a good start.

We arrived at ferry port. Isaiah, Elijah and Zee were getting tickets.

That just left me and Adrian waiting outside next to the car. I could tell he was nervous, repeatedly he started fidgeting pacing up and down the pathway. Gaining stares from other passer-by and multitude of people waiting for the ferry, it seemed they were on edge too. Crossing international borders was now illegal anywhere else aside from France and UK and UK and Germany, the only neighbouring countries willing to help each other. Each and every country could trade but no one was allowed to come and live there, since the attacks every country in the world had been divided. The news was the UN was dismantled due to the disputes that nations were having and from there everything started going downhill and fast. There was one rule though if you were in the country at the time of these attacks, you weren’t allowed to leave. So subsequently all your friends and family you left behind.

“Alexis.” Adrian stopped pacing directly facing me, he took of his white cap, his hair caught the light at a certain angle that it appeared as if he hair was blazing, as if it was on fire. His clothes casual, jeans and a top, he didn’t need a gun he wouldn’t be the one getting shot at. His whole attire completely different from his immaculate suit but he looked better, he looked normal- exactly like his age. “Sorry, for blurring out what you and Elijah did last night. I thought you were already exclusive, I thought there was nothing to hide-”

Stopping him I raised a hand. He watched me keen to know what my next words would be.

I just couldn’t blame him. He didn’t know. “It’s okay. How could you have possibly known? Is that why you’re so skittish?” In fact in a way if he didn’t say that, the kiss between me and Elijah might not have happened for a while.

He nodded. “That’s not the only reason. I’m not going to die right? On this mission, helping you guys.”

“No.” Maybe. He looked at me clearly seeing through my facade, his frowned I could tell he wanted the truth. “Maybe. If they came, Adrian you might be caught in the crossfire. If you don’t want to risk your life why would you agree to come?

He shrugged, “Mostly because of Isaiah.” But then his eyes shone, his posture straightening he looked sort of lost, like he was reminiscing about something or someone. ” But there’s also a girl at home. Alexis if you meet her you’d instantly fall in love with her like I did. And I plan to propose to her but I can’t.” His head lowered.

“Why can’t you? Doesn’t she feel the same way?”

“No she does, I know she does. But how can we live a happy life together if I’m always fearing for her life or her, mine. We can’t live in a world like this. That’s why I agreed to help you because if there’s even a chance you can right what’s been done to this world then I’m taking that risk for her - for us, for our life together.”

I was transfixed by how he talked so passionately that his brows furrowed like he was deep in thought but honestly I was equally as scared. Was it good that put that much trust in me? Was it really wise? “You really shouldn’t be so certain that I can fix everything. So things just can’t be fixed.”

Immediately his face dropped and I knew what I had just said made me look like a villain. But I couldn’t help feeling like one too. Still wouldn’t it been worst if I lead him on, giving him false hope to live by. And if he didn’t make it, where would his girl be left with then, a legacy, our condolences but never him. “You shouldn’t be here. You don’t know how risky this is, I’ve seen people die before my eyes and trust me it’s not something you can freely forget, those images will haunt you for life.” And it did, thankfully I was lucky I didn’t have any of those God-awful nightmares recently, but it’s all time before they’d make their reappearance. “She must been one hell of a girl.”

Secretly I was praying that he’d heed my warning, take my advice and leave because choosing against might has well have been signing his death warrant and if he did die it wouldn’t only be Isaiah with blood on his hands.

“She is one hell of a girl.” He smiled not to me but to himself, caught up again in his memories. My deterrent clearly didn’t work and it was almost like it had been set in stone. If I didn’t save the world, thousands, millions of lives with continue to come crashing down.

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