End Game

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Chapter twelve part2


My lungs stung, my eyes burned and that calming presence washed over me. Then I realised what was happening. I was drowning.

Watery vision clouded my eyes and before I could react two arms shrouded my waist before tearing me away from the excruciating feeling of helplessness.

“I’ve got you. ” The voice wasn’t the clearest and liquid was still trapped in my eyes but it didn’t have to be. Instantly I knew it was Isaiah. And by the way I was easily moving without actually using my arms and legs, hinted to me that he saved me. Once again.

Rough, sand hit my body and I was carefully placed on a bed of grit.

Isaiah leaned over me, despite his features being blurry, I could make out who it was. “Breath.” His hands placed over my chest, pushed once and then pushed twice until a considerable amount of water spewed from between my lips. I could feel my body jerk in reaction and let out a fit of coughs. “Damn it Alexis, breath.” He kept pumping until I exhaled loudly and until he was satisfied that I was alive and no more water was trapped in my lungs, he collapsed onto the sand next to me, undoubtedly exhausted. “You really have a knack of finding yourself in life threatening situations. ” I looked over at him, the water clearing from my eyes and everything was back in focus, we locked eyes. “Are you okay?”

Managing a brief nod, he sighed. ” You were supposed to swim. What happened?” All I gave was a meek shrug, this wasn’t what I needed to be thinking right now, maybe because I didn’t even know why that happened. I started making my way upwards and everything in front of me began swimming. “Easy, Alexis.” His arms stabilising me.

“We need to go Isaiah. They’ll be coming after us. Where are the others-”

“Oh my God Alexis are you alright? We didn’t know where you were” Another set of hands draped around me, briefly my nose caught a faint scent of chocolate. It was Zee. I appreciated her gesture but all this wasn’t what I need, given the fact that I could barely catch my breath.

“Fine. I’m fine.” I feel like this has been the mark of a million times since I’ve said this, constantly having to reassure them.

“Let’s go, then.” She helped me up, through a glance towards Isaiah he still sat there gazing out towards the ocean like Zee and the others weren’t even there. “Isaiah, come on. They’ll figure out where we are soon enough.” She was dripping wet, we all were. But only Zee managed to pull it off, her wet hair flattened, some piling over her face and her skin in the sun looked like melted dark chocolate.

But he still sat there, waiting for something, maybe our departure or their arrival. “Someone has to stay, give us a bit of time to escape. If they capture one of us they’ll rest for a while before trying to get all of us. By then we should be at HQ. I volunteer to stay.”

What was he even saying?

“Isaiah, they could be a big possible that they’ll kill you, maybe not right away but after they find out our whereabouts. They’ll have no use for you anymore-”

“I would never give you all up-”

“It’s not about that!” Zee snapped, clearly agitated by Isaiah stubbornness, she might not have wanted to admit it but I could tell she didn’t want to lose anymore friends. “Regardless if you give us up or not, once they’ve done with you, they will kill you. The longer we stay arguing about this, the shorter our time. Please, come with us we still have a chance-”

“He’s right Zee.” This time it was Elijah, he trailed behind just absorbing everything that was unravelling before him and it was clear he made up his mind on something. I wasn’t all to sure what he made up his mind on, but it was evident in his eyes knows what he was doing to do. “Someone has to stay, throw them off the tracks. It has to be me. ”

“No.” Adrian interrupted. “It’d make more sense if it was me instead. I could use my father’s influence to get out, they’d never touch me-”

Elijah shook his head once. “No, they need you and Isaiah would never allow it.” He looked at Isaiah and how he avoided eye contact gave him all the confirmation he needed.

“Are you sure about this?” Isaiah asked as Zee stood there angry that someone she knew and trusted was actually going through with this, was practically signing their death.

He nodded. “She needs you more than she needs me.” That statement was only further proof that he was actually going through with it, he didn’t need to mention a name, they all knew it was me. The way Elijah’s eyes bore through mine, the magnitude of it compelled me to keep looking even though all I wanted more than anything in the world was to look away because this guaranteed me what he was going to do, what he was going to sacrifice and I hated him for that. But I hated myself more because as much as I’d like to tell myself that he meant an equal amount to me as Isaiah. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I was the contractor and he just signed my contract to his death.

“You can’t do this, Elijah.” I pleaded. “Please don’t.”

Still managing eye contact with me, he drifted towards me his hair and entire body drenched, soaked with water, his normal warm green eyes turned glassy in the reflection of the sun. “Tell me, then. Tell me you want me to go with you and Isaiah to stay. Tell me and I swear to God I will.”

But I couldn’t and he knew I couldn’t. He unwillingly lured me into a trap I couldn’t get out of. “That’s not fair Elijah-” My voice broke it fully dawned on me what he was going to have to give up, his freedom and eventually his life. “You know that’s not fair.”

He smiled, running the tip of his finger down my cheeks as tears I didn’t know I was shedding streamed down my face. “It okay, you know it’s okay. I’m doing this for you. I don’t want you crying, you shouldn’t be crying.” Gently his hand rested on my neck, pushing me forwards until our foreheads connected, he dropped his voice lower so what ever he needed to say resided with just us and no one else. “Remember what I told you in the my room, back at the hotel.” His eyes searched mine, immediately I flushed not knowing what he was talking about. “Remember Alexis, remember.” My mind flashed back to the hotel, all my memories started piecing together and I relived the past. Everything he said to me about if he died at least he would have cared for someone and that made me feel extremely guilty that I didn’t feel the same way he felt about me. I nodded. “Good, now hold onto that. If I don’t make it back, just do me a favour just don’t forget me, don’t forget what I told you. In this line of work someone dies no matter how painful it can be, you mourn briefly and then move on. I don’t want to be part of that statistics, I want someone to remember me, who I was and what I sacrificed myself for. Most importantly who. Can you do that? For me?”

I nodded once, then again doing my best to stop tearing up and respect his wishes.

“Good, thank you.” He pulled back, kissing my forehead then smirked lifting my face up wiping away the last remaining tears on my face. ” And hey, no one is worth your tears. Don’t go wasting them for someone, at least of all me.”

He was trying to be strong for me. I could tell he’s accepted what he had to do and was willingly ready to do it. Isaiah stood up, respectfully giving us a moment before standing slightly behind me, a hand on the small of my back. I knew he was urging us to leave as they’d make their way to us any time soon. We weren’t too far away from the ship just a considerable distance but not enough not to be able to walk there and catch up with us in five minutes. Quicker if they ran, which no doubt they would be. “Thank you Elijah, for everything.” That I had a feeling would be my last goodbye, as much as I didn’t want to come to terms with it. I knew it had to be done and so did he.

Zee tightly engulfed him into a hug but abruptly pulling back like it was too hard to let go.

“Take care of yourself Zee. ” He smiled.

“Yeah, you too.” Zee pulled away standing next to me. Adrian too gave a handshake which he accepted but then jerked him into a hug.

After that, Isaiah deeply exhaled making way away from my side to Elijah. He held out a hand, offering for a civil shake. But I suspect it was more like a peace offering. “Thank you.”

“Take care of her Patriot.” He jutted his head towards me.

“I will.”

Nodding, Elijah took out his gun, preparing for what was to come next.

In the distance a group of people started marching down towards us, but their uniform was vastly different. It wasn’t policemen attire but military. Just how many people were involved in this?

With his back turned, and his gun clicked. He threw to us what I could tell was his way of saying goodbye. “You guys need to leave now. Good luck.”

With that, we all started sprinting. Aimlessly searching where to go out in the opening, what was currently unfolding was gathering quite of big audience.

Then as if a miracle they was a opening and tunnel in site which I prayed would get us into the centre, so that we could change and figure out our next move.

Isaiah was helping Zee and Adrian through the opening of the tunnel. Which was small but enough for us all to fit through. By now we put a considerable distance between us and our assailants that it would have be difficult to see us, hard but not impossible.

“Come on Alexis, you next.” As I proceeded to take his offering hand that’s when I heard the array of gunshots. Instantly Isaiah pulled me to the ground with me, shielding me the best way he could.

But we both knew that as of this moment those shots weren’t targeting me.

Shots flow around. Booming each time. Then silence. Then nothing.

Isaiah held me tighter, unlike me he was looking out watching what was unwinding ahead of him. But I had my face buried into his chest, trying to breath in his scent to calm me but to no avail.

The silence was so long that I thought the gunshots were at ceasefire as I was planning to pull my head away, that when I heard it.

Two loud bangs and Elijah’s scream of pain.

I shut my eyes melting further into Isaiah’s hold.

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