End Game

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Chapter fifteen part1

Chapter fifteen

The weight of the bed shifted and that familiar scent filled me nostrils once again before I opened my eyes I knew who it was.

“Alexis, are you awake?” His lips grazed my ear and chills trickled down but in the most perfect when. Even with my eyes shut I could sense he knew I was awake because he chuckled, the deep vibrato echoing, a sudden kiss landed on my lips and my eyes instantly flew up immediately making eye contact with his piercing ones. “I knew you weren’t sleeping.”

Everything about Isaiah made me feel so warm that when I was around him, nothing could dampen it. That’s was the effect he had on me. And I was soon beginning to wonder if that was such a good thing? If a situation arose that I would have to me a tough decision between him and the world, who would I choose?

We were close, really close. I could hear everything and more; his heartbeat stable and steady slightly soothing me, his abs prominent and his skin glazed and clear.

Instead of moving away as this current situation that had me sweating profusely, normally this closeness would be unsettling, uncomfortable even but I was beginning to accommodate to my feelings and what I knew I want, even if I had trouble verbally expressing it. So I rolled into his embrace, my face digging into his bare chest but soon that nervousness was overcome with surety and certainty. “Isaiah, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay here long. We need to keep on the move, I also don’t trust Francis. What do you think?”

His opinion was always valued, even if I didn’t express it I always took his thoughts into account and then decided on what’s best, not just the world and greater good but for him.

He didn’t reply, preferably weighing out our options and none of them seemed good. If we leave now and we’re wanted how far can we really make it without being caught. Understandably the best and smart choice would be to remain here under his roof, request for help and contact HQ and then ultimately get an escort team. But something about Francis warned me that we didn’t have too long.

“I think it’s best. But your safety is important to me and if I had a slither of doubt that your safety would be threatened here more than outside. I’d take my chances outside. Is that why you want to leave, you don’t feel safe?”

“No, it’s not that,” My voice cracked, my vocal cords has been healing substantially but it still had quite a way to go until full recovery. Isaiah covered his arms around me, holding me tighter, smothering me until all I could see, smell and feel was him.

“Are you okay? Do you need me to get you something for your voice.”

I waved him off. “No, I’m okay. But Isaiah I’m not afraid it’s just I worry about the rest of you. I don’t want anymore blood on my hands; Veronica, Jordon, Elijah. All those deaths were on me-”

“Alexis, don’t be stupid. None of those deaths had anything to do with you. It’s the traitor that leaked your information and betrayed Nations and it’s those sons of bitches who keep pursuing us. It’s their fault, you have nothing to worry about. Everything will fall into place, I promise.”

“But Isaiah, you wanted to leave me back at the beach. You volunteered to go firstly, you were the one that came up with the idea in the first place. You.”

Pulling me away slightly so he can gain a better look at my face, his lips slid down into a frown. “Alexis, if there’s a chance that I could give you enough time for your escape and keep you safe from harm even if it meant I needed to sacrifice myself. Why do you think I would do it differently? You’re the most important person in my life and in the lives of billions on the planet-”

“I wish you’d stop saying that, everyone’s depending on me to re-correct the world. And I’m being to doubt myself more and more, every time someone utter those words. The pressure on my shoulders is so immense Isaiah, I don’t think I can handle it.”

“Then share some of it with me. Your burden is my burden, okay?”

I could feel my breath caught in my throat. He really cared about me and what my struggles and dilemma were that I guessed he downplayed his and I didn’t want that to be the bases of this relationship or whatever it was, because from what I’ve gathered relationships should be balanced and in order. “Okay.”

We fell into a peaceful silence, he was trailing patterns on the fabric of my shirt but I could still feel it through, as if we were touching skin to skin.

“Maybe if HQ sees our faces publicize everywhere they’d have to come and get us, right? They can track us down.” I enquired, increasingly eager to hear his response. This waiting, this anticipation was becoming very hard to bear. Slowly but surely my own mind was starting to play tricks on me, eating at my sanity, asking so many questions I didn’t know the answer to. Playbacks of everything I’ve endured, all the deaths I’ve seen and all those near death experiences I’ve had myself and those abomination of dreams I’ve been having. And as much I tried to drown them, they kept on resurfacing. I guess I just wanted them all to stop.

“Maybe.” He played on my theory. “But they’d have to track us down. Zee sent some signals yesterday, hopefully they’ll respond anytime soon. We’re closer to the coast and to them. The signal should be twice as strong, so it doubles our chances.”

It always seemed to pass my mind when they always did this, so agile and quick that I’ve never seemed to notice, despite me thinking that I’d always be in their line of vision or for them in mine. “So they’d be coming soon.”

“Well, I hope so.” He paused, watching me with questioning eyes. “Why? Do you want them to come soon. Here’s me thinking you’d be nervous of the fact.”

“Why? Is there anything to be nervous for?”

Smiling, he shook his head. “No, of course not. Not while I’m here.” Again he paused. “So where do you want me to take you on your first date? I was thinking Bahamas, maybe New York.”

I knew he wasn’t being serious, yet it was still fun to think about the life we could have when everything became right again. “How will we get there Isaiah?” Deciding it was in best interest to play along with him, entertaining the thought of something that could never be.

“I don’t know, maybe, jet or we can swim or walk. Your choice.” He smirked and for the first time in a long time I felt a genuine laugh come out of me, it felt so alien to my ear but I knew it was mine. Even Isaiah seemed taken aback but his smirk slowly turned into a smile.

“I think we should walk. I could get the exercise.”

“Nonsense. You’re perfect the way you are, the way God sculpted you, absolute perfection.” Again he placed a chaste kiss on my lips and before he could deepen it like I was begging for him too the door abruptly the door swung open, Zee storming in still in her black sleepwear. The colour although dark popped and mixture perfectly with her dark pearly skin.

Her face held the expression of glee and relief. Good news. I could tell it was good news. “Isaiah, I made contact with them. They’re coming with an escort team and all. We can leave. We can finally get out of this trap house.”

Usually, I would feel embarrassed and exposed and try to leave as soon as I could but this time I stayed glued to my spot, Zee didn’t even seem fazed at all by our comprising position. I guess she was adapting and getting used to it. Something I guess I’m also learning too.

“We can actually go. How long will they be?” I could feel Isaiah shifted and try to increase distance to better see and talk to Zee but in doing so left me cold in more ways than one and an audible groan parted my lips before I could stop my actions and think with my brain instead of my heart. He noticed and heard it, he stopped then returned back to his position but placed himself in a way that he could still talk with Zee. He paid attention to what I wanted and gave me exactly that, I can’t think of a time in a while that I’ve been main focus or top priority of someone. And although I didn’t wanted attention, sometimes it was good to get it. This is my last few decreasing days on Earth. I knew when I would get there. Game over. But this was the most prepared I knew I could get, this had to be the same mind set I’d take until my final moments, that and the memories of my loved ones.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. But there’s a rendezvous point, two miles away from here they told us to meet. And a place that we can wait safety for them-”

Another voice cut through and this time it wasn’t Zee. Instead it belonged to Francis servants holding what seemed to be three individual parchment paper in one hand and what looked to be like an array of clothes in the other. Despite the obvious big load, he didn’t appear to miss a beat. “Sorry, Monsieur and Madame. Master Francis has taking up the liberty of inviting you all to his Black Tie ball. He has made it an insist, so unfortunately I have been acquired to tell you that deciding against won’t be an option and if you do, privileges and location will be revoked and exposed. These are your clothes for the occasion and it’s a requirement to wear.” He handed each of us our own clothing piece ignoring our confused expression returning back to his position and in moving facial features. “He’s deeply assured that you will not be in any sort of danger, that everyone invited will be opting for a good time and not the police. Mr Hunter has already got this message. So that is all. Master Francis looks forward to seeing you all tonight.”


“You don’t have to turn around Isaiah. I have nothing to hide from you.” Slowly I started stripping out of my jeans and shirt to change into the dress I was required to wear. Isaiah stilled for a minute before turning back round to me.

I felt sheltered with him that being exposed to him in my black bra and panties like I currently was didn’t so much as bother me as it did him.

His eyes wondered everywhere not even near my body. Until I beckoned him closer with the dress a heap in the floor in front of me. Resting my hand on his shoulders to steady me, I stepped in, one leg at a time ignoring the burning urge I was experiencing to cover up and not be so open in front of him. But again I trust him, more than anything. “Help me please.” Knowing full well I was capable of placing the dress on myself I wanted to figure out what his reaction would be.

Calmly he began making his way down my body, down my curves and down my legs. Deliberately his hands trailed down my bare skin, leaving shockwaves after shockwaves roaming around me until I was finding it difficult just to simply breathe. The fabric of the dress was snaking it’s way up towards my body, until it reached my bust, fitting snugly on it.

“Turn around.” His voice dropped deeper, more audibly hoarse. I could tell he was holding back as if he was restraining himself from doing something, I just didn’t know what.

Obeying his command, holding up the dress, I turned, displaying my bare back.

His hands skimmed lower and lower until finding my zip. I gasped as I felt a single warm kiss planted at the nape of my neck. Before I could even react, he proceeding zipping up, rewarding me in kisses with every tug. Until he reached the top, the kisses stopped but instead his arms slipped around my waist, restricting my movement. His breathing was shallow, deep and I could tell it was becoming exceedingly difficult for him. “Goodness Alexis, the level of self restraint I must have.” Despite him whispering the raw emotions behind that spoke volumes, he didn’t need to tell me what he meant to know what he was talking about, nevertheless I wasn’t ready for that sort of commitment yet. And I didn’t have to be.

“Take a look at yourself.” All this time I didn’t realise my eyes has been fixated to the ground. Focusing my attention onto the full sized mirror fixated onto the walk-in closet ahead of me, I looked up and I’ve never felt so different in my own skin.

The fit and flare design, paired with layers of mesh underneath the overall dress. Red, intricate patterns caked the design, the white pearly background made it stood out more and a lot clearer. The strips hung fitted onto my arms hiding the straps of my bra and standing out in contrast to my hazel skin.

“And also this was here.” Breaking from my hold, he made his way over to a table situated in my assigned room, returning back with a gold- flowered head dress, carefully he placed it on. The accessory itself crowned my features and brought out my natural frizzy hair even more. I looked beautiful. But I couldn’t feel it, I know that was what Francis wanted, against a black tie theme, this made me stand out and that was something that could be hugely avoided.

Even Isaiah with his tuxedo looked more fitted with the theme than I did.

I could tell he was reading my facial expression which was giving off lots of emotions currently and he was absorbing every single one. ” What wrong Alexis?”

“This isn’t me, this is what Francis wants. This little game he’s playing and I’m right in the centre of it.”

“But you look beautiful.”

“Don’t you see that’s exactly the point, in a room full of people, he wants me to stand out and I don’t want that certain type of attention from strangers, people I’ve never met before. And I-”

He stopped me spewing out words, placing a finger to my lips and quickly replacing it with his. “What did I keep telling you, you have nothing to worry about. After this dance, we get to leave. You get to be somewhere safe, that I can properly take care of you. Just one night, Alexis. Hang in there.”

“Just one night?”

He nodded. “Just one night.”

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