End Game

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Chapter fifteen part2


Commencing our way down the burgundy red carpeted stairs, I could feel all the people underneath burning their gazes into me, curiosity mostly but some mal intentions behind some.

The party was already undergo, the blinding flashing lights cluttered the place, the blaring music, bodies of people dressed in their finest ball gowns that some couldn’t afford in a lifetime, paraded around, dancing and having the time of their short lives. Food stations and service were designated from what I could tell strategic places, one stations near the ice sculpture of a girl and a body dancing. Maybe to others it was just two figures dancing. But I could read the double meaning behind that and that nagging feeling soon reappeared.

Landing on the actual hard, polished floor felt completely relaxing. Having others spectate and watch you wasn’t all too amusing or fun.

Another body crashing me into a tight hug, separating me from Isaiah grip. As soon as I had a scent of chocolate. I knew it was undeniably Zee.

She pulled back, glancing at me from head to toe before breaking into a huge smile. “You look amazing. I don’t think I’ve even seen you dress this formal. Don’t you agree about how stunning she looks Isaiah?”

She looked towards him, he smiled but I could tell it didn’t quite reach his eyes. From what I was gathering he was on edge too.

“She doesn’t even need me to tell her that. She already knows what I think.”

Zee might have been praising me but she look equally as beautiful. The silk ivory mermaid dress fitted her figure almost perfectly to the point that it looked as if she was on a magazine. Her hair was placed up in a elegant bun with a few strands framing her face, simple pearl earrings placed onto her lobes. All in all, she looked like a princess. “Zee, you don’t even give yourself half of the credit.”

“Thank you Alexis, really. These past few days has been tough, but having someone like you made it a whole lot easier.” She paused, looking between me and Isaiah. “Did you two?” Again she took a few moments, before shaking her head. ” Never mind. Alexis, keep me company.”

Locking her arms through mine she pulled me away from Isaiah before I could even protest, I threw my head back, he didn’t look vexed but a smirk tugged at his lips amused at my situation. When it came to Zee, it was almost impossible to say no.

“You need to tell me what’s going on between you and Isaiah.” Both of us weaved our way through the crowd and away from prying eyes.

“Tell you what?” Despite my best efforts, I knew playing dumb wouldn’t have an effect on her.

“Don’t act stupid, Alexis. You know what I’m talking about. This morning I see you two in bed and that kiss you shared not too long ago. What’s this thing you both have going on between you, as your friend I deserved to know.”

Something about that very statement didn’t sit right with me and I was beginning to dissociated myself with this conversation. “You don’t think I deserved to know when I asked you about Isaiah, where was you friendship then?” Halting in her tracks involuntarily stopped mine as well, ignoring the grunts and irritated faces, she frowned.

“Alexis, you know that wasn’t my story to tell.”

“Well neither is this Zee.”

“I’m trying to look out for you, I’m trying to protect you. You need start to understand that.”

“Protect me from what, Isaiah would never hurt me-”

“You’re right, he wouldn’t. But whose to say you can’t do the exact same to him, you have not known him nearly as long as I have. Isaiah will never tell you about this but he’s worked so hard to be where he is today, he wasn’t always like this. Believe it or not he was scrawny, so shy and from evaluation our leaders didn’t think he’d make it through first stage. He was going to get dropped.”


“Sort of like kicked out, dumped back onto the streets or if they liked you into a foster home or family. But nothing more.”

“Isaiah told me there were good people.”

“They are, but you have to view it their way. If your merchandise let’s say your car isn’t working, you’d waste no more time and money on it and you ditch it. Or another alternate was you fix it. Isaiah upgraded everything about himself once he knew what could become of him and obviously he didn’t want that. He climbed his way up the ranks and was given the chance for leadership which he turned down placing him only a high level ranking agent. But he could have been more, so much more. And for a fact I know he wouldn’t hesitate to pull out of all he’s worked hard for if it came to leaving it all for you.”

“Is that so wrong? That I could be desired by someone I care so much about.”

“I don’t think you realise how much of a package deal you are, that attracts people to you, despite your icy exterior. And it’s not wrong, no. But for someone as high skilled and highly sort after like Isaiah, things are going to get messy if he decides to call it quits and I don’t mean for him.” This wasn’t a threat by Zee more of a warning which I knew the sensible thing would be to take but right now being apart from him was hard to bear and I knew that reliance would be my downfall soon enough. I feared what I was capable of, who I was capable of loving. Now it’s coming full force and there was nowhere for me to escape. “I’m not saying you should abandon him, I don’t think he’d be able to take that. Just plan and tread carefully, Nations don’t play-”

“Ladies, how are you enjoying the party?” A man from what I could gather came in between us, interrupting her from completing her sentence. His face wasn’t my top concern as I all that was visible was a mob of brown hair and the stench of his overused aftershave.

Could this relationship between me and Isaiah actually do more harm than good? Am I putting him in unnecessary danger?

By then Zee already left, not bearing another minute of the stranger. He proceeded to stand in front of me, his tall frame blocking the view of other but putting into more focus the massive bay windows behind me.

“What’s your friends problem?” I could tell he wasn’t going until I eventually initiated a conversation with him.

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s just not interested.”

“Too bad. She was an absolute stunner, but I guess I can settle with you.” The look I handed him made him squirm in his spot, I could tell he was racking his brain for ideas and palpable excuses to make.

Suddenly, something caught my eye behind me the large bay window situated at the back of the hall. A dark moving figure flashed past. I was starting to think my minds were playing tricks on me to fill up the time. But then another flash of black blob zoomed past.

“Excuse me a minute.” Weaving past him, I started searching for Zee, Isaiah or anyone at this point Adrian would even be preferred. All I knew was we had to leave and quick.

A hand grabbed my waist, turning around on instinct, my hand raised ready to give a sounding slap. Isaiah face was in front of mine, effortlessly catching my hands before I could strike him but his face held no amusement of any sorts. “We need to go. I’ve spotted three military and there’s more outside ready to raid. Francis ratted us out.” To say I was surprised, would be a plain out lie. He cared too much about the materialistic goodness in life and his wealth to care or want a change. Hopefully that same arrogance of his will be his downfall too.

Gradually the crowd started getting smaller as we made our way towards the back, our rooms were at the front part meaning we’d have to past all the undercover military and that meant slim chance of making it out without a bullet in us. Still we didn’t increase our pace or slow it down, that will only arose suspicious and prompt them into an early attack.

Hopefully Isaiah had a plan. I was praying he had a plan. “Where are Zee and Adrian?”

“Don’t worry, I got to them in time they’re already safe. I came back for you.”

He held open a door into a long winded hallway and it worried me if they didn’t know we were gone or if they thought we were still there. But I wasn’t going to take that risk.

Another door he held open which lead to the clearing of a forest onto a road. The change of scenery was throwing but what me and Isaiah saw before us was worst.

A black van surrounded by men covered in black surrounded it, like they were watching for someone. The van door wide open and I swear I could see Zee’s satin dress trail out from it, the moonlight reflecting off the material.

“Alexis, run!” My head whipped towards Isaiah and instantly he throw a flying punch to the nearest guard before being pining down by four of them.

Before my feet could move from its place, a hand wrapped around my waist, very different from Isaiah touch. This wasn’t good. The next thing I felt was a needle piercing into my skin, the force of the syringe being pushed, black spots and then nothing.

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