End Game

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Chapter twenty three part1

Chapter twenty three

My eyes skimmed open, new found energy pulsating through my veins. Whatever they were pumping into me, relieved all the pain I felt beforehand and now everything became clearer. Wherever I was, I was an a bed, the comfortable mattress sagging beneath my body mass. A patch was attached in the insides of my wrist, soft at the touch but whatever was coming out of that patch into me was as sweet as nectar.

My vision, clearer. My senses, sharper. It was like I was me again. I knew full recovery would be a journey in itself, but I was one step closer to it.

Another set of eyes preyed on my own, a tall figure leering over me. Far from the person I was longing to see. His gaze was hard set and didn’t crack. His lips permanently etched in a snarl, a jagged scar ran from his head to his chin. It was deep, shallow. “Miss Reign. You’ve been summoned.”

“By who?” My eyes shifted round through the room, I was isolated at the mercy of the stranger in front of me. No Zee. No Adrian. And no Isaiah. Even though the room was packed with light, it still somehow managed to darken, the dingy atmosphere playing a role in it. The disinfectant stench clinging to the four walls.

“That’s not for me to say. Are you ready to leave?”

Why wasn’t I dead? Why wasn’t I bound? No ropes or restraints were tied around my wrists, neither my legs. If they didn’t want to end my life what did they want? And where was my brother? “Where’s Evan, my little brother. Where is he? And what have you done with my friends?” For the first time in a long time, my throat was rid of the dry, brittle feeling lodging there, instead my voice sounded like it truly belonged to me. “What’s this on my arm, what does it do?”

He seemed disinterested by my pleads but still decided to humour me. “It feeds you bulks of the nutrients and vitamins you need, you were on the brink of dying from starvation. We helped you. Your brother and everything else will be explained. Now, Miss Reign are you ready to go?”

I proceeded to tear away the patch, quickly he stopped me. “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. That, you need.” Staring down at me, holding my gaze I compiled to his wishes. In spite of him looming over me considerably, he didn’t scare me, it just made me second think taking off the patch completely. I needed it, whatever they were giving me, I needed it.

“Why don’t you just kill me now? I’m alone, vulnerable. It would be easier to run me down where I stand. Why don’t you?”

“I’m not an assassin. I’m a medic.” Peering down at his attire, that solely consisted of black leather on black leather. He grimaced. “We’re required to wear this. Besides, someone wishes to speak with you.”

“Can I ask who?”

“No, you cannot.” It was finalize, set and quickly I controlled my impulses to obtain my answers to my question.

He offered a large hand, I knocked it away. My feet felt stronger than before. Vitality pumping through my body. Heaving myself upwards, securing my weight on both feet. Right now, I was walking alone, more better, stronger without need for any help.

“You’re okay?” I could tell he wasn’t generally invested in my health or me, but was preserving me long enough to please his superiors. Yet, I still knew that I was no match for him, if I decided to rebel out now, it surely wouldn’t end well. I muster a convincing smile followed with a curt nod. “Okay. Let’s go.”

It wasn’t a long walk to the door, but all the occupied my thoughts was how this was bound the play out. Where was Isaiah and Evan?

Unlocking the door, he escorted me through a dark, long winded entrance way. Glass prisons were situated on both sides of me. Strangers tied up to chairs with tight metal headgear. It seemed like blood circulation was removed entirely. They were being tortured. Different shades of complexion. Different features. But all suffering the same fate.

It would be better the swallow down my impulses, yet seeing these people suffer like this made me have an invisible obligation to do something about it. But, what?

Green eyes. Luminous piercing green eyes lazily watched my movement. Without hesitation I stop, inching closer towards the glass, face to face with someone I thought had died a long time ago. Elijah. It was as if only now he noticed my presence, he seemed surprised shocked even but he quickly replaced it with a slanted grin. A gag was propped in his mouth, coated with his saliva, his forehead smeared with sweat, his clothes ragged and torn. He looked worse than me.

I drew closer to him, until my hand made contact with the glass. All I wanted to do was touch his face, embrace him. The only thing stopping that was the barrier of a material.

All of a sudden, a quick beep rang through the entrance way. Then Elijah, he started convulsing, his eyes widening at the pain. Electrocution. He was being electrocuted. “Stop, please! Whoever that is doing this, stop!”

“Then walk, Miss Reign. I have been ordered to protect you, but that cannot be said for him.” I followed the voice, my medic held a white device in his hand, which it seemed controlled whatever happened to those in the cells.

Controlling what was happening to Elijah. “Fine, I’ll go. Just stop.” His finger lifted off the trigger and the cracking, electric noise dissipated until Elijah was just left panting heavily, his eyes locking to mine, before falling backwards.

Pulling everything in me not to break down into a fit of tears, I stilled myself holding my head high as I blindly followed him. I’d have to come back for him, my conscience couldn’t bear it if I abandoned him again.

Another click of a door, swung open but he didn’t proceed to move. He just stood there, emotionless. ’This is where I’m required to leave you.” With no wait for any form of a reply, he turned on his heels, stalking off back to the entrance way. Abandoning me. My sight adjusted to the dark setting.

Up ahead what I deemed to be a foyer, silver coloured locks filled my senses. Followed by those enchanting blue eyes and that warm chocolate scent. “Evan?” Increasing my pace, I sprint until I crashed down to my brother’s height, for a moment he paused, his tiny body stilling underneath me but then he returned my embrace. Mushing his soft cheeks against mine.

“Alexis. I’ve missed you.”

“Where’s mom?” My eyes flickered up to them. Their posture tense, rigid. In unison they glanced to me then behind me. For the first time fear was evident in Zee’s dark pupils.

Following their trail, I turned around. A capacious man stood in front of us. He was small, not intimidating as I thought he’d be, yet his whole presence subdued the room. His military earnings proud on the bridge of his shoulders. Cropped black hair and a mocking grin. “Alexis. How nice of you to join us. I adhere you’ve had a pleasant stay.” The tone of his voice, smooth almost like honey, to the point if I didn’t know better I’d be relaxing to the sound of it.

Instinctively, I pushed Evan behind me, carefully pushing him into Isaiah arms. He scanned me, bemused at my reaction. “Why so scared, Alexis? I have treated you like honoured guests, have I not? I didn’t touch little Evan and your friends aren’t handcuffed like they should be.”

Switching my attention back to Evan, I caught his gaze. “Evan did he hurt you? Where’s mum?”

Quickly, he shook his head. “No he didn’t. I know he’s a bad man, but he’s been really nice to me. And I don’t know where mummy is. I’ve asked but all he says is that I’ll know all in due time. Alexis, I don’t know what that means.”

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now. I’m never letting you out of my sight, ever again.”

“Alexis, he was never in any danger to begin with. I don’t take out my anger on helpless children, however abusive stepfather’s, now that’s a completely different ballgame.” His lips twitched up to a mocking smirk.

I never really thought I’d find myself caring for a person like Eaton. But he was Evan’s dad, so I knew I had to push away any hatred I held towards him. “What did you do to him?” My voice coming out particularly hard and emotive, I guess I didn’t think I held Eaton in regards high enough to actually care about him.

“I don’t want to reveal anything, especially in front of little Evan. All in due time, my dear.” I stiffened. I know what that meant, that sly glint in his eyes only confirmed it. He had killed him. He had killed Eaton.

“My mother? Where’s my mother?”

“She, if you must know, she’s safe. Not that I’d tell you her whereabouts, now where will all my upper hand of surprise disappear to? No, that information, I’ll hold. ”

“Well, I’m here. You wanted me and I came. What do you want from me?”

He cocked one, bushy eyebrow. “I mean, it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it. Give up whatever it is your key holds.” Reading the slightly shocked look on my face, he dashed me a joking smile. “What? My operative tells me all I need to know.” So, someone in Nations was still in there, feeding this tyrant information.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” Ignoring the angered look I received from Zee, I took a deep breath continuing. “But first you release them, all of them. Elijah, my mother, Eaton, Isaiah and Zee.” It just dawned on me that Adrian didn’t accompany then and I could only imagine the worst. “And where ever you have Adrian.”

“Wait, Alexis. Did you just say Elijah?”

I nodded my head towards Zee. “They’re keeping him imprisoned in whatever pit they have down there. He’s being tortured. All that time he’s been suffering, in pain.”

He rolled his eyes. “Well, we did what had to be done, stop being so dramatic. If he had just been subservient to our demands.”

“Why would he betray his own, you don’t know him at all.”

“You’re right, I don’t. For days I tried to break him, nothing. Now I just let him waste away into nothingness like the other filth down there.” Searing, hot anger flashed turning the whole world red, my feet moved without my head thinking, making me way over to the seemingly defenceless man. He held up a hand, before hitting down a switch embedded in the wall behind him. A loud bang echoed in the breezy room, my head snapped back, Isaiah was on the ground, curling and shivering in pain. “I’d think twice before making an sudden movements, young girl.”

My arms flew up in surrender. He studied me, humouring Isaiah torture for even longer, his cold, calculating stare. “Stop. Please.” My voice came out more desperate than I intended, he watched me further for a second, his youthful eyes darkening, holding my gaze, before he flipped the switch again. I could audibly hear Isaiah body sag in relief.

“I will grant your wish. But I keep you and you tell me where that key is.”

“No, Alexis. Don’t do it.” Isaiah tone feverish, passionate. But ultimately if it was the price I had to pray, so be it. Clearly, we were outnumbered vastly but if they made it out they can get help. They can save me.

“Deal. But first, you enjoy playing games, entertain me this. Who disarmed the security back in your first attack? It wasn’t random. It was planned.”

He smiled. “Good observation, you’re a smart girl. Yes, someone had to disable the security or my agents would have never have got in. How do you fancy seeing a ghost from the past?”

As if on cue, the entrance door cracked open loudly. Booming, confident footsteps vibrated throughout the room, making the floor quiver and shake. Half inciting shadows concealing his features. By this point the anticipation was killing me. A man stepped out that I saw burn in a explosion; hair filled his chin masking in a beard, his normally happy eyes as I remembered then now cold, callous. He fashioned a clean white bandaged over his chest, the point of his injury.

He stepped out of the covering shadow, eye contact directly aligning with Zee’s, all the love they shared still evident in them. “Hello.”

It was Jordon.

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