End Game

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Chapter twenty three part2


“Jordon?” Zee stumbled closer towards the man she has been struggling for months to forget. “Jordon, is that you?” Neither of us could believe it, the initial bewilderment wore off and it was clear that he’d be disloyal to our cause. To due. He’d deceived us. He never died, I don’t know how he survived an explosion and the collapsing of the complex, but he did and he was here, on the other side. The wrong side.

Zee hand rested on his cheek, tentatively stroking it, I guess she never thought that she’d get that feeling again.

“It’s me, Zee. My God I’ve missed you.” Abruptly he jumped in for a kiss, which she accepted briefly before pulling away, still trying to make sense of the situation.

“But, you died. I witness your death, I held you in my arms as you bleed out. You can’t be here.”

He shook his head, taking in all of Zee and a smile broke out on his face, for the first time lightened up his features. “Well, I am. I didn’t die Zee. I came back for you.”

“That’s impossible.” Her voice so timid and low, that it was difficult to hear her. “You’re impossible.” This time she said it louder, loud enough for all of us to hear and loud enough to try to convince herself. “You’re not real.”

He drew her closer to him with excessive force, I guess to remind her that ghosts don’t have that sort of strength and to feel the warmth radiating through him. His blood flowing. To feel his humanity. “I’m real and you know it.”

Zee hand retracted back before landing on his face with power. “Why didn’t you come and find me? After all these months, you were alive and breathing. And you let me believe you were dead!” Whatever facade she worked so hard to build was crumbling, clear tears rushed down her dark cheeks.

“Zee, believe me. I didn’t want to, but it was necessary. What I’m involved in was for the greater good, is for the greater good-”

“I thought you loved me!”

“I did - I still do, Zee. Please whatever you hear next just remember that I did this for you - for us. Remember, who I am.”

“What in the hell are you talking about?”

“I think that’s when I break this happy reunion.” Jordon’s superior, or whoever he now answered to, tore into the conversation, drawing all attention from us. He was enjoying this. “Miss Alexander, your boyfriend or lover or whatever you two are, has been working undercover with me.”

Intentionally, he directed his revelation to Zee, trying to gauge her reaction. At first she was still, processing what had just been exposed to her, tears still streaming down her face. “You’re lying, he wouldn’t never do that.” I could tell she didn’t want to believe it, despite that, she shredded away from Jordon’s grip, decreasing any intimacy previously shared between them. She turned to face him and only him. “Right?” That question was aimed at a particular person and yet he stood there, unsure how to explain his evident betray to her.

“Let me fill you in Miss Alexander. Jordon forwarded me with a proposition. Informing me that Mr Patriot had required the key and he would be ecstatic to retrieve her for me. At first I was like, no, he’s lying to me, trying to lure me out of hiding. But his reason was too good turn to him down. As you can see we both share a hatred for Nations, more than anyone on this planet.”

“Tell him he’s a liar, Jordon. Tell him he’s a monster.” Zee’s petitions rambunctious but Jordon stood pliantly. Evan wasn’t supposed to be here, I just had a bad feeling how this was going to go down, I shot Isaiah a knowing look, steadily he stabled onto his feet, gently taking Evan hands and dragging them further away from us, not too far to cause suspicion but no too close for him to get hurt. Zee’s eyes never left Jordon’s, as it suddenly dawned on her that he couldn’t say it, because the accusations were true. “Why, Jordon?”

“That I can also answer Miss Alexander. You see Jordon is older than all of you. We both lived through a time when Nations was as uncaring and as they were brutal, what they show you now is the more docile side of things. But the experiments and trials their agents under went was as gruesome as it was disgusting. They reformed their ways during Mr Elijah Deen’s class but the whole ordeal isn’t something that can be easily scraped from young minds.”

He was an agent? ” You were an agent?” His attention divided to me. “For Nations? You were an agent for the Nations?”

That derisive smile of his restored back. “One of the best. But then I realised the hypocrisy of it all. They acclaimed how they cared for world peace and protecting humans. Yet, who was protecting us from them?” He wasn’t lying. Despite his cocky nature, it would break every soon often as he reminisced about the past. “Meer kids and they treated us like disposable slaves, they own killing machines.” This came out bitter, cut throat. “That’s when I decided, well, I’ll take it into my own hands. Start my own organisation and undermine everything the Nations apparently stand for.”

“You’re not innocent in this as well. You take causalities of war. Imprisoning people, torturing them. Killing them.”

“Alexis, my dear. I pick and choose who I kill, it isn’t a roll the dice situation, pick at random. All of it are strategic kills, not senseless. If they deserve it, they deserve it. The innocent victims, that isn’t in my books to play with, just wrong time, wrong place. And all those prisoners down there, all have ties or connections with the Nations. If they support people like them, they deserve to rot down there for all I care.”

His revelation made me see one thing clearer as much as he tried to distance himself from them, he was exactly like them. Even worst. “Don’t you realise how ignorant and stupid you sound? You’re only proving their point, they’ve succeeded moulding you into the person that all along they’ve wanted you to be. A murderer. You’re no better than them. Whatever they did to you, why don’t you have strength to rise over it and have more compassion that they’re capable of.”

His aloof demeanour, cracked for a slight second. “You see, Miss Reign. I do kill, I am a murderer. I was trained to my whole life. The only difference is I don’t hide behind their apparent divine morals. I’m honest with who I am and what they’ve formed me to be. They’re just liars. ”

“So what, you think you’re going to change anything if you take me and the key, that just propels us into more suffering. I know you may be proud but you’re not selfish.”

He laughed. A sharp, short penetrating laugh that sent chills through my body. “That key of you, doesn’t change anything. It’s just collateral damage, we need it back to stay in control. For the fear of the people to leave us to rule over them. The key doesn’t make a difference, it just covers our tracks.”

If it didn’t change anything, what did it do? What was it’s purpose? “What do you mean?”

Teasingly, he flashed a grin, thriving in what was happening. A current crumbling relationship due to betrayal. And me depending solely on him for more. “Do you really want to know? Choose carefully, because the truth might just be too hard to swallow.”

“Tell me.” I was done longing and waiting for answers, this was my purpose, my destiny.

“It’s quite funny really. Everything was simply just a fabrication. There isn’t any Unknown, holograms, the lot of them. The military and various government personnel agreed with me, that it’d be the only way to gain power, over everyone. The rich and poor alike. And it worked, our machinery, are beautiful technology worked. After that the fear of the people did the rest for us, curfews were formed. Rules were enforced. Power was gained. ”

That meant that everything anyone was going through, all those market crashes, the deaths, the increased number of destitute. It was all a distortion, an illusion. The whole human race was deceived by technology. “That can’t be true. Tell the truth!”

“I am. What more do you want from me? Our holograms are realistic enough to store apprehension in hearts and our soldiers brave enough to carry out our orders.”

“You’re saying that everyone you were involved with remained faithfully, no one them trying to out the truth?”

He smirked, a dark crest of shadows falling over his face. “Believe me, they’ve tried. Let’s just say that it didn’t end to well for them. Or their kin.”

“Where does Jordon fall into? What’s his role?” I glanced over, Zee still looked appalled by what was being said, trying to absorb the information as quickly as it was being given out. Her eyes snapped to me at the mention of his name and it seemed to suck her back into reality.

“Alexis, I think he should tell that to us, himself. He doesn’t need a puppet master or a mouthpiece. He owns us that much.” Again her eyes latched onto him.

He peered up to his superior as if asking for permission, in return he gave a mocking bow. This wasn’t the Jordon I’ve met before. He’s changed. And definitely not for the better. “Zee, what they did to me, what they did to my battalion, my class. And all the classes before, you’d never understand. We were beaten if we failed a test, worst if we screwed up on the field. A whole lot worst. At least half the people I came with, half didn’t make it out. I made a vow to avenge their deaths and this is me fulfilling my duty, respecting their final wishes. What I went through, it still haunts me to this day, the nightmares come every night and I can’t get rid of them.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Let me help you.”

“We were sworn to secrecy, I couldn’t just tell anyone.”

She jerked back as if his words, struck her. “So, now I’m just anyone? Not someone you told you wished to spend to rest of your life with. Was this a lie - were we a lie? Did you ever really love me?”

“How could you ever say that, of course I do. I still do.”

“Then why do it? Why side with someone that just this to the world, to innocent people. Elijah is here in torment.”

“I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. I just did what I had to.”

“What about me? Did you mean for me to get hurt, when I was mourning you death, when I could barely wake up in the morning because of how badly I missed you.” By this point she was speaking through heavy flow of tears. “Whatever we are - It’s over. Completely over.”

And that was it, she turned away. Wiped her cheeks, ridding them of any moisture. Subsequently blocking herself from him, I guess it would be just to much to bare for her, her true love into her worst enemy. I never thought that this would be the case.

“Jordon.” Grabbing his awareness, his eyes bored into mine, warm but sad, then broke into that icy glare. As if he remembered who he was, that Zee seemed to bring out, naturally. But then he suppressed it again. “When I was in that room, that nightmare I had. I swear I smelt sulphur afterwards and those marks. I presume that was you?”

He nodded.

“And whoever disarmed the security monitors, that was also you?”

Again, he nodded.

“How did you survive? Everyone saw the complex burn to the ground.”

“It’s true, I was shot. But I got out in time. I had help.” He had to mean the OA agents.

“Veronica? Is she alive?”

“No, Veronica wasn’t part of our plan. So she couldn’t be saved. She’s dead.”

“Because of you, she was protecting me. And you’re the one that sent them in the first place, her death is on your head.”

“Collateral damage.” Whatever he was being forced fed, he was swallowing it, whole.

“I grow tired of this, Miss Reign. Where is the key?” Jordon’s chieftain, the same man with that ridiculing smile, stood in front of me, blocking my view of any of them. A cold finger trailed down my face, into my neck. His lips drew closer to me, yet I felt glued to the spot, my breathing choppy, unsure what to do. Directly, they made a detour landing on my cheek inside. “Key, Miss Reign. Now. Or you can kiss you brother, goodbye.” He lashed out the gun, pointing it at my brother who was cowering behind Isaiah, Isaiah protectively obscuring his aim from Evan, the best way he could. But I knew if he wanted to kill Evan, he could.

“I don’t have it on me. It’s not on me! It’s with someone else!”

He paused, glancing back over his shoulders. “Well, what are you standing here for. Go get it.”

I nodded. Frantic. Slowly, I made my way to Evan, again kneeling down to his level, taking his face in between my hands. “It’s okay.” He leeched onto my fear and I could tell the unnatural beating in chest didn’t lighten his panic. “It’s okay.” Forcing myself to breath and calm my heart rate was the only way he’d calm down too. “Evan, where that necklace, I gave you. The one with the green pendant.”

His small hand busily emerged it from underneath his shirt, he proceeded to pull it over his head, I helped him halfway. The metal, weighed less than a pound but felt more like a ton. The emerald gem was small, but beautiful. What could he possibly want with a gift from my father? “This is the key.” I turned back towards him, holding it to him, he pounced for it, before I drew it back. If it was this important to him, he could answer my questions. “What could this importance be to you, from a present from my deceased father.”

He grinded his teeth, his smile coming out as a snarl. “Your deceased father, did his research. The necklace contains a chip, but in any standard computer, a message will be broadcasted to the world. Everyone will be able to see all that we did, they’ll revert back to their old life and never live in fear. We’ll lose all our power.”

“Did, did my father work for you?” I prayed my answer wouldn’t be what I was suspecting. The fact that he could side with these psychopaths would be too hard to endure.

He rolled his eyes. “No, he didn’t. A lousy computer technician. He worked for Nations on a brief contract I had to terminate.”

“You killed him, you killed my father.” At this point, that numbness washed over me again. But it was beginning to make sense, not once did I know what my father did for a living, neither did my mother and the most sensible thing to do to cover his tracks would be to give his daughter something so harmless, that no one would suspect it. But this necklace was the difference between living or dying. Yet, I wondered if he knew the fate that would befall him, that day. And if he was ready for it.

“I had to, he wouldn’t give up what I was looking for. So that was the price he had to pay. And trust me, I searched everywhere even your home. If I knew it was on you all this time, I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble. Now, hand it over or your sibling will end up like your father.”

There’s was an opening in the pendant, I forced it, my fingers prying it apart. It cracked, part of the jewel shattering on the floor. In there was exactly what he described, a single computer chip. The swirls and patterns splattered against the silver. “All of this, all of the suffering, all those deaths. For this.” I looked down at the miniscule object in my hand, it seemed so insignificant, yet I knew that wasn’t the truth. ” You need to promise me that my friends will be safe. That Evan won’t be harmed.”

I looked up, he nodded. “You have my word.” Something about the way he said that didn’t sit right with me, nevertheless it wasn’t like I had a choice. I dropped the broken necklace containing the chip into his joined palms. His eyes connected with Jordon. “Kill them.”

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