End Game

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Chapter twenty five part2


Everything before me, kept fading in and out. A man’s face. A hospital bed. My reflection on the glass wall. Then, I remembered Isaiah, my fiancée. What happened to him? Did I lose the man I love, once I was so ready to give everything up.

Things started clearing up, my vision, my senses. That toxic antiseptic smell that seemed to haunt me where ever I went. It seemed whatever I tried, I could escape my reality. But was I even in it?

“Miss Reign.” It wasn’t Mrs Velt, or Ovie or any voice I ever heard. It was quiet, but sharp nothing like the calmness of Zee’s. What was doing on? I was with Isaiah, I knew I was with him. But now, he’s gone? He broke into pieces right before me, like shards of cracked glass. But that wasn’t possible, no human could ever have the ability to do that.

The man in front of me, held no stern expression, it seemed soft. A lot softer than the ones I’ve been exposed to. He fashioned a white lab coat, with a stethoscope wrapped around his neck. A doctor. Was I in a hospital? But, why was I in a hospital? “Where am I?” My voice didn’t sound unusual, it didn’t sound foreign to me. Something that was supposed to calm my nerves only seemed to rile them up even more. “Where’s my fiancée? Where’s Isaiah?”

“If you could just try to calm down.”

Everything build up in me and involuntarily, I spat at him, he narrowly missed it. I was tired of this, tired of all of this. I wanted to be normal again. Live a normal life. “Don’t tell me to calm down when I don’t even know where am I! The speck of spit that landed on the white coat, he started wiping off, not forgetting to shoot me heated glares.

“If, you can refrain from spitting like an savage to the bespoke doctors. That would be much appreciated.” That voice, I recognised instantly. Francis. It was Francis. Cautiously, he stood by the door, as the doctor stuck a needle in my, injecting some kind of fluid in me that seemed to do it’s job of weakening me, dulling my senses. “So, at last we meet again.” His accent still terribly thick, to the point it was difficult to understand.

Frantically, I blinked trying to keep myself from drifting off.

“Relax, Alexis. It doesn’t put you to sleep, it simply weakens you. Makes you more docile. ”

“Come closer and I’ll show you docile.” Whatever he restrained me with was ironclad and was eating deeper into my wrists.

He threw his head backwards in a raucous laugh. “I don’t think you will.”

He wanted to play a game, that I didn’t have the energy for. I needed to know where my fiancée was. “Where’s my fiancée? Where’s Isaiah? What have you done to him?”

“The stimulation is the work of gods.” Giving me a condensing toothy grin, I felt knives in my stomach. Stimulation? What could that have possibly meant? “I’m guessing he proposed to you with this same ring.” It wasn’t a question, he held up the circular ring, the silver shining off the harsh lights.

“That ring is supposed to be on my finger. I won’t ask you again Francis, where is my fiancée?”

Still keeping that same grin, he approached to side of my bed, my fingers itched to inflict some sort of pain on him for his betrayal but my muscles were feeling weaker by the second. He pressed something, triggering off a buzzing grating noise. Yet, slowly my bed draw higher and higher until I was in an upright position.

I could feel my eyes widening. Zee. Evan. Adrian. Elijah. My mother. Belle. And Isaiah all sat in seven identical chairs, the room opposite me, shielded with glass, wires upon wires sticking out from their heads in twisted positions. With their eyes clammed shut, it was clear that they were unconscious but weren’t suffering from what I could tell. They just sat there, peacefully, their hands curled in their laps. But, my relief quickly turned into fear. “Francis, what have you done to them?”

“Me? Nothing. I haven’t done anything. Neither have you, for four long years. All those moments you spent with him, with your family, your friends. Your engagement. It never happened.”

Everything inside me drop all at once, the coldness suffocated me. “What do you mean? What are you even saying? I defeated the OA, I defeated you. The world is right, once more. How are you going to tell me it’s not?”

“That’s the power of technology. You see, Alexis. You were in a engineered stimulation by the OA. Yes, it’s still well and thriving. Everything you lived past the point of your drowning, was all things that would have been but never did. If it was a reality, it would have played out that way and it’s true, you would have succeeded. But thank goodness it’s not!” Another sharp grin tugged on his lips.

So, that meant that everything I went through, that was all a fiction of my imagination. A stimulation of what would have happened but never did. But how did that even make sense? “It’s not possibly, something like that couldn’t feel so real. You’re lying to me. You don’t even have no proof. And what of all the people that we in it that didn’t mean anything to me, like you. You were there. But you’re not like them?” My eyes flashed over to my loved ones, bound to whatever trance they were in now. If I was out and Isaiah was still in there, what would he be thinking, now? That I abandoned him? That I left him?

“It’s a great gift that we can inputted ourselves into people’s timelines. Anyone we chose. The stranger on the bus seat next to you or a long lost friend. If we know who it is, then it’s relatively easy from then on. It doesn’t make a substantial difference, either way it’d still reach it’s end goal but it’s always fun to see the influence you could have had.”

“So, you’re telling me that Adrian was never your friend to begin with?”

“No, his is.”

“And you let them do this to him, how could you be so heartless?”

He rolled his cat like eyes. “Friendship is a expensive and not always worth it. Power however, is just as expensive but more worthy.”

“So, what you’re telling me that all of them are in my path, my own journey. But I’m awake. Why am I awake and they aren’t?”

“I’m putting it on your subconscious, realising it’s not your version of the truth. Or of what the world should be. And dragging yourself out of it. They are out, but we’ve induced them into a sleep like state. They’re not waking up anytime soon.”

This couldn’t be possible. It just couldn’t. “I don’t believe you. Nations are going to come and get us. Trust me, they wouldn’t abandon us after everything we’ve done for them.”

He shrugged, his slanted shoulders falling. “It’s doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, what matter is I told you. Your precious Nations has been infiltrated, Mrs Velt is dead and the organization is under our new leadership. No one is coming for you. At least not at all, them. ”

“Then, why tell me this? Reveal all this to me.”

“Can you do anything to change the circumstances, just look at you. You’re not going to do anything. Four years and the OA power has been growing, climbing stronger. Everything you did in the stimulation if in reality would have worked, despite it feeling so real. But it isn’t reality we live in, the whole world has fallen to our power. Everyone now answers to us.”

“You’re a liar!” But, it was true he had no reason to lie to me. That meant everything coming out of his mouth was either a well thought out facade or the stone cold truth. This time, I didn’t want to choose the latter. “But where did you get the ring, if Isaiah has been in there ever since-”

“It was in his pockets when we captured you. Now I’d love to go into greater details of how we defeated and deceived you but I’m really on a time stretch.” Abruptly, he pulled out a gun, levelling to my head, watching to see if I’d flinch. I didn’t give him the satisfaction. He wasn’t going to see me scared. He turned, still with the gun held out directly at where Isaiah sat, absolutely defenceless. “The OA has given me direct orders, to have you kill him. If you refuse, I will and the whole population of a small village, just East from this fine country will go down with him.” It seemed like we hadn’t returned to England. We were still in France. He handed me the gun, weaving it through my trembling hands, still bondage but enough space for it to directly align with Isaiah’s chest.

His lips brushed down my cheek, his arms trailing up my bear one. The same arm holding that heavy gun. This is what they wanted, to render me immobile but have enough strength to shoot.

Wet, moisture slipped down my cheeks, as I tried my hardest to bite them away. If I didn’t do it, he would. And I had to be brave enough to end his life. It had to be me. Given my circumstances, they was no other choice, if I decided not to, he’d kill him regardless and innocent people. So, it had to be me, no one else, it’s what he would have wanted. I closed my eyes.




And pulled the trigger.

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