End Game

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Chapter seven part1

Chapter seven
Two bodies dropped.

Isaiah. No.

Steadily getting up from my knees, my eyes connected with Zee’s, she finally looked up, so much emotions in one pair of eyes, it was harrowing to look at.

Forcing my head round. I didn’t want to come to terms with it. I didn’t want to come to terms that he was dead. Isaiah was dead.

One body laid in front of me, cramped at my feet, blood freely flowing, Isaiah stood opposite me, still recovering from his initial shock, his gun facing down. He didn’t take the shot, it wouldn’t have been possible. Two shots. There were two shots. So I would have been dead.

Then my eyes followed his.

Veronica mounted, slumped onto the wall, head hung low, the gun falling out of her hand clattering loudly against the polished floor, a layer of blood trickled from the corner of her mouth, her eyelids shut closed, a hole in her heart. Dead. Veronica was dead.

Without skipping a beat, Isaiah rushed after her, reaching her dead body in a matter of seconds, gently laying her corpse onto the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see bright green eyes paired with dark hair. Elijah. He was safe.

Turning towards me, making eye contact, he looked so wrecked. So much blood was pouring at so many different areas that it was hard to figure out where even one of it was coming from. There weren’t gunshots, no. But glass ingrained into his skin. I tried to call out to him but that ringing arrived once again. And thumping footsteps echoed loudly in the distance.

There were more of them. And they were coming. Quickly too.

He paused hearing what I heard, his eyes shooting over to Zee and then to Isaiah. I’ve never seen him look this upset all the time I’ve been here. He looked so broken that it physically hurt seeing him like that, “Isaiah, ” His voice trembled, “Isaiah. Zee. We need to go.” Neither of them moved still tending to their friends and in Zee’s case her lover. Maybe they didn’t hear what we did or maybe they didn’t care, none of them moved an inch, “We need to go now!” He shouted so loud that those footsteps were advancing even more rapidly. Isaiah was the first to look up, at Elijah then at me. Something flashed in his eyes and he abandoned Veronica, placing a quick kiss on her cheek and ran over to us.

Zee. She looked up, she acknowledged what was happening, what would happen when those people reached this floor, yet she stayed put, still cradling Jordon’s dead body. Rasping out a quick reply, “I’m not leaving,” Shaking her head frantically she continued, “I’m not leaving him. I promised. ” Weakly, she smiled. “Go. Take Angela with you and find out the sons of bitches who did this.” One hand mindlessly searching for the gun, like she was scared to completely let go of him, like she was scared to lose him. She found it. She found the gun. And that almost certified that this decision was final, she wouldn’t escape with us and when the others reached here. That’s it. She’d be gone too.

It seemed like they were okay with it, Elijah and Isaiah, they nodded slowly, evidently wary to go. But it was like they both knew it was no use. Somewhat happy that they accepted her decision, she slid a gun across the floor from one of the two closest her. Elijah picked it up. Both starting backing away slowing, Isaiah wrapping his hand around my wrist, carefully, pulling me with them. “Alexis. We need to leave.”


This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t okay. Zee wasn’t going to die. “I can’t abandon h- her. We can’t.”

He seemed agitated like he knew I was right and yet there was nothing he could do except respect her decision. But I wasn’t like them, I wasn’t hardwired the same way. Empathy was an emotion that’d always be a part of me, no one can take that away and I can’t turn it on and off whenever I wanted.

Again, I found myself doing the most life-threatening, reckless stupidest thing, I ripped myself out of his grip, running towards Zee, crashing down onto my knees in front of her. It was as if my body was now hyper aware of those footsteps which was now an earshot away. Shit.

Zee looked up in shock, “Alexis, what are you doing? Leave! You need to go!” She spoke hurriedly, urging me to go.

“No. Zee, I’m so sorry,” Reaching towards her hand still wrapped around his limp ones, I pried hers of his, in doing so briefly I found myself in contact with his chilled ones, it frightened me so much so that I felt everything in my body drop and once again immediately everything went out of focus. Save her. What you need to do save her. “But we need to go. You know I’m not leaving without you-”

" Are you stupid or just suicidal? They are going to be here any minute and I’m pretty sure they don’t plan on taking any survivors.” Harshness was unmistakably clear in her voice but I knew it came out a place of kindness. She didn’t want me dead. But neither did I want her dead. She started making her way to return taking his hand, but I stopped her, making sure I looked into her eyes, calmly shaking my head.

“You need - You need to let go Zee, ” I was getting better placing my words correctly, any initial shock wearing off but adrenaline and pain in full blast. “He would want you to let go. He would have want you to have lived. Wouldn’t he?” Purposely, I end it with a question, giving her a chance to reflect on her action, even though time was drastically running out.

“She’s right Zee, ” Isaiah stood behind me, momentarily our eyes met before focusing on Zee’s, a gun clutched in one hand, tensed a finger on the trigger, “He would have wanted you to carry on. She’s right.” I mentally thanked him, I knew she needed as much reassurance as possible.

Convincing herself what would be the right thing to do, I could tell she was having a hard time differentiating between reality and a dream. I could tell she wanted it to be a dream, we all did. Furrowing her eyebrows staring down at Jordon’s face, sniffing, tears trailing down her dark cheeks, she nodded.

Her lips parted, “Okay.” Meeting my eyes she nodded once more, “Okay.” I got up, proceeding to help her get up. Those footsteps stopped, starting to kick down the rubble for easier access, we couldn’t see their faces but those enormous blaring guns was more than enough warning I needed.

Tearing Zee from Jordon, I grabbed her strangely now cold hands. Isaiah trailed behind us, shooting a few rounds to disperse them, giving us a inch of more time, knowing any second they’d be in hot pursuit of us. Elijah stood slumped against the wall, clearly oblivious to what just occurred but when he saw us running towards him with Zee a smile etched across him face. Relief.

Without warning he crumpled to the floor.

He was injured, badly too. Without losing a second, me and Zee went to either side of him draping each arm over our shoulders, his eyes rolled to the back of his head before his head fell back.

This wasn’t good.

Shouting in the distance, still firing, “Keep going! Training Room!” Isaiah yelled.

Managing his body weight the best way we could and as fast as we possibly could, we made our way towards the flaming crimson door.



Zee kicked it open, the abnormal amount of force tearing it off it’s hinges. Just then, loud, numerous thundering footsteps came into the half exploded complex. They were here.

Isaiah arrived in front of us, hastily leading us towards the far side of the room, just away from their view. It bought us time. Just how long though?

Elijah was becoming increasing heavy to support and right now my strength wasn’t up to par, I glance at Zee as Isaiah lifted up a small mirror revealing a small keypad. She could barely look at me, streaks of tears still streaming down her face, her forehead styling a big knot which was turning blue. Nicks and cuts filled her soft features and skin.

Did she think that this was my fault? They weren’t possibly after me. My hazy mind flashed back to those two soldiers they could have killed Isaiah but they tried to kill me instead. Both times. Why?

Punching numbers into the keypad, a quite beep sounded and a hiss came from the door that was currently opening right in front of us. A secret door. Why am I not surprised?

Isaiah ushered us in first, we entered a brightly lit tight fitting hallway, quickly another hiss and the door slammed close.

That was surely going to give them a hint of where we were. But the door, steel reinforced looked firm, yet I found myself wondering how firm? What if they had machine guns, AK 47 or a bazooka?

Needless to say we weren’t going to take any chances.

“Keep going.”

Isaiah. His voice was what I needed to hear right now, it was the only thing that could remotely calm me. We stumbled towards another red door, apparently Zee was struggling also, this time I knew this would be the exit. Hopefully our escape.

Obeying his order, making our way to the end of the hallway, the door facing us, Zee pushed it up with her free hand, easily it opened. Only to reveal a underground car park, I’m guessing private owned with a single black shiny Range Rover within our reach.

“Won’t they see us,” My eyes moved to Isaiah, he looked so disoriented, I could tell my question washed over him. “Isaiah, won’t they see us leave and follow. We don’t know how many of them are out there.”

Shaking his head, he rushed us up to the car, “It doesn’t matter. That won’t matter for much longer.” He took the currently passed out Elijah, helping him into the car, Zee got in next to him clearly dejected.

“What do you mean?” Climbing into the passenger side, he sprinted round, fumbling with my seat belt, taking up more time. Placing a hand over his, I stopped him, forcing him to slow down so he could answer my question. “What do you mean?”

Sighing, looking directly at me he answered, “Alexis, when I put that code in, the self-destruct system is activated. So everything and, ” He paused catching his words, thinking about how he needed to say it, “Everyone in there will die. They’ll be an explosion, it’ll give us enough time and then-” His eyes flickered over to Zee. I didn’t need to look at her, her pain was radiating off in waves.

“It’s fine. I’ve got it. Let’s go.” Nodding, satisfied with my response, he jumped into the driver seat and without hesitation, turned to car into gear, speeding off towards the opening. We came from the light then thrown into the darkness.

The night sky, so peaceful that I almost didn’t believe what all just happened. Veronica. Jordon. None of this made any sense. Who were these people? And what did they want?

The car was speeding so fast that everything flashed past in a blur. The fast paced moving was making me nauseous. Everything was making me nauseous. I felt like clawing off my skin, it just felt so dirty. I found myself looking down at my hands, blood, raw blood stained them, most I knew was mine, the rest I wasn’t so sure.

The bleeding, the bleeding hadn’t stopped either, blood dripped down into my left eye. By then all I could see was red. Crimson red.

That when I heard it, that booming, deafening explosion, surging the car forwards, twisting my head back. The whole complex crumbled, breaking down before my very eyes, it was groaning in agony. In pain. Something we could all relate to, in more ways than one.

I could feel myself losing grip of reality, losing grip of time. My eyes were faltering, ringing in my head, my weight toppled down into the seat.

Tunnel vision. Muddled voices. Nothing.


Everything surrounded me. Voices, all the voices from people in my lifetime, so many that it was hard to choose one to zone into, Isaiah’s or Evan’s, those are the ones that I will always be searching for.

Empty space, nothing but empty space surrounded me. The pitch black, nothing. I remember. I remember, this was when that dream of Evan sprouted from, that vividness, that realness was hard to fake.

A sing song voice broke out interrupting my trial of thought, “Alexis.” Was that Jordon? It wasn’t possible. “Alexis.”

Opening my eyes, in front of me stood Jordon, majestic bathing in a bright light, surrounding him like a shield. Looking directly at him was blinding and on reflex I found myself blocking my eyes from the burning fluorescent light. “Alexis.” He was beckoning me closer, something in the way he spoke was so enticing that I found myself drawing closer, closer and closer to him.

Until I was facing him, so close that our noses were practically touching.

He started to reach out his hand, urging me to meet his. A prominent smile on his face. Even though looking at him was burning my retinas, I couldn’t stop. Seeing him here gave me hope. Maybe this Empty space wasn’t always negative, maybe it played on my feelings and gave me who I wanted to see and they don’t have to have their flesh peeling off. “Alexis.” He sounded so alluring, bewitching that I almost couldn’t tell that his cold hand grabbed my wrist, softly at first, but then the pressure accumulated. Tighter and tighter.

I wanted to pull back, to scream, to wake up. But something was stopping me, basking in my pain, thriving seeing me suffer.

Then hot sparks flooded up towards my arm. He grabbed the other wrist. The pain intensified, electricity, thousands of volts viciously flowing through my veins.

He wanted me to feel what he felt. The pain, anguish. Everything.

And I did, and every bit more.

The pain was only a mere seconds but it felt like hours of torture, grinding and grating my insides.

Then in two, quick sharp moves.

He pulled out a gun, aligning it to my head. One.

He pulled the trigger. Two.

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