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My Husband's Boss (Completed)

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Willow lives a life of luxury while her husband racks in about $180,000 a year. But one day she finds out that her husband is going to lose his job. She soon meets with the CEO of the company Reid Orson and he offers her a deal. If she wants her husband to keep his job, she must be on call for sex for the next 3 months. All she has to do is say yes. Will she?

Romance / Drama
Victoria Anderson
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Chapter 1: Such A Shit Day

My name is Willow Barnes. And this is the story of how I ended up saving my husband's job by sleeping with my husband's boss.

"Honey?" I said as I heard the front door open. I heard footsteps come closer to me as I cut the carrots that were on the counter. "Hey Honey. How was your day?" asked Ethan. Aka my wonderful husband.

Ethan and I have been married for about 2 years and 4 months. We got married after dating for a good 3 years in high school. He asked me to marry him the day of our graduation telling me that he couldn't bare to live without me. And that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to make me his.
"Amazing. But it just got even better that you are here now." I said as I made my way over to him and planted a kiss on his lips. I pulled away from the kiss and smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Ethan smiled back at me before looking around the kitchen probably seeing what was for dinner.
"What's for dinner?" Ethan asked me clearly not figuring out what I was making. But to be honest the only things that were out were carrots and green beans.
"We are having pot roast," I said as I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and went back to chopping carrots. "Willow. It's currently 5 pm. Pot roast takes usually 3-5 hours depending on the size. I love your cooking love but I don't think I can wait that long for dinner." Ethan said.
I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "Don't worry Ethan. The meat is already cooking and it has been for about 3 and 1/2 hours. I'm just chopping these carrots for tomorrows dinner and green beans take less than 10 minutes to cook so don't worry dinner is almost done. Just go and take a shower and the food will be ready by the time you are done showering and are dressed." I explained to Ethan.
"Thank God," Ethan said before kissing my neck and wrapping his arms around my waist and trailing kisses all down my neck.
"I'm going to get a shower to pass the time," Ethan said before walking away and going up the stairs to our bedroom.
I sigh thinking about how long of a day it has been. Yes, I lied to Ethan. I know, you're supposed to not lie to your spouse. But I don't think it would be the greatest idea to tell him the truth.
The truth is that I've have had one of the shittiest days in a long time. Now let me let you in on what the fuck I am talking about. Cause right now, I'm probably not making any sense.
For about 4 months Ethan and I have been trying to have a baby. My whole life all I have wanted to be was a mother, and for some reason, Ethan and I can't seem to make a baby. And after about 4 months of nothing, I decided to go to the doctor and talk to them about what was going on.
My first thought was that I wasn't able to have children and that God was pulling a cruel joke on me. But when I went to the doctor my doctor told me that I and Ethan aren't able to have children. More like he isn't able to have children. I didn't hear why mostly because as soon as she said we can't have children I didn't hear anything else she said because I was so shocked.
My entire life I've always wanted to be two things.
1.The most perfect wife. Have a loving husband and live happily ever after.
2. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to stay home with my children and make their little lives as happy as I could.
And now I felt completely devastated. One of Two of the things that I wanted to accomplish in life is completely ruined. And it's not like I can go out and get pregnant by some random guy, because if I did, I would break my first accomplishment.
It sucks that today I have to tell Ethan that he and I won't be able to have children together. I know it will hurt him, maybe not as much as it did to me. but Ethan and I have always wanted children together. And it sucks that our plans have been destroyed.
I know there are many other ways to have children. But I want a child of my own, a child with Ethan. I finished cutting the carrots and put them into a container, before putting them into the fridge.
After dealing with the carrots, I grabbed the green beans and put them on the stove, letting them cook.
I went over to the crockpot and looked at our food that was almost done. I opened the crockpot and tasted the food. "Mmmm." I moaned out as the food went down my throat.
Right before I could put the lid back on Ethan's phone went off. He must've left in in the kitchen. I quickly put the lid back on and went over to his phone and unlocked it.
There was a message. I saw that the message was from his boss.
Reid Orson. Ethan's boss. I don't know much about him. I only know that he is 27 years old and is currently one of the hottest bachelors in New York City. According to the news. He owns one of the biggest companies on Wall Street. Reid is a billionaire bachelor.
I clicked on the message that Reid sent my husband...

Boss: You have 24 hours to pack your shit up. I don't have time to deal with your incompetence.

Reid is firing my husband?! No, this can't be happening. How could Ethan not have told me? What were we going to do? We need the money to survive, to live in a nice house and neighborhood that we live in. If Ethan loses this job, we will be screwed. I need to do something, maybe I can persuade Mr.Orson to let my husband keep his job.
I check Reid's number and quickly type it into my phone and naming the name Reid. Once I'm done typing Reid's info in, I quickly put Ehtna's phone back to where it was before. I walked over toward the table and take a seat, thinking of what I should even say to Reid. I need to save my husband's job. For the future of him and me.
I began to text Reid...

Dear Mr.Orson. My name is Willow Barnes. You may know my husband Ethan Barnes. He is currently working for you. Earlier today you sent him a message stating that you are firing him. And it made me wonder why you are even firing him in the first place...

After messaging him, I sat my phone back down and went back to cooking. I waited impatiently for Reid to reply to my message. As I waited I continued to cook. After about 5 minutes of waiting, I finally gave up. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the roast and put it on a plate to get ready to serve. As I was doing so, I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pull me close.
"Hello, my love. How was your shower?" I ask Ethan. "Good. How is dinner going?" Ethan asked me. "Well, it should be done soon. Maybe another 5-10 minutes at the most. " I said as I stirred the green beans. "Sounds good love. I'm going to go to my office and do a few things." Ethan said as he took his arms away from my waist. "Oh, your boss messaged you over something," I said.
I looked over to where Ethan was. "You dind't read it, did you?"
Ethan asked me. I shook my head. "No, it's your business. I chose to leave it." I said smiling. "Okay, by the way. I need to talk to you about some during dinner." Ethan said grabbing his phone and looking at the message. "Okay, I have to talk to you about something too. It's important." I said.
"Same," Ethan said before walking out of the kitchen. I hope he tells me, I don't want my husband to lie to me. Our marriage is going to be rocky enough when I tell him that he and I can't have children.
I don't want the lie to make things worse.
I was quickly pulled out of my thoughts by the bing of my phone.
I quickly ran over to the table and saw that he messaged me back!

Reid: Hello Mrs.Barnes. Your husband is going to be let go for many reasons. If you would like to discuss anything about his letting go you may schedule a meeting with my secretary for tomorrow.

A meeting? Can't him and I talk over the phone or something like that? Guess I have to schedule a meeting with the bastard...

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the new book! I can't wait to see where this book will go. Any of you who didn't understand the foreshadowing at the beginning of the chapter will soon understand what a lot of Willow's personal life will affect her 'relationship' with Reid.
I don't totally know what's going to happen in this story, but I do know a few things that will happen in this story. Once again, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my brand new story! The next chapter will be out very soon!
Also, if anybody is interested in making this book a cover please go onto my wall and tell me. I would really appreciate it!
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