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Amy Wilson does not want men in her life..she is frightened of relationships. So. she takes refuge in the world of books. But when super hot Glade Maxwell joins her workplace sparks seem to fly. Fiesty Amy vs arrogant Glade. But both of them seem to find a bonding inspite of this cock fight between them. Amy gets drawn towards Glade just when she was settling with the idea that she really liked him, Glade reveals his true identity. That changes the whole equation between them.. Amy comes to know his wilder side, his afairs and flings with top models and starlets and heiresses...he is an A- lister of the gossip column and paparazzi 's fav topic. Amy realises she is not in his league and goes and hides behind her book wall. But Glade is unprepared to let her go. He troubles Amy in his own style...trying to make her admit she loves .him. Both their egos come in between and will they drift apart or will they ask each other..." hey you...love me?" ( Disclaimer- this story is a work of fiction and has no relation to anything or anyone in real life)

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Chapter 1 New guy in office.

“Something is amiss,” thought Amy as she scampered into her cubicle that morning. Everybody seemed super excited in office. As usual she had overslept and was late to work.

Tinsy, the girl who sat next to her nudged her lightly,“Did you see that guy? He is super hot, isn’t he?”

Amy’s cubicle was at the very end of the room. She was the youngest and the junior most in the public relations and advertising department of Bianchi Motors. She got the worst seat which no one wanted...The one near the restroom! Tinsy joined 20 days before her, sat next to her. So, Amy had to crane her neck real hard to see who this guy was. But all she could see was a the back of his head....the glistening dark hair seemed to sport a very trendy hairstyle which clearly exposed an enticing neck. The rest was covered in a white shirt and navy blue suit.

“He joined the design team today,” whispered Tinsy adding, “Oh, he is a Greek god, Amy. All the girls in the department have been going up and down the aisle eyeing him. Debby, that bitch has already got herself introduced to him.”

“His dark hair reminds me of Rhett Butler . But who could match the God of Gone with the Wind.”

Yeah! Amy was a fiction freak who tended to associate people she met with the characters she read in her books and Rhett Butler of Gone with the Wind got her real weak in knees.

"you are medieval,” said Tinsy.

Amy laughed adding, “Can’t see his face.”

“Go and fetch a cup of coffee and get a peek on your way back,” she suggested.

Amy stood up. “Lemme check him out then,” she thought.

The Public Relations and Advertising department was one of the smallest departments at Bianchi Motors. There were ten of them. Nine Girls and one guy, Rob who was generally bullied. He sat next to Tinsy. The office design was very open and interactive. The whole floor area was divided into workstations with low glass dividers. Each department was divided by a wide passage. The Greek God was a new recruit and the sprawling design department which comprised of almost the whole floor. He sat at the fag end of the design department which gave the predominantly female PR department which was just after it, a full view of him. He distracted the whole department creating a flurry.

Rob looked up at Amy when she was walking out. ‘Not you too, Ams,’ he said, and then thumbing at the supervisor’s seat he said, "Caveat.... the she- dragon is in.″

″She wouldn’t grudge me a cup of coffee, would she?”

But then she did!Amy just taken a few steps when Susan Harris her supervisor bellowed. "Amy Wilson did you just walk out of your sleep to work?"

Amy stopped as she saw the greek god turn his head to look at her. His black mop had a very trendy cut but had been gelled to give a formal office look. His bright dark rather rebellious gypsy eyes had a rather amused expression. His Oval face ended with a rather strong and stubborn jawline. There was something extremely snobbish arrogant about his good looks which was attactive. Okay he is super hot...and could give a good competition to Rhett Butler, thought Amy biting her lips.

“did you oversleep again, Amy?” bellowed Susan again.

“err,Susan,” she said rather softly.

“what’s wrong with you child. You did not even comb your hair. ”

Shit, thought Amy as she ran her hand over her hair."I am sorry Susan."

″No dear, I am sorry to say you look absolutely terrible. Look what is it you are wearing. ”

Amy looked at her ripped jeans and rather crumpled checked shirt. She agreed she should have dressed better.

"How many times do I have to tell you- ONLY FORMAL CLOTHES ALLOWED.You could at least rub a bit of lipstick on yourself."

That women and her loud voice, thought Amy, grinding her teeth.

By now the whole design department was looking at her. This was the problem with Susan. She was very good at heart, very loving and affectionate but generally yes, a she-dragon espacially when she had to get work out of us.

"where exactly where you heading?" She demanded.

"Coffee vendor."

"Do you have a hangover?"

"No, Susan."

"Ok, go to the restroom and comb your hair first. Do you have a lipstick on you?"

"No," Amy was beginning to hate this conversation.

"What kind of women doesn’t even have a lipstick in her bag. Here take mine . let me see you when you come out. We have work to do."

Amy sulked her way to the restroom. As she looked at her reflection she was rather embarrassed. She did not qualify for even Scarlet O’hara’s hand maiden. Rob had once said, you should at least, try to look good. Who would want to even look at a girl who looks like she has been struck by the lightning.

Indeed Amy looked the part. She forgot to comb her hair often. She never used make-up on herself except when she had to go for a party, which was rare. She just had one lipstick. She often forgot to trim her hair. In the present case it was almost seven months since she had her last haircut and her mane had no shape at all. But if you managed to look beyond all this, which was difficult, I admit, she really had a near perfect bone structure, her skin was flawless. She had a clear complexion( which was of course hereditary), classical features and her eyes had a naughty intelligence (which was an extension of her personality) and added a wildness to her beauty. She was tall, lean and athletic and if she wore nice clothes, had a good hair cut, waxed her hands and legs more often, applied some cream(yeah..all of that) she could have been a stunner. But she didn’t do any of that. She would rather hole up in her attic like apartment curled up with a book. She had a student loan to clear and whatever salary was left of her monthly loan repayment was too less to lead an extravagant lifestyle.

If you ever lost her, all you needed to do was locate the closest bookstore. You would be sure to find her there.

Anyway coming back to to the present, Amy returned to Susan’s desk having combed her hair. “What is the work you wanted me for?” she asked rather disinterestedly.

"Don’t give me that face....Bianchi Zen 1 publicity thingie is your baby...you stunned all visualising the ad and came up with all bright campaign ideas. Now, the press release has to be written for the upcoming event....here are the details and coordinate with Lisa and Maureen to get the CEO and the MD’s bytes. Also ready all the probable question which might be asked at the press con.We will having a brain storming session this afternoon on this."

"Yeah! okay," replied Amy heading for her desk. Bianche Zen 1 was her company’s about to be launched sports car.

"Did you drink your coffee?" asked Susan in her motherly tone that she had.

"I will just now," said Amy sauntering up the aisle heading straight towards the coffee vendor. As she crossed the Greek God a faint smell of musk seemed to deliciously tingle her nostrils. She felt a little numb and non-plussed. She faltered a bit which made the Greek God look up. How embarrassing was that, she thought and her ears felt hot as warm color rose to her cheeks. But Amy held her head high and walked on.

As she filled up her cup, she was mulling over the fact that she was indeed one of the worst turned out employee. This new guy must have been sniggering at her appearance. It made her really depressed. She was absent mindedly sipping her coffee while walking back when she saw the Greek God still looking at her in that strange amused expression. Amy looked away and increased her pace as she headed back. When she crossed him, she realised his body language had become a little more aggressive. He was leaning back in his chair and staring at her unabashedly with a rather insolent smile in his lips. He turned to look at her where she sat, catching her eye for a moment before returning to his work.

“Tinsy, what is the Greek God’s name?” She queried.

“Glade Maxwell,” she chirped.

“He should be named Thanos.” she shrugged.

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