Out Of The Water

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Monsters can take human form

Romance / Mystery
Lexi Delano
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All monsters are real. Even the mythical monsters that have been seen in the distance.

But not all monsters are ugly and scary. Some can look beautiful and handsome. Monsters like the Devil himself and so are his brothers and his father, God himself is handsome beyond imagination.

God's sister, the Darkness is a beauty so perfect that girls would do anything to be like her and that doesn't end well.

The monster I came across took two human forms so perfect that I fell in love with both. I didn't discover their true form until nine months later when I gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl

It was shortly after that I saw their true form and that the monster took two human forms.

I was scared and so I ran with my babies and I never looked back. I made sure they never found me.

I've had some close calls but I've kept myself hidden and my children, I've kept a close eye on them, I'm that protective of them that I need to be with them at all times.

Even at school I need to make sure that their safe and that no one takes them. They've never been on camps or sleepovers at friends houses because of my ever growing fear that they'll show up and take them away and I'll never see them again.

So far they aren't monster like yet but I hope that continues for the rest of their lives. The dreams I've had about them haven't come true.

I wanna make sure I'm never found by any monsters ever again

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