The Cabin

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Saving a stranger is one thing. But having them stuck with you in a cabin amid a snowstorm is another. Sacha is a doting wife that receives little attention from her husband. Adam is a lost soul that gave up on women. Furious, bitter and crazed is all Adam could see in her. But that doesn't stop him from craving her. She is hypnotic and is in need of attention... love, and affection. God help her depraved soul... Because HE is her undoing.

Romance / Drama
Sheri Mello
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Chapter 1 – Disappointment

Sacha paced across the living room. “Where is he!” Breathe Sacha... breathe. She scratched her head, not able to get her crazy mind off her husband and what he was doing at the very moment. Every time she thought of him, dread surfaced.

She tugged on the sheer white curtain. Damn. It was already snowing outside. The weatherman said earlier that a snowstorm was impending and it would arrive by tonight or early the next morning.

Why wasn’t he here as yet? Was he with her? Did something go wrong? She glanced at her watch, knowing well that her husband should have arrived an hour ago. The last thing she needed was him being stuck in the storm. Every minute or two she eyed the telephone to call him. She couldn’t think straight with all the terrible thoughts wrecking her mind.

“Just one call,” she tried to convince herself. Maybe he intended on calling but didn’t find the chance. If she called now, it would save him from calling. It made sense, perfect sense.

I Dialling his cell number, she placed the white corded phone to her ears. Pick up... Please pick up... Plea—

“Hello?” Mark answered.

“Mark! Thank God you’re ok.” She released a breath, rubbing her forehead. The sound of his voice alone made her mind ease.

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, where are you?” she asked, twirling her fingers with the cord. She could hear her own anxiety in her voice. He always had her on-edge like that.



Silence. She wondered if the phone line had gone dead, but her suspicions were laid to rest when Mark’s breath hitched.

“Mark are you ok?” It was eerily quiet in his background and didn’t sound like he was driving or anything. “Are you almost here?” she asked anyway.

“Sweetheart...” he said in a low tone.

At that moment, Sacha knew she was in for some gut-wrenching news. Holding her breath, she listened to what her conniving, backstabbing and insensitive husband had to say.

“I uh... I can’t make it today. Will see if I could get in on Sunday.”

Her fingers lost color as she tightened her grip around the phone’s handle. She knew it was coming. The disappointment. But somehow it always hurt more than she expected.

“Sunday?” she yelled into the mouthpiece. “Mark, I told you this a week in advance. It was supposed to be a surprise. A surprise! Saturday is our anniversary, not Sunday...”

“Sacha, calm down. It’s only two days. You make everything sound like a problem. I promise I’ll be there by Sunday.”

Promises. That was all he made these days. She had an entire box filled with his promises. “Mark, today is Thursday, which means I would spend tonight, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday alone in this cabin. What’s the reason for this?” Mark had told her he canceled all his plans for the rest of the week. Did he lie? Did he lie just so he could have her away from the house? That good for noth–

“I’m sorry I have to put you through all of that, but...” His voice trailed off as if interrupted by something in front of him.

“But what?” she asked.

After a few long seconds, “But I have some very important business clients I have to deal with first.”

Clients? “I thought you postponed all the meetings for the rest of the week? Why do you still have clients?” It was her. Deep down she knew it was her.

“Yes, but Eloise forgot and booked three clients. One for today, tomorrow and Saturday. I can’t turn them down. It will cost us too much.”

There it was. The gut feeling she had. It was her. Eloise. That treacherous, temptress secretary of his. That bitch. How convenient. “Eloise? She did this? What the fuck Mark?”

“Listen, I gotta go. The client just came in. See you on Sunday. Love you.” He hung up without waiting for a response.

Sacha still held the phone dear to her ear. She couldn’t hear the deafening sound of the busy tone because all she thought about was her husband spending time with his busty secretary. Sure, she had bigger breasts and butt than her, but it was all fake. And somehow her husband liked it.

One time she attended an office party with Mark and caught him ogling her breasts. The second time Sacha had an idea that her husband was cheating was when Eloise got friendly with an intern. Mark’s jaw clenched for every time she laughed at the intern’s jokes. Eventually, he sent the intern away to fetch him something to drink. Bastard.

Sacha hung up five minutes later promising herself that she wouldn’t get mad. “I won’t get mad... I won’t get angry. Breathe.” She sucked in some air, placing her hands on her hips. Then realization hit that she was alone for the next two to three days. Alone in a cabin with a threatening snow storm.

Without thinking, she kicked one of the tall, blue vases to the other side of the room and floored two dining room chairs. “Argh!” she screamed. No-one could hear because the cabin was far beyond civilization. The closest place on the right was thirty miles away while on the left, it was twenty-eight.

The snow fell heavier than when she last checked. Ice covered the pitch and blanketed the ground in white. She could even hear the wind whistling outside. Oh joy. She should have opted to sit at home and drink away her misery, but no, she wanted to fix her marriage—fix what had been broken years ago.

“What on earth am I to do now?” she said, huffing a breath.

She eyed the kettle on the stove; tea was relaxing, but not what she wanted. She needed something that would burn—that would make her forget. Something that would even warm her blood. Even though she arrived four hours ago and immediately turned on the heater, the cabin still didn’t warm to its full potential. She needed something strong — like whiskey or vodka. It would definitely take her scathing mind off her husband.

She bit her nail. Where on earth was the alcohol? Every cupboard she opened either had tinned food, pots, casserole dishes, utensils or cups. The Gods were against her. They didn’t want her to pine away. She slid to the floor, leaning against the cedar cupboards.

“Ugh!” She groaned, hitting the cupboard on the right with her fists. It swung open revealing a haven of liquor.

Sacha blinked, almost choking on her spit. She struck gold! Yes. The Gods felt her pain. Crawling towards the opening, she grabbed two bottles: Vodka and Hennessy. She eyed the unopened bottles of tonic water... Nope! Closing the door, she placed the bottles atop the table, lining them next to each other. Perfect.

“Cheers motherfuckers!” Sacha said as she downed the fourth glass of vodka. She sat on the floor with her back against the base of her white, leather couch. For every glass she drank, she toasted to her dreadful husband and his skanky mistress, Eloise. “May they rot in hell,” she lifted her glass.

Skidding... Screeching tires on pitch wreaked havoc in her ears. Maybe the vodka had kicked in, but there it was again... Then a loud bang boomed outside, followed by the sound of falling heaps of snow.

Her heart pounded, “What on earth was that?” She hopped to her feet, her balance slightly off. Her head spun, leaving her mind in a daze. She held on to the armrest of the couch until she could manage a steady step.

After wobbling a few and messy steps, she met the frosted window near the front door. Sacha gasped, holding her mouth. What the... A black van’s hood was completely wedged in a tree trunk planted in front of her cabin. Crap! So much snow fell outside that the impact shook the tree enough for the snow partially cover the van.

Sacha’s eyes drifted to the driver’s door which hung open freely. Someone’s head and arm laid limp, dangling halfway outside.



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