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And In a second he grabs me by the waist and pins me to the wall, "whatever you're thinking Miss Ellis, can never happen again." I smirked biting my lips, "How do you know what I am thinking?" I whispered, he leaned closer and was inches away from my lips. "Because I'm thinking it too."

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Chapter 1


The club was electric, everyone feeding off the smiles and fast dancing. I could've gone all night long, with my feet moving to the crazy beat like they belonged to the music.

I moved in my dress like my hips were made to sway, hands in the air, body moving like an uncoiling rope, eyes on fire. The joy was like a shot of adrenaline to the heart and all at once I'm moving, one with the music, one with every crazy person dancing in this place.

Tomorrow there would be hell to pay, but tonight the alcohol keeps on flowing in like it's on IV drip.

For the first time , I felt free.


I stirred in my sleep looking for the blanket, I finally found it and wrapped myself around its warmth, waves of nausea adding to my misery.

I closed my eyes feeling the ray of the sun attacking my eyelids.

Sighing, I rolled over to the other side, that's when I felt my body hit something solid and warm, combined with a heavy smell of tequila and spice, making me bolt out of bed impulsively.

It was him.

The man I had partied with last night, I never got his name.

We never really talked, it was just Dancing and drinking, it was fun at the time, but now seeing that we are both halfway naked I am not sure that's all that happened.

I need to get out of here, before he wakes.

I looked around for my things, my dress was crumpled on the floor next to a condom wrapper, "oh! Shit. " I cursed, quickly grabbing my dress and slipping into it. This can't be happening! I didn't just have sex with a complete stranger.

I was searching the floor for my shoes when I heard him stir. Instantly, I froze and held my breath, praying he doesn't wake up, he let out a little snore that was pretty adorable before stirring back to sleep.

Gathering the remaining string of dignity I had left, I sneaked out of the door.

A small sigh of relief escaped my lips as I made it out of the motel, I don't even remember how I got here. Wrapping my hands around my body, I pulled up a taxi and headed home.

I got home and slid through the backdoor, careful not to wake my parents. Doing the walk of shame was one thing, but having it witnessed by your strict parents is quite another.

Once in the safety of my room, I kicked off my painful heels and climbed unto the bed.

I didn't even bother to undress or shower, I was totally exhausted. With my arms wrapped around my pillow and the blanket slightly covering my face, I closed my eyes eager for sleep.

I was barely asleep for more than an hour, when I heard my mom from the other side of the door,

"Wake up!" She yelled, hitting at the door. I groaned loudly and tried to ignore it, "Aria, are you in there? You're going to be late for school."

"I'm awake." I yelled back, then holding onto my aching head, I stumbled out of bed and crawled into the bathroom.

I reached out to the sink and splashed some water on my face just to feel something refreshing, I wish I could wash my brain free of the toxins too.

I stared at myself in the mirror and cringed, I no longer was the glamour girl of last night, my hair was tangled all over the place and there were swollen bags underneath my eyes.

In simpler words, I looked like shit.

This is definitely my worse hangover ever this week.

I still can't wrap my hands around last night, well...I remember dancing, I remember murmuring a lot, though I don't remember what I was saying, but I definitely don't remember getting extra cozy with the cute stranger, why can't I remember what happened? the more I forced myself to think the worse my headache got.

Glad it's all over now, I thought as I stripped out of my dress and made it into the shower, letting out a relaxing moan as the warm water cascaded my body, I could stay in here forever, "Aria, downstairs now." I heard my mom yell annoyingly.

Rolling my eyes, I turned off the shower and made it out the room, wrapping myself in a fresh white towel.

I swallowed three aspirins and laid out my clothes before making it downstairs to the kitchen, "Morning, mother." I said to my mom, while she was dishing out breakfast.

She spurned and stared at me for a moment.

"Are you alright, honey? You look a little pale." She said.

"I didn't get much sleep last night." I yawned tiredly, throwing myself on a chair, "I have a geometry test this morning so I stayed up all night studying." I lied.

"Sorry about that, hon." She said apologetically, while placing a plate of baking in front of me, "Eat up, you're gonna be late."

I nodded, focusing on the plate, I hate lying to my parents, but they would never really understand what it's like to be in high school, especially in this new era.

"I want you back early." She started.

"Why? Are you working late?" I asked, reaching out for a glass of milk.

"No, your sister is coming over for dinner tonight to introduce her fiancé." My mom said quite excited, making me roll my eyes, disgusted.

My elder sister Isabella is a pretentious bimbo, who acts all innocent and perfect around everyone, but I for one know better, "who would want to marry that?" I sneered and mom threw a glare at me.

"I need you to behave tonight, Aria." She warned.

She acts like I'm the problem.

"This a very important day for your sister and I don't want you two fighting and ruining it."

"Whatever." I snorted and gathered my things, hearing a familiar horn outside, "Heather is here." I said, turning to leave.

"Well, Have a good day." She yelled after me as ran out of the door and into my best friend's blue Mercedes,

"You look like shit." She chuckled, handing me her extra dark shade. I wore it on and with that we drove onto the road.

We arrived at school a few minutes later, "If we get detention, I'm pinning it on you." Heather said as we walked into the empty hallway.

We rushed into class to see everyone already settled in, Heather and I walked in and took our seats behind, to wait for the teacher. Thankfully he hadn't arrived yet, "What time did you leave last night?”

"Don't remind me." I huffed, "Last night was terrible."

She leaned closer to me, "What happened?" She asked, her voice pitching with curiosity, "You did appear a little drunk, Were you busted?"

"I woke up, -:" I started, but cut myself short as the class went quiet indicating the English teacher had entered, turning away from her, I quickly pulled out my English note and began skipping to the last page.

"Hello Everyone, My name is Ethan Gibbs and For those of you who haven't heard, I would be your new assigned English teacher." The class began to murmur.

Then, I looked up.

No, it couldn't be.


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