Married to Mr Neat freak

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Two individuals Meghna and Jai were tied into a loveless marriage because of the promise made by their grandparents a few years back to each other.... What happens when these two were left to begin their new life in a mansion? It's so difficult for Meghna as she not only have to tolerate with the arrogant CEO but also have to abide by the rules and regulations which he produces because of his neatness obsession... She messes with him, of course rules were only made to be broken right. Little did she know that her husband prefers loneliness rather than a crazy company - and can crush her kind and generous heart in a blink of eye!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Sitting in this large hall I started thinking about my life....

My childhood -

I was very happy with my parents. I love my dad more than my mom and I'm always dad's girl. Our family is such a cute, lovely one until that disaster happened. My dad died in an accident when I'm 16 and our lives just turned upside down...

My teen hood, adulthood -

I was okay, living with my mom and grandparents...

And Now on -

I've to live with my grandparents...

Tears brimmed my eyes ready to fall down my cheek. I stared at the large crisscross which is ahead of me and yelled internally 'why does everyone have to leave me?'

I then heard music playing which brought me out from my transient world. Shaking my head I turned back and saw my mom walking down the aisle wearing a white wedding gown.

She looks beautiful as always...

Grandpa held her hand and they were grinning happily which made me to frown for a second... Wait...

Why grandpa is smiling, last time I checked he didn't like my mother to get marry? Then why now?

I covered my scowl with a smile and sat there watching him handing her hand to Mr Philip who's grinning at her. I rolled my eyes and looked away.... Yes, He's a Christian if you ask. The Catholic priest chanted something and asked their approval, when he asked any objections to this marriage I wanted to get up and yell 'I don't want my mom to get married again!' but as you all know I couldn't do that - Not when my mother's smiling lovingly at the man in front of her.

I couldn't... I couldn't...

She deserves happiness after all this....

Nothing is important to me than her happiness!

I glanced at my grandparents and they seem happy too. By the way Mr Philip is a good guy too... He had a son who's younger than me, his wife died in an accident. They used to live in our neighborhood, I don't know how and when they met, spent time and loved each other.

Mom came to me a week ago saying that she's getting married today and that my grandparents approved to that. I felt sad as she's moving on with her life leaving my dad's memories but then my decision changed once I saw her with Mr philip, she'll be happy with him. She asked me to shift with her after the wedding but I said no because I'm an independent woman I'm working now. I'm working as a designer at Endless fashions. It's been three months.

I let out a sigh and looked up to see Mr Philip giving a kiss to my mom on cheek. I clapped with everyone and glanced to right as my grandpa Kishore Narayan called me... "Can we go and congratulate them honey?" he asked smiling at me.

Let's mee my new family!

"Yeah sure grandpa" I walked with them on to the stage where the new couple were now talking. I managed to walk up the stage without tripping with this long gown...

"Congratulations on your wedding" I hugged both of them. Joseph joined us for a family picture.

"Megha, Sarayu told me you didn't agree to shift with her. May I know why?" Mr Philip asked holding my mom's hand. I was frozen for a second when he said 'Megha' because only my father calls me that.

Shaking my head I replied "It's nothing Mr Philip. I'm okay being alone and I took an apartment near my office so don't worry about me" I smiled and left from there with my grandparents to have lunch.

I came to my apartment bidding byes to Mom and grandparents. I changed into casuals and went on my closet for selecting my outfit for tomorrow. I picked a royal blue blouse with white pants and jacket. I worked for sometime and went to sleep...

I groaned as I heard my mobile ringing I picked up without noticing the caller "Hello"

"Hey sleepyhead. Get up. Come fast and meet me at the cafe which is near our company. Okay! Bye" The call went off. It took me two minutes to realize that its my friend Ritu who's also working at Endless fashions.

I kept my mobile to charging and ran to bathroom for a shower. I dressed up and set my hair into ponytail, wearing heels I grabbed my phone and handbag, locking my apartment I took elevator and went to parking lot. I walked straight to my car and drove off.

As soon as I entered inside coffee smell hit my nostrils making my body to wake up.. I scanned the whole area and spotted my friend, waving at her I walked towards there.

"Hello, Miss Ritu" I greeted.

"What took you so long Meghna.I'm waiting here since an hour babe" she pouted sipping on her coffee. I ordered my casual and we chatted for a while. She's in management department as of me, I'm in design department.

"So, how does the wedding went?"

"Good... " I smiled at her nodding.

"Are you happy with your mom gone?" she asked worrying about me.

"Ritu I'm fine. She lives a few blocks away from my home. Not a big deal"

"Don't forget that you're staying away from them which takes you an hour to drive there"

"Yeah I know. Okay!"

"So how's your head treating you? Why couldn't she smile once like normal people? Thank god! I'm not in your department otherwise I would have been already fired by now" she said shaking her head dramatically.

I chuckled and replied "She's not that bad Ritu. Don't talk about her like that"

She just rolled her eyes at my words "Can we leave now?" she asked picking her handbag and shades.

"Yeah... "

We drove to our company and the day went by with not so fun. I groaned slumping on my bed. I moaned hugged my pillow....

"You're my best friend! I love you!"

I was about to go and take shower but stopped as i heard my mobile ringing...

Who's it?

"Hello Kishore. What's up?" I giggled as soon as I heard my grandpa rattling about how to respect elders.

"Okay.. Stop now. I'm tired, if you don't have anything to say let me hang up!" I spoke leaning on headboard.

"Listen carefully... You've to come home on 25th. We fixed your wedding!" he stated nonchalantly.

What the....?

Wedding? My wedding?

"Kishore I'm just 24! Then why are you intending to marry me this early?" I whispered as I'm already fighting with my traitorous tears.

"Sorry dear but I've to do this.0Me and Radha discussed about this. If you come on Friday we can talk with your mom. Okay?"

"It's not Okay Mr Kishore Narayan. I'm not ready for this!" I yelled tightening my grip on mobile and I'm ready to threw my mobile once he hang up.

"Remember to whom you're yelling at Miss Meghna prakash Narayan. You're visiting us next week friday evening at 5. Bye!" he hung up.

I huffed out in anger and glared at my mobile for more than a minute.....

Yesterday itself mom got married and they're already planning my wedding... Why can't they sit quite and enjoy their days? I couldn't even get to spend my bachelor days! If only my dad's here this wouldn't have happened!

I won't accept to this! At least not for now!

I took a shower and cooking dinner I ate and went to sleep not thinking about what kishore said on phone awhile ago...

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