Mr. Popular is a Catfish

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Catfish: A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances. // ❝I'm dying to meet you❞ she said texting him. ❝Baby, we already met❞ he replied. // Who would've thought that Mr. popular is a catfish?

Romance / Humor
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Hello Inkitt Readers

Hey, guys, my name is Chelsea this is my first time writing on this app. I’ve been writing on another platform called Wattpad for a couple of years now and I now decided to expand my work on this one! I will be publishing all my published works from that platform onto this one! I am honestly just copying and pasting my work I am not making any changes what you get here is what you get on Wattpad! I hope you guys enjoy!

UPDATE** I just noticed I cannot upload any images haha love that for me! So if you want to see the images I have uploaded you will have to go on to Wattpad :) So please ignore any mention I have made about any images I have uploaded. Sorry!

UPDATE*** For some odd reason I can see the uploaded images on my computer but not on my phone

Novels name: Mr. Popular is a Catfish


Welcome to my new book!

I’m so glad you decided to read this book and give it a try. I hope this story makes you laugh and was totally worth your time.

*Note: This book will contain very strong language, so please be advised and read at your own risk.

*Note: This is a multimedia story. In order for you to enjoy this story the way it was intended to be, you will need access to Wifi internet as you read. Otherwise, images will not be able to load and you will miss out.

I am also getting the hang of using this new platform which is different from Wattpad when adding pictures so please bear with me as I get accustomed to these new tools.

*Note: This story takes place in New York, I will include some places that do exist and I will also make up some places along the way. So if you’re from N.Y and never heard of it that is why :)

Below you will find what I go by in ALL my books!


-Annoying ass characters
-Dilemmas that will make you wanna facepalm against a pole
-Thoughts of a very hormonal teenage girl
-Cliffhangers coming left and right and falling from the sky
-Mistakes because I am a human being


- Any love triangle dilemmas (I’m very BIG on this! I find this to be annoying and I’m sure they’re people who can back me up on this!)


1.) Zoe Rivers

2.) Alexander Allen

3.) Max Walker

4.) Chase Hall

5.) Nina Reed

6.) Noah Anderson

7.) Amber Sioux

**If you guys want to make a cover for this bookI’m all up for it just hit me up!I would love to use them! I will also give you a mention that will allow others to see what you can do!

That being said I hope you have fun reading this book and enjoy the journey our dear friend Zoe goes on.

Be sure to vote and comment on my chapters and if you want to follow me for updates on when I might be posting.

That is all for now:)

Xoxo <3

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