The Mafia King Possession

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Camila Perez A hard-working mom in the city trying to provide a nice and stable life for her son, Xavier while living with her over-controlling husband. But what happens when she's taking out the trash one day and sees four individuals about to murder a boy? Well, obviously she runs for her life. Juan Martinez A mafia boss working from all around the world getting his money straight. He is ruthless, he will not hesitate to kill someone that comes in the way of him. He doesn't care for anyone other than his family and let's not forget he does not have time to fall in love. What will happen when this ruthless man meets this feisty woman and she is forced to live under the same roof. Well, she makes it her mission to get her son and herself to safety, far away from Juan and her husband, no matter the cost.

Romance / Action
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Hello Inkitt Readers

Hey, guys, my name is Chelsea this is my first time writing on this app. I’ve been writing on another platform called Wattpad for a couple of years now and I now decided to expand my work on this one! I will be publishing all my published works from that platform onto this one! I am honestly just copying and pasting my work I am not making any changes what you get here is what you get on Wattpad! I hope you guys enjoy!

UPDATE** I just noticed I cannot upload any images haha love that for me! So if you want to see the images I have uploaded you will have to go on to Wattpad :) Sorry!

All rights reserved

Novels name: The Mafia King Possession


Welcome to my novel!

I’m glad you took the time to read this story. I hope this story makes you laugh, cry, and smile. I also hope this story was totally worth your time reading!

Quick note- The story you are about to read is my first story mafia/mob book I have ever written. I wanted to try something different and this just sparked an interest in me. Everything I will write in this book on how business goes down is how I imagine it to go down.

That being said, this story was 100% my idea. This story is copyright so please don’t steal it, because if you do I will find you and I will get you best believe that.

**NOTE: This story will also include some Spanish, so in those parts, I will provide you with translations in English. I will be using online translators so if there are any mistakes I apologize. For you fluent Spanish speakers please inform me in the comment section if you catch any mistakes. I will make sure to correct the mistakes quickly.

Feel free to point out any mistakes I will not mind just try not to be RUDE about it! RUDE comments towards me or any individual will be deleted!

**Another Note: This is a multimedia story. In order for you to enjoy this story the way it was intended to be, you will need access to Wifi (internet) as you read. Otherwise, images will not be able to load and you will miss out. So get on that wifi!

-Strong language
-Sexual themes
-Annoying ass characters
-Dilemmas that will make you wanna face palm against a pole
-Cliff hangers coming left and right and falling from the sky
-Mistakes because I am a human being

If you do not feel comfortable reading a book that contains these things, I’m sorry to say this book is not for you but it’s totally ok! Wattpad is filled with many amazing books that I’m sure you will find one that interests you! Check out some of my other books on my page!


-Any love triangle dilemmas (I’m very BIG on this! I find this very annoying and a waste of time)

I guess that’s about it on what this book will not contain :)

I also decided to make a cast of all the main characters in this novel. But you can totally choose who you want to play. The following people who were chosen goes as followed:


Juan Martinez

Camila Perez

Alejandra Martinez

James Suarez

Anthony Gonzalez

Christian Martinez

Rosa Martinez

Señora Cruz

Jose Bianchi

Luis Bianchi

Stephen Bernadez

Christina Garcia

Luciana Bianchi

Mateo Bianchi

That being said I hope you come along with me on this journey on writing this story.

Comment/vote/& follow me

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