Peanut Butter Kisses

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"Kiss me a hundred times when you come back, pinky swear?" Daniel and Kristina were best friends ever since they were kids. When Daniel's dad suddenly decides to move to London for his new job, he says goodbye to his childhood friend. Kristina made him promise to kiss her a hundred times when he comes back. Twelve years later, Daniel returns with the intent of fulfilling that promise.

Romance / Humor
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Twelve years ago

~❧ Daniel

"So boring," I mumbled under my breath as I dropped my dad's books on the floor. I've read them about a hundred times already and I'm pretty sure I've already memorized every word in each of them. This is so boring.

I want to go to her place and play already.

"Daniel?" My dad entered the room and gave me a worried look when he saw his books on the floor. He picked them up and examined the covers, sighing at them before looking back at me. "What are you doing here in my study again? And why are my books on the floor?"

I didn't reply. I just stared at him and narrowed my eyes. I really don't like talking.

Dad cracked a small smile after returning the books to their rightful shelves. "Algebra, Physics, English Literature. Danny, you're reading difficult books again. Do you even understand what you're reading? You're only six and yet..."

He stopped talking like he just realized something and chuckled a bit before ruffling my hair. Geez. I know I'm only six but he doesn't have to keep treating me like a kid.

We both live alone because he said mom went far away. I asked him a couple of times where she went but he would just look at me sadly. I wonder why.

Dad grabbed me by the armpits and gently put me on his right shoulder. "Alright then big boy, wanna go to your Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Jacob's place?"

I could feel my stoic expression disappearing and a smile forming on my face. Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Jacob... Those two were my dad's old best friends and I call them Aunt and Uncle 'cause of that.

Dad was the CEO of a big company and he always dropped me off at their house because he was busy working and I had no nearby relatives to care for me. Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Jacob always welcomed me and being there made me happy.

But they're not the reason why I'm so excited to go to their place.

I gripped on my dad's shirt and slowly nodded my head. I can't say it aloud – it's embarrassing. He understood what I meant and laughed cheerfully as usual. I hate it when Dad teases me. He carried me towards the car and then we drove to Uncle and Aunt's house. It was just a few blocks from here.

"Hey Johnny!" Aunt Lizzy greeted us with a big smile. She let the door open before pinching my cheeks so hard. Ow. "Hello there little genius! Wanna play with Kristina today too?"

Hearing her name, I gripped my dad's hand tight and quietly nodded. Why can't I just say yes like a normal kid? I know my mind works differently from other kids my age and I'm proud of that. But whenever I go to this place, I'm just a six year-old boy again. And I'm also proud of that.

I don't know why, but my lame reaction to her question made Aunt Lizzy giggle so much. I read a lot of books about grown-ups, but I never fully understood them. They're weird.

"Peanut Butter!" A high-pitched voice caught the attention of everybody. Something annoying punched my chest. I saw her smiling and waving her small hands excitedly at me as Uncle Jacob carried her towards us. As soon as he let her down, she ran towards me and took my hand. "Did you come to play with me?"

I don't know why but my face felt really hot. That nickname she gave me sure is embarrassing. She was wearing the dress dad and I bought for her birthday and she looked so pretty in it. I gave her a big smile. "Y-Yeah!"

I don't know why I keep saying 'I don't know why.' It's because I really don't know why. It's annoying since I usually know the answers to my own questions without dad helping me out. I mean, dad's busy enough with work. I don't wanna bother him.

"Yay!" she beamed. Not wasting a second, she pulled me towards their garden at the back. That's where we usually played.

"Catch me if you can POOPY!" I yelled out the nickname I gave her months ago. I was already way ahead - she was so slow!

"No fair! No fair!" She screamed breathlessly. She had an annoyed expression on her chubby face, obviously mad at me because I crumpled her cheeks while she was picking up some flowers, and I was just a few seconds from getting away with it. Ha! "You're too fast!"

I ran across the small, wooden arch above the pond and she chased after me with a pout on her face. Running around in circles around the big step-stones, she copied my exact actions. Let's see if she can catch up!

After a slight moment though, Poopy tripped over one of the stones and fell knee-first on the damp, rocky ground. Her pink dress was covered in dirt and her face was splashed with mud.

I stopped and ran towards her immediately, my mind blanking out. She was quiet, just sitting there on the ground with her head down. I looked at all the mud stuck on her and felt sorta guilty. It was... my fault. "Wow..." I uneasily scratched the back of my head. "You're a mess."

Slowly, Poopy's eyes began to fill with tears; she bit her lip as if she was trying to hold it in. Oh no! "U-Uncle gave me this dress for my birthday... And now... It's ruined!" She looked down at the ground and quickly brushed off her tears. I knew she hated crying in front of people, so much that she hid her face.

"Um..." I mumbled, scratching my head again. This was my fault! What am I supposed to do?! Still panicking, I quickly searched my pockets for something to wipe Poopy's face with. Luckily, I brought my blue handkerchief. I knelt down on the ground and wiped the mud off her face.

"Don't cry Poopy," I nervously said. I really didn't want to be the reason for her crying. I'm the worst. "I'm sorry okay? My daddy will get you a new one. With lots of flowers on them too."

"But this one was my favorite..." she sniffed.

"Well..." I felt even more troubled. After I finished wiping her face clean, she just kept sniffling. I slid my hands in the pockets of my coat guiltily. And then I suddenly got an idea. "I-I guess this will do then..." I took off my coat and wore it over Poopy's shoulders. It looked nice on her, even if it was a little too big. "That coat is my favorite too, but you can have it."

In an instant, she smiled and I smiled back. I stood up and gave her my hand, helping her to stand up. She gladly took it and then we began to chase each other again like nothing ever happened. When we finally felt tired, we laid down on the plain grass, feeling the cool breeze pass by our faces.

"What are you doing?" I asked when I noticed her doing something strange with the flowers she picked up.

"Here!" she smiled cheerfully as she crowned me with those flowers. "I now declare thee, Sir Peanut Butter!"

"Oooh." I laughed a bit. Sir Peanut Butter? That sounds so weird. I like it. "It's so pretty Poopy!" I watched the falling petals land on my nose. I didn't understand why I felt so happy wearing this silly crown.

"And now, I shall reward you with a kiss for saving me from the Evil Mud King of the ground!" she said in a cute squeaky voice.

I froze up when I heard the word kiss. I knew what that was because I've seen grown-ups do it in television. I didn't say anything nor did I object. I just held my breath and closed my eyes real tight. I guess she did the same. I'm the guy here so it's me who should be doing it right? My hands were shaking as I nervously made my move and kissed her.

After that, she giggled like it was nothing and I, still shaking and my face burning like crazy, grinded my forehead on the ground. I wanted cover my face and I had no idea why! This is crazy! I inhaled deeply before sitting up again and looking at her intensely. "I..." I stuttered. Stupid mouth. "I love you Poopy."

"Why I love you too Sir Peanut Butter!" she gleefully replied.

I felt really down all of a sudden. Despite the fun we just had, I knew tomorrow it'll all be over. This sucks. Dad's job sucks. "Yeah... And I'm really gonna miss you..."

"Huh? Did you say something?" she said, not paying attention at all. She was too busy picking up flowers.


The following morning, dad and I packed up our things. He quit his job and decided to start his own company, and the location was in London. I think that's really far away from home.

"Daddy, do we really have to leave?" I crossed my arms and pouted in the front seat of the car.

"Yes son, daddy's got a great deal there and I promise we'll come back here after I've fixed some things there. After all, Kristina's parents and I had an agreement." He explained. I think I understood what he meant... a bit.

"How long are we gonna be there?" I asked again.

"About a couple of years."

The car was already on the road, the trucks with our furniture and stuff went ahead. Dad decided to stop by Uncle Jacob and Aunt Lizzy's house before going to the airport. He told me to wait in the car as he says goodbye to them. I just quietly nodded. Just a few seconds after he left, I saw Poopy outside the car. I rolled down my window.

"Where are you going? Why didn't you tell me you were going?" she sobbed. I'm making her cry again. This sucks. This really, really sucks.

"I'm sorry..." Was all I could say. I felt like a wimp because I wanted to cry too. "But my daddy – "

"It's alright Sir Peanut Butter," she wiped her tears with her arm. Was it really okay? "I understand... But promise me you'll come back and - " she leaned on the car on her tippy toes and whispered on my ear the most outrageous thing she's said in her five years of existence.

I swear, I turned beet red because of what she whispered but I quickly nodded, agreeing to her request.

"Pinky swear?" she raised her little finger.

"Pinky swear." I smiled painfully while squeezing my playmate's pinky with my own.

Dad came back soon after. My eyes and Poopy's eyes were red and damp. "We're leaving, Daniel. Say good bye to Kristina," he said as he started the engine once more. But I don't wanna...

"U-Um... Okay... So..." I looked down at my feet then looked at her from the car window. "Bye..."

Dad drove away. I quickly transferred to the back seat and saw her waving me good bye. Her small figure was slowly disappearing as we drove further and further. My chest was tightening up and my throat hurts so much... "Bye bye Sir Peanut Butter!" Her voice began to fade away, as well as her tiny figure.

"Bye bye Poopy..." I wiped away the annoying drop of water falling from my eyes.

That was the last time I saw her.

A/N: Hiiii! I'm new here at Inkitt and I'm still exploring this place. Everything seems cool and everybody is so friendly! 💗

This story is close to my heart and I'm excited to share it with all of you!

If you like the story so far, I'd love to hear what you think. Drop me a comment or a review. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy reading!

☕ Lin

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