Peanut Butter Kisses

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Chapter 9 - The Butthead Master

~❧ Daniel


It's so hot.

I stripped off the shirt Sean lent me and changed back into my uniform. I wanted to return the shirt back to him after I throw it in the washing machine back at home but he was fine with the way it was now and took it back.

Weird but nice guy.

I let three of my upper buttons loose before I sat on the vacant bench in the locker room. The rest of the guys were still in the middle of changing and of course, don't forget the customary butt-whipping. As I was about to go back to the classroom, three guys approached me wearing wicked grins on their faces.

"Hey," one of them said. His name was Carter, I think? "Here, your lovely fiancé forgot this. We picked it up before we went back here."

He threw something to my face but I caught it swiftly before it hit my nose. Blindly squeezing it a bit, I noticed it was a piece of cloth... no wait, a handkerchief.

Looking at it closer, it looked kind of familiar, and I felt nostalgic just holding it. This blue handkerchief. Where have I seen this before?

"But I gotta say Daniel," he said again, sounding like he was going to tease or something. "I've never seen Tina that flustered before. You got her wrapped around your little finger."

You mean she's got me wrapped around her middle finger.

"So what're your plans for your slave of the day?" Sean stepped in the conversation. The guys were also already through with changing so they joined our interesting discussion as well. "You probably don't know, but Tina's a demon here. Most of the guys are afraid of her. So now that she's degraded into your slave for now, you can avenge all of us."

"Yeah," Carter agreed, chuckling at Sean's choice of words. "Make her wear a leash or something."

They all laughed and exchanged ridiculous suggestions of what to make their feared president do. Which reminds me. Why are they so afraid of her anyway? No wait... I think I know.

"Do you guys hate her?" I asked, silencing them for a moment. They awkwardly averted their gazes from me. Only Sean was looking at me in the eye.

"It's not that we hate her," he explained in everybody's stead. "But she's just... scary. You know?"

"Scary? Does she bully you boys or something?" I suppressed a laugh.

"Shut up," an irritated look crossed on Sean's face. "I admit she's a remarkable girl with all her achievements, and she's pretty cute too, but... once she's pissed, which is like, all the time, it's over for us. Even her glare is enough to make us all piss in our pants."

I didn't catch the rest of his statement. My selective hearing just stopped at the part where he thought she was pretty cute. I don't know why I feel slightly proud and challenged at the same time.

Nodding my head silently, I looked down at my hands, staring at the familiar blue handkerchief again.

"Come to think of it, I heard she hated dresses, flowers and guys. Can you believe that? I can take not liking flowers and dresses and all those girly shit, but she hated guys even though she has a fiancé now?" Sean snickered.

What? Hated it? Dresses and flowers were her life twelve years ago. And guys? So that explains how she easily gets mad at the guys. But why?

It's because of that attitude that she gets called by weird nicknames.

"Where'd you hear something crazy as that?" Carter knitted his brows.

"From Ella. I mean, she's her best friend so she knows her more than most people right?" Sean replied.

A small silence passed before everybody started howling and pinching his cheeks as if he were a little boy that just had perfect marks on his test. "Ella, huh?"

Sean pushed them all away quite roughly, which only intensified the teasing. He looked seriously mad. "Tina was just making it up when she said I like Ella. Big deal."

"Then why're you so defensive? My baby boy is finally hitting puberty!" Carter pushed Sean's face against his chest and began ruffling his hair. "My adorable little boy!"

"Shit get off me! Gross!"

The discussion about the girls dropped when we decided to go back to the classroom. We were already ten minutes late for next period. Not like we cared, anyway.

I stood up, holding my bag over my shoulder while staring at the blue handkerchief.

I opened the neat folds and studied it. I know I probably look weird for examining a handkerchief but I just know I saw this somewhere, sometime ago.

I noticed something out of place on the bottom corner of that square piece of cloth. I felt my pulse stop when I recognized the faded handwriting and the initials.


I laughed aloud for a bit, now remembering what this was.

P.B - Peanut Butter.

How much did I worship that nickname when I was a kid? This was the handkerchief I used when Poopy fell down and got dirt on her face. That was the day where my nickname got promoted to Sir Peanut Butter.

And that was one day before my dad and I left for London.

I remember.

I can't help feeling warm and fuzzy. She kept this? She actually kept my handkerchief? And she's using it even now?

Wow. Just. Wow.

I can't believe it. But maybe she didn't realize this was mine and just kept using it anyway? But that's impossible. Knowing her, she couldn't have missed these initials.

Woooo. I must be losing my head. Ahh. Why am I thinking so much?

"Hey Daniel! What're you smiling at? You got something in mind for Tina later already?"

These guys just never get tired of teasing do they?

Ah wait, never mind that. I'm keeping this handkerchief for a while. I quickly stuffed it inside my pocket and followed the guys back to the classroom.

~❧ Kristina

Daniel and the boys finally got back, and they were noisier than ever. These bastards were more than ten minutes late. They're lucky the teacher was tardier than them. But seeing Daniel like that surprised me quite a bit.

I never thought he'd be able to make friends with that group that quickly. I thought they'd ignore him since he's so introverted. But now, it looks like the aliens have found their new leader.

Casually leaving the group, he went to my desk and gave me the most malicious gaze I ever saw in my life. He halted in front of me and placed his hands on my desk, leaning over a bit too close for my liking.

His forehead was against mine and I could feel his hair tickling my face, his breathing caress my skin and his teasing smile forcing me to shoot out a glare once again.

I just noticed his uniform had three loose buttons, his toned chest peeking slightly.

Stop staring at him, damn it.

"I want to get something straight and clear before anything else," Daniel began, inching his face closer so that our noses smudged against each other like pancakes.

What an awful description I have. Please don't mind it so much I just can't think straight right now.

"What? And button up butthead." I hopelessly sighed.

I could push him away easily. Why won't I? Why can't I?

His face turned into something evil, resembling a goblin or some sort. "Starting today, you're gonna call me 'master'. Disobey your master and you get punished. Wanna know what my punishment is too?"

Oh right. The punishment game. Great.

I could only groan from irritation. I nodded and pushed his head away. I was feeling rather uncomfortable with him being so close. Stupid idiot. "I wish I can punch you in the face with no consequences, master."

"Keep up that enthusiasm, slave," he chuckled in reply.

The rest of the morning, everybody kept staring at me and Daniel with excited grins. Were they expecting something or what? I felt somewhat exhausted with all that's going on. And only one butthead of a guy is capable of tiring me out in less than half a day.

"Tina," Ella sat on my desk and pinched my cheek upwards, forcing me to smile. "Don't worry. It's not like Daniel is a sadist or anything right? He was just joking when he said he'll punish you. What do you think he'll do? Whip you? Slap you? As if!"

Well that sounded comforting.

"Ella, what's the point of cheering me up? Nothing's gonna change. Can't you see? I'm losing. To him! I can't stand it. And this is just too unreasonable! What the heck was Mr. Emerson thinking?! He's supposed to act like a teacher, not a kid!"

Ella giggled and let go of my cheek. "Seems to me that you have a newfound weakness."

I let out another audible breath, ignoring what she just said. "I wouldn't normally agree to this kind of stuff but since a teacher is involved with it, what can I do? I can't disobey a teacher."

She sighed and smiled at me. What a suspicious gesture. I feel so defensive all of a sudden. "Stop making excuses. Why do you hate Daniel so much?"

I rolled my eyes as I pressed my palm on my temple. "Gee I wonder where I should start."

"Nonetheless," Ella waved an airy hand and folded her arms, giving me an encouraging look. It's thanks to her that I get to calm down instead of going berserk all the time. "It's just for one day. Bear with it."

Bear with it. Why. Why must I bear with being that jerk's slave for a day? Why must anybody bear with being anyone's slave?

I bit my lip and glanced across the classroom where Daniel was chatting with Sean and the rest of the guys.

What the..?

He's just nodding his head at whatever they're saying, which is probably stupid, while keeping up that bored look.

I think that look is already a part of his face. You'll never guess he's capable of pulling off a smirk or just a simple grin that can make you want to pull all your hair out due to insanity.

He's just that infuriating. I deem him completely bad for my health.

I didn't realize I was still staring at him until he watched me from the corner of his eyes in just a split second. Just a split second. After that, my heart practically went wild inside my ribcage yet he looked so calm. I'm guessing Ella saw all that because I heard her silently squeal.

"Tina," she sang my name in an annoying tune.

"What." I flatly replied, still in the middle of calming down my rapid heartbeats. She giggled again and let out a dreamy sigh. Seriously, what is wrong with my best friend?

"Oh nothing."

I made an ugly face at Ella to show how annoyed I was, which just made her laugh some more. It was lunch break after this class and I can't wait to go out of this room and chill out in the roof top. I can't wait to eat. That's the only thing I'm looking forward to today.

Slipping my hand inside my pocket, I was surprised to find it empty. I checked my other pocket and it was also empty. My handkerchief was gone. Where did I last put it?

"Hey Ella," I interrupted her little daydreaming mode. I swear there were flowers floating above her head. "Have you seen my hanky?"

"You mean the blue one?" she asked. Ella memorized my entire wardrobe, and she knows every color, pattern and brand of every T-shirt, jeans, shoes and handkerchief I own. She is that obsessed with clothes. And I am that convinced that she needs help.


"Didn't you throw it at Daniel earlier at gym?"



"Yes..." I whined, recalling the scene. "Ella! No!"

It's still possible that I dropped it here in the building. Maybe. I hope.

I started rummaging my bag and searched frantically all over the classroom to see if I did drop it somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

Shit. I can't lose that. I definitely can't lose that!

Ella asked around if they saw it and even described what it looked like, some shook their heads and some pointed at Daniel.

Maybe he picked it up? No, no. That's impossible. Maybe I forgot it at the field? I should check later. I just hope nobody steps on or steal it. I hope it doesn't get dirty or too muddy. No, it's okay if it's dirty, as long as it's still there. Oh my God but what if a dog poops on it?!

Oh wait, dogs can't enter school grounds.

"Tina." Ella pulled my sleeve. I looked at her and I can't imagine what face I had on right now because she looked so worried even I felt guilty. "Calm down. You look like you lost your phone or something."

But that handkerchief was just as important as anyone's phone, maybe more important. To me.

"Yeah," I forced out a smile, but the uneasiness won't go away. "I guess I am overacting a bit."

I know I wasn't.

"What're you guys doing?" A voice behind us startled me. I wasn't surprised like surprised-surprised. I was just surprised that that voice belonged to Daniel, of all people. Am I making any sense?

I quickly spun around and shook my head wildly at him. "Nothing. Go back to your seat."

He raised a curious brow at me before breaking into a small smile. "Slaves don't tell their master what to do."

I don't have time for games, damn him. Damn him to the deepest depths of the toilet.

Ella giggled at that and gave me a small poke on the rib. Seriously. I can't believe this guy is the owner of the thing I treasured most. Now that I know what he is now, why was it still important to me anyway? I really can't understand myself.

I feel so stupid.

"Poopy," he flashed me a bright smile. He didn't say anything after that, and so did I. He just kept smiling at me like a really happy kid. Tsk. I bet he's just excited to order (torture) me around today. Insensitive jerk.

It was finally lunch break. Heaven time. Ella and I were packing up our stuff when the emotionless zombie went to my desk again. "What do you want?" I groaned.

"Buy me a milkshake," he simply said.

"Where am I supposed to get that?"

"At the cafeteria."

"Are you stupid?" I easily insulted him again. I don't know why it's so easy to call him names. He doesn't get mad so I'll keep doing it. "Do you think our old-fashioned cafeteria could provide you with such a drink?"

I zipped my bag close and prepared to leave. I'll have to look for that handkerchief later.

Daniel scratched his head and thought for a short while. Ladies and gentleman, a zombie that thinks! "Alright. How about a burger then?"

"The cafeteria does sell that but-- "

"Good. Now buy it. If you disobey, punishment." He casually ended the conversation and left the room, probably heading to the roof top first. I pulled my hair and aggressively grabbed my bag.

"What the hell was that?!"

A few students were watching us and smiled. There were eye-witnesses.

"Endure," Ella patted my back. "I'll be waiting for you on the roof top."

I stomped my way into the cafeteria and found myself in the middle of a stampede. I let out a short yelp when somebody unknowingly elbowed my side. I can't... breathe in this crowd.

I stepped on my toes to find the section where they sell the burgers. It was so crowded that it took me a long time to get through.

When I finally found the stall, I asked for a cheeseburger, and in turn I was also asked to wait in line because there were six more orders before me. I groaned and decided to test my own patience by waiting for the burgers to cook.

~❧ Ella

When I arrived at rooftop, Daniel was already there, sitting on our usual spot while staring idly at... the air? Well, whatever. I casually walked over to him, giving him my biggest smile.

What can I say? I feel so excited. This boy is Tina's fiancé for chocolate's sake. I have to do something for them. I feel like it's my obligation.

Or I'm just plainly annoying because I butt into potential romances of other people to satisfy myself.

I can't help it. I love hooking people up and giving them advices and such. My reason? I want to see happy couples. I don't want to see girls crying over worthless guys or guys getting drunk over undeserving girls.

In short, I don't want my friends to go through the crap I've been through.

I sat down opposite of Daniel and made myself comfortable before I start a conversation. I mean, I want to know about the guy who's going to be my best friend's future husband--that still sounds funny and unbelievable--and warn him that if he ever breaks Tina's heart, I will personally hunt him down.

I watch a lot of criminal movies. I know how to make his death look like an accident. I know where to hide the bodies.

Or maybe I just want to tease him to Tina since I'm such an awesome best friend. And, probably, a dead best friend if she gets pissed enough.

"Hey," I flashed him a wide grin. He nodded his head, acknowledging my presence and then continued his little staring contest with nothing at all. I don't think he's rude at all. I think that's already a part of his personality.

Tina mentioned she only had one childhood friend before. She described him as shy, funny, sweet and adorable. Whenever we talked about this, her eyes would glisten and she'd make a face I rarely saw.

I thought this guy must be something to make my tough and prideful best friend like this, and now, I finally get to meet him.

I want to ask him so many questions and give him a few tips but it's still a bit too early for me to butt in, even though I already am.

Instead, I decided to ask him a casual question, one where I get to gain some sweet information and a little teasing at the same time.

"So, have you seen the blue handkerchief Tina threw at you earlier at gym?"

I critically observed his movements. He's harder to read compared to most people, but I definitely noticed his shoulders stiffen. His facial expression didn't flinch though.

He abandoned his staring contest with the air and turned to look me in the eye. Wow. He looked quite... bored? No, no. Tina said his expression was already a part of his face.

"Why?" He simply asked, no suspicion in his tone.

"Oh," I swatted away the loose hair on my face. The wind was not happy with my hairstyle so it decided to redo it. Bastard wind. "It's just, well, she's been looking for it all day. I've never seen her so frantic before."

He looked down on the ground as a small smile formed on his face. Again. Wow. Why am I so surprised to see that rare un-evil smile? I feel like I'm wasting such a moment. I feel like I should've taken a photo, have the photo printed into a life-size poster and give it to Tina for Christmas.

Daniel then looked at me again, something twinkling in his blue eyes. "Is it special to her? That handkerchief?"

A big smile spread on my face. I don't know why I feel so excited. "Dunno. She won't tell me."

I paused for a moment, watching as how he fidgeted in his position and kept touching his pocket. He looked like he was pretty much suppressing a smile or a laugh, I don't know. All I can see is an innocent boy.

I tilted my head to the side and the corners of my mouth pulled up. "But I bet it has something to do with you when you two were still kids?"

It was just a wild guess, basing on what Tina told me before, her reaction when she lost her handkerchief and Daniel's suspicious smiles.

His brows softly knitted up, a gentle smile on his face as he looked at me. I squealed internally - probably externally too - before I shot another question.

"I knew it! So do you have it?"

He patted his pocket and released a soft breath of laughter. "Yeah. Don't tell her."

I really can't stop smiling. My best friend has such a sweet boy by her side now--I feel like I'm giving away my baby. But I want to support them so much I can't wait! And I'm sure Lizzy, Tina's mom, wants the same thing. I gave him a reassuring look. "Alright."

Not a moment too soon, the door slammed open, causing my heart to punch in my chest. Now approaching us was a very pissed Tina, her black aura practically oozing all over the atmosphere.

She shoved a paper bag right on Daniel's face while she gritting her teeth. "Here's your precious burger, shitty master."

Oh Tina.

~❧ Kristina

The perverted zombie took the paper bag smudged on his face and shot me an irritated look, which I returned easily.

It wasn't easy waiting in line. It was hot in the cafeteria since it was so crowded and the dumb lady frying the burgers took her sweet time on each of the patties. I just know she did it on purpose.

So as soon as it was done, a rush of relief swarmed over me, and I felt like I achieved something. But look at what he did: He took a peek inside the paper bag and pushed it away from him.

"What the hell?!" I exclaimed. "After I just--"

"It looks disgusting," he stated.

"What do you expect from cafeteria food?! To be just like McDonalds or something?!"

He didn't reply. Instead, he just stopped and stared at my burning eyes. He is just so unreasonable! Was he doing this on purpose? He's pushing it a bit too far if he wastes something as precious as food!

Luckily, Ella seemed to notice my feelings so she picked up the paper bag Daniel pushed aside and ate the burger herself.

I was unsteadily holding my glare, but it was just so weird and awkward, looking at each other for so long. I just...

I just can't help but fantasize about kicking him in the face.

"What are you staring at?"

"Nothing. Well, whatever. I'm already full." He made a bored sigh as he stretched his arms behind his head. "You can have your lunch now too."

I groaned to release my frustration but held back my anger. I'm not wasting any more time arguing with this jerk. When I was about to open my lunch box, the bell rang. Lunch break was over.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. My blood was boiling.

"You have got to be kidding me."

It was the middle of class when I noticed a note land on my desk. I looked at the direction where it flew from and saw Daniel, with his palm supporting his right cheek, staring at me without moving his head.

"Read it," he mouthed.

I opened the note and flinched at the content.

I forgot my manga in my locker. Go fetch it.

Fetch it? Seriously? Did my slave status get demoted to dog now?

I scribbled under his message, crumpled the small piece of paper and threw it back at him, hoping it'd bruise his pretty face or something but that seemed too unlikely.

Class is still in session. Comic books, magazines and manga aren't allowed. And are you an idiot?

I tried to focus on our teacher's discussion but the jackbutt threw the note so hard it practically injured my nose. The pointy side of that crumpled paper hit me, so it really hurt. It felt heavy too.

When I opened the ugly note, careful not to tear it apart since my fingers were trembling in anger, I saw half an eraser in it.

Damn kid put an eraser in it to make the hit more painful.

Are you questioning my orders? I shall punish you later then.

I hissed as I scribbled down my reply, the pressure of my writing torturing the poor piece of paper. I stuffed the eraser inside like what he did, added a random object I found on the floor, concealed it with the paper and threw it on his head.

It made such an interesting impact seeing as it made a pop sound and it bounced right from his head down to his table.

Do whatever you want! As if you can actually hurt me.

I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes. He was caressing his head while he wrote down his reply. When he was through, I quickly took my notebook and used it as shield in case he'd hit me again.

Instead of what I had been expecting though, he smiled at me and gave it to me in a rather polite manner. I didn't trust him so I snatched it from his palm like a ninja.

I felt a bit nervous as I began unfolding the note because he had adjusted himself on his seat to face me directly. I was afraid the teacher would notice and I'll get dragged down by his stupidity.

I finally opened the note and held back a gasp as soon as I finished reading it. My eyes probably widened like saucers too.

I glared at him, the color rising up to my face. He smirked before pinching my waist. I squeaked like a little girl.

You do know I'm capable of doing a lot of things to you aside from kissing. Things that'll probably make you pass out from either pleasure or pain.


Somebody pour him a bucket of Holy water.

Oh. Oh my poor mind. My eyes.

Fearing for my life because he started poking and tickling my rib, I stood up in the middle of class, startling everyone in the room and causing our teacher to stop in his small lecture.

"I forgot something from my locker. I'll be back immediately I promise!" I said before he could even ask why.

The teacher gave his permission and I sprinted to the door, silently cursing Daniel on the way. I can't breathe. I hugged my stomach hard to calm myself down.

Damn bastard tickled me! And the note... I don't even want to imagine what he meant by that, but somehow that little blackmail did the trick to get me to agree. I underestimated him yet again.

Pervert. Zombie. Butthead!

I dashed through the empty hallways and went straight to my locker before I went to his. I took a sweater inside, planning to use to it to cover Daniel's mangas. After that I walked to his locker--it was just five lockers away from mine. I took three thick mangas and quickly wrapped it with my sweater.

After completing the task, I swiftly ran through the hallways again. I was in a hurry because of two reasons.

One, I didn't want to miss out on our new lesson and two, a teacher might catch me sneaking this illegal stuff to class, then I'm screwed.

As I was about to make a turn, I bumped into somebody unexpectedly, causing the books to fly and fall roughly on the ground. Needless to say, I fell along with them.

"Sorry, I was in a hurry," I groaned as I held my butt. It didn't hurt. Much.

"Are you alright?" An unfamiliar voice asked. Wait... was that an English accent? I looked up and found a hand in front of my face.

Oh great so I was the only one that fell down? Was he a walking brick wall? I probably look so stupid right now.

Ignoring my thoughts, I looked at the boy's face curiously. I've never seen him here before. He was pretty tall, maybe the same height as Daniel, had quite a masculine jaw-line, dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. He wasn't wearing a uniform too.

He looked like a model or a celebrity or something.

I politely smiled at him and kindly refused his offer to help me up. Remembering what I had done, I frantically picked up the mangas scattered on the ground and slid them under my sweater.

The boy took his hand back and squatted on the ground so his face would be at the same level as mine. He took one manga before I could retrieve it. "Cool. The first issue of Dark Magician. This is rare, where'd you buy this?"

I panicked. He saw them. Shit. Play cool.

I snatched the comic book from his hands and gave him a stern look. "These aren't mine. And who are you, what class are you in, why aren't you in your uniform and why are you loitering the grounds while class is still in session? I can report you for skipping."

Those exact words would usually send students stumbling back to their classrooms. But this guy? He didn't even bat an eye. He laughed cheerfully before giving me a wide smile. Did I look like I was joking?

"Then who do those belong to? I wonder if he'll lend me one," he completely ignored my threat. Somehow, I found his accent pleasing to the ears. I don't know. I decided to just forget about him and head back to class. I wasted enough time.

"Get going already." I fixed the sweater that held the thick comic books inside and hugged it against my chest. How can I sneak this stuff in without getting noticed? Great, now it feels like I'm pushing drugs.

"Do those belong to your boyfriend?" The boy was persistent. He grinned at me as if he knew something.

"No!" I said in defense.

Wow, that's nice Kristina. Be more defensive. You won't be the slightest bit obvious if you do that. I cleared my throat before I spun on my heels, retreating. "Excuse me; I need to get back to class."

"What took you so long?" Daniel shout-whispered as I approached my seat next to his.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw that the teacher was still writing on the board, so I took this chance to stuff the illegal items on his face, pressing the materials hard and making sure it hurt him.

"Shut up and take your stupid manga. Make sure to return that sweater to me later."

He was unaffected by my violent actions and unwrapped the sweater, revealing his treasures. His eyes practically sparkled when he saw his precious manga. Brat.

He turned to look at me with a playful grin tugging up his lips. "Why do you love stuffing my face with things? Instead, why don't you stuff your wonderful mouth--"

"Why don't I stuff my wonderful foot in your mouth, I can make it humanely possible."

He just snorted.

The bell finally rang. It was finally dismissal. I'm finally free. Everybody already left the classroom except for me, Ella and the perverted zombie also known as butthead.

He spent the whole time reading those so-called manga of his, totally ignoring the teacher in every class. I don't get it. Why was he reading it backwards? Was that how you read manga?

I wouldn't know. I've never read one before.

And he is so weird. But I'm sensing he's really smart... or really, really dumb. I don't know. It's hard to read him.

Rolling my eyes, I stood up and went to the blackboard to wipe out all the chalk. The teacher really went all out this time. He completely dominated the entire board, convincing me that he enjoys making students suffer the consequences of having to erase his work right after.

I was almost done, but there was a spot on the uppermost corner of the board that I couldn't reach. I stepped on my toes and pushed the eraser up using my thumb but I still couldn't get it. Ugh.

Short people struggles.

I was about to jump with all my determination to erase that spot when a hand suddenly grabbed mine and pulled me up, erasing my target on the process.

When I turned my head to look at who it was, I was met by a pair of soft, warm lips, pressing against my own. My eyes widened when I saw Daniel doing the deed.

I didn't know why I didn't resist at first. I felt my lids getting heavy, my eyes slowly closing and my mind blacking out for a moment, but my senses came right back when he pulled away and smirked at me.

My jaw dropped, realizing I fell right into his trick. "You--"

"Four," he smiled, making me feel awkward and nervous again. "That was a reward. For my most obedient slave."

I punched him by reflex but he caught my hand and pulled me closer to his chest, making me feel smaller than usual. He stared at me-- no--studied me, to be more exact. But I had no idea what he was thinking.

He looked at my eyes, my nose, and down to my lips. Why couldn't I move? Why did I feel so petrified? I wasn't afraid of him. I just felt like I'm being hypnotized.

Still standing there like the dummy I was, he casually let go of my hand, smiled at me before ruffling my hair and went out. "See ya."

As soon as he left, I fell on the floor, my knees completely giving out now. Why do I feel so weak all of a sudden? This is absurd. Ella skipped towards me and began slapping my arms. I forgot she was still here.

"Aaw!" she cooed, then squealed, then laughed. I'm starting to think my best friend is actually an escapee from an insane asylum. "That was so smooth! Now I'm wondering if he really is an innocent boy."

"Innocent," I scoffed. "Where."

She laughed like I just made a joke. Seriously. I'm being mean here and people think I'm funny.

"Tina, he stops by your house every night right? She asked. I nodded, not knowing where she was going with this. That is, until she continued. "Mr Emerson said you're Daniel's slave until the end of the day. And that means--"

"The torture has still not ended! Aaah!" I cut her mid-sentence when I realized the horrible truth. "Ella!"

"Good luck!" she chirped, as if this was an opportunity for either of us. I literally felt like crying now.

No, I just remembered. I might as well take my time here at school and look for my handkerchief.

Screw that butthead; I'm going to delay going home as much as I can.

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