Peanut Butter Kisses

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Chapter 26 - Crazy Hangovers

~❧ Kristina

"Stop moving," I harshly whispered to the guy carrying me. "Stop spinning."

He sighed heavily.

I have no idea who this person was. Or where he was taking me. But I don't care because everything was so dark and the dark was spinning, my stomach's burning and I feel like my head's gonna roll away into the darkness.

"I'm never ever drinking alcohol again," I pledged, sincerely regretting the fact that I drank different varieties of it even though I was still under-aged.

Oh God why won't this spinning stop!

"We're here," the guy said. I had no idea where here was. I heard a few noises and then a few mysterious moments later, I felt like I flew and landed on something soft.

"What?" I sighed, my strength draining completely. "Where am I?"

More noises came and then I felt someone moving beside me. "You're in your room."

"Why are you in my room?" I asked again.

"Because you're drunk and I had to carry you up here. I already explained your situation to your parents."

I folded my arms at the darkness. "I'm not drunk. I just feel like an airplane."

Because I'm flying.

I heard the guy heave another heavy sigh. "That's called being drunk."

I rolled my eyes and immediately regretted it because it hurt. Well fine. Maybe I am drunk. But I'm still conscious. I'm still aware of my surroundings. I think. Well maybe not.


Through the darkness, I tried moving my hands around and ended up hitting the guy. He groaned before he grabbed my hands and set them on the soft stuff we were sitting on.

"Hey," I mumbled, trying to break free. Where did all my strength go? "Don't touch me. The butthead's gonna get mad."

He snorted, and then his grip on my hands tightened. "He won't. Trust me."

Yeah right, like he'd know what that butthead would think.

"Poopy sober up now, please?" He sighed again. He keeps sighing. It's getting annoying since I can't see him.

"Don't call me that," I hissed at the invisible guy. Why'd he use that damn nickname on me? Seriously it just pissed me off all the more. "Only one person is allowed to call me that."

I was wondering why my words came out funny. Ugh why does the dark keep spinning? Is that even possible? I groaned. "Where's Daniel?"

It was quiet for a few seconds, and then he slowly let go of my hands. Something warm cupped my cheeks. "Open your eyes."

I knitted my brows. "My eyes are open. Everything's just dark."

Then I felt his warm breath on my ears. I shivered. What was that all about? I didn't know this guy but his voice and touch felt familiar. It felt safe. Or I'm going to die. "Open your eyes."

I sighed. I already told him. How can I open my eyes when they were already open? Silly guy.

But I tried anyway.

And when I did, my head hurt when my eyes adjusted to the lights surrounding us. How did I open my eyes twice? Oh. We were in my room. How did we get here? Since when did we get here?

When I turned to look at the guy holding my cheeks, it was no other than Daniel himself. I groaned at the sight.

"Welcome to the world of light," he broke out a silly grin. I could glare at him but my head hurt if I move my eyes around too much. I noticed that his hair was really messy, and he looked exhausted. His face was pink too.

His hands were still on my face. I tried peeling them off but he wouldn't budge. He just kept looking at me with that silly grin. What was he thinking?

And what time was it?

"Hey Poopy," he started, leaning in and accidentally bumping our foreheads together. I hissed from the pain. What the hell?! "Poopy."

I didn't reply as I was still recovering. And if hitting our heads together wasn't enough, he fell forward, his dead weight lying on top of me. I released a breath of frustration as I pushed him off to no success.

"What the hell you butthead?!" I yelled. "Are you drunk?!"

"No." He replied. His tone was indeed sober, but his actions were definitely not. "You are."

I whined to myself when I felt myself being crushed by his weight. I attempted to shift my position a few times to protect certain areas of my body, and was successful. As I moved around, he didn't do anything at all.

"You are so drunk you idiot." I scolded, raising his head up since it was buried on my shoulder. "You just had to take most of my drinks. You just had to compete with Sean and Kristopher as to how many shots of tequila you can take."

He just smiled at me again as I continued ranting. It just pissed me off all the more.

"How come you're like this? You were fine just a moment ago!" I cried, pulling his cheeks apart. "I'm sober now you idiot! Now sober up and go home!"

He brushed his thumb on my cheek. I stared at him weirdly as he neared his face and made a toothy grin.

"You're pretty."


"Get up." I commanded, glaring at his goofy expression. "Get up!"

He chuckled lightly before he nodded excessively. "Okay."

When he got up, wearily, I was finally free. His whole body seemed limp. How the heck did this happen? He managed to carry the drunk me here when he was so drunk himself?

Well. He drank thrice as much as I did, if not more. I'm impressed he even got us both here in my room without any accidents. But why did his drunkenness kick in just now? How did he completely shut down as soon as I opened my eyes?

Was he just pretending to be sober in front of everybody earlier?

"What am I gonna do?" I mumbled as I buried my face in my hands. "Can you call your dad to come pick you up?"

Damn it why do my words keep slurring? And it was getting so hot in here.

"Let's sleep," he mumbled. "Sleep is good."

"No don't fall asleep here!" I cried again, holding his shoulders and making him sit straight. "Don't you dare sleep on me right now!"

He opened his eyes slightly, and when he saw my face, he made another foolish grin before nodding. "Okay."


"Where's your phone?" I asked. He smiled like a goof.

Knowing he was completely useless right now, I slid my hands in his pocket in search for his phone. It was so deep. It's so convenient to have a pocket like this. And he had four of them too.

Why are girls' jeans too tight? Why can't girls' jeans have big pockets like this?

His phone wasn't there so I searched the other pocket. Not there too. Did he leave it at Anne's apartment?

He was chuckling lightly as I searched for the damn phone. Was he hiding it?

Damn it.

"Sit up straight. Maybe it's in your back pocket."

He gasped. "No, don't touch my butt."

"Are you kidding me right now?"

He laughed again before smiling like a goof, then shaking his head weirdly. "No."

I was too annoyed. Too annoyed.

I couldn't move around as much I wanted to too. I was tired, and everything was still spinning. To my surprise, he wrapped his heavy arms around me.

"Daniel, what are you doing?"

He smiled, his eyes barely open. "I'm hugging you."

I sighed.


"Because I like you."

Okay, this was definitely not the time to feel flustered at a drunk man's words. Calm down and think properly, Kristina. When I started to think though, a sharp pain went through my head.

Ugh my head hurts.

"Give me your phone." I said, annoyed at the pain. He shook his head.

"I don't wanna."

"Why the hell not?!"

"Because you're gonna call my dad," he simply replied. "And he's gonna take me far, far away."

He was definitely drunk, but his tone sounded like he was completely sober. His words though, not so much.

"He's gonna take you home." I said calmly. This drunken butthead is like a child. "Let your dad take your damn butt home."

"Noo," he argued. "I'm not leaving you for another twelve years. I promise."

What was he talking about?

"We still have school tomorrow. I wanna sleep!" I cried out.

"Let's do that," he said, hugging me tighter. "Let's sleep together."

I quickly pushed him away to meet his stupid face, but his arms were still around my shoulders. My heart was beating erratically. "What the hell?!"

He grinned funny, as if he said nothing wrong. "I'm sleepy."

His hands left my shoulders, and then he placed one hand on the nape of my neck, one hand on my waist. His gaze was piercing right now, and the silly grin was replaced by a really serious expression.

I gulped. Oh no.

We just stared at each other for a few moments. I wanted to push him away again but that look in his eyes just froze me. His hand on my waist pulled me closer, and I did nothing to resist.

When our noses were against each other, he just stared at me again. I wish he'd stop staring at me like that.

I found myself looking at his lips, and when they parted just a bit, I held my breath.

He then started quietly breathing though his mouth as he traced his lips on my neck, to my ear, to my jawline.

When he went higher, his lips barely brushed my own, making me hate myself for being disappointed.

He reeked of alcohol. I'm sure I did too.

He knitted his brows slightly as he snaked his arms around me again, pulling me in for a warm embrace. "Sorry."

Sorry? For what?

He placed his hand above my head and caressed my hair gently. It was comforting. "I want to kiss you. I'm sorry."

Why would he apologize for that?

As if he kept reading my mind, he replied.

"I told you I'd restrain myself," he whispered, hugging me tighter. "But it's hard, especially right now. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me."

I raised my brows. Why would I hate him for that?

"It's okay," I said, rubbing his back. "I don't mind."

"Please don't hate me," he said again.

"I won't," I replied. "Never."

And like he was comforted with those words alone, he relaxed and slowly broke our hug. He was grinning at me silly again. "That's great."

I returned the smile as I held his hands. Why was he so afraid of me hating him? Don't I practically 'hate' him on a daily basis ever since the first time we met?

We just sat there quietly for a few minutes. My head was getting heavier by the second. I wanted to talk to him about Anne, but I guess I'll just have to do that tomorrow.

He suddenly got up, placed his hands on my back and the back of my knees, lifted me up bridal-style and made me lie down in my bed properly.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I subconsciously made myself comfortable. His figure was blurring as he went to switch off the lights. I wanted to complain but I was so sleepy. My bed was so comfy.

I don't remember the next thing he did. I think I already fell asleep, his words echoing in my dreams.

"Good night."

~❧ Anne

"Are Walls and Bennett the only people absent today?" Ms. Stanford asked the class after she finished her roll call.

Someone said yes and then the teacher went to fix her things, preparing to leave.

I woke up this morning with a massive headache, and I applaud myself for even coming to school in this condition. I threw up most of what I drank last night but I still don't feel fully-recovered.

Tina and Danny were here, and they looked like they were back to normal. Well, I thought they were. That was until Danny slammed his head on the table like a dead weight.

Tina hissed at the sound and was holding her head. If I was feeling alright right now, I'd definitely laugh at them, but since I wasn't, I just groaned at our pathetic situations.

This was the worst hangover ever.

At lunch break, Ella invited us all to eat at the rooftop. She was completely fine. And I was jealous of that.

"You guys were so wasted," she said, giggling as she took her phone out of her pocket. She didn't have to remind us. I can't even remember much of what happened last night.

I hope I didn't get too crazy again. I was always a loud drunk.

"Don't tell me..." Tina said with a horrified tone. I looked up to see what it was since my head was still splitting apart. I gulped when I saw Ella holding her phone up, showing us a very familiar footage.

"Oh yeah," Ella giggled evilly. "I got everything you guys did last night on video."


We were all embarrassed to see ourselves in those pitiful states. I didn't want to finish watching that video, but at the same time I wanted to see how our night ended.

I bit my lip as I saw how Tops kept calling my name, and the drunk me ignoring him by singing crazy songs.

He apologized. He looked so pitiful.

When the video was over, Danny and Tina groaned in unison. I kept quiet. Ella slid her phone back in her pocket and looked at each of us with eyes full of intent. I gulped.

Here comes the interrogation.

First she stared at Danny and Tina, the corner of her mouth curling up in a mischievous manner. Both of them looked hopeless as they awaited their interrogation.

"Did your parents get mad?" She asked Tina. Tina looked at Daniel so he would reply in her stead.

"No," he shrugged his shoulders. "When I brought her home last night, her parents were already waiting in the living room. I explained everything, and they were kinda cool about it."

Seriously? Just how much did they trust Danny?

Ella nodded. "What about you Daniel? Did you get home okay? You were also walking kinda funny last night."

"He slept in my house," Tina groaned, holding her head. "He fell asleep before he could even leave my room. He slept on the floor all night."

"My back still hurts," he mumbled sourly. I snorted, keeping myself from laughing. That was so lame.

But he drove under the influence of alcohol. It could've been dangerous. Thank God they got home safely.

Ella giggled herself before she nodded in approval. Ooh, so she supports them this much too.

I seriously want to be friends with this girl and Tina.

"I'm sorry," I interrupted, making them all look my way. "I was a terrible host. I even got so drunk myself."

"No, no," Ella said, smiling kindly. "When you think about it, it's Sean's fault for bringing those drinks. And it was all our faults for drinking. So don't beat yourself up."

I sighed in relief. "I'm grateful you think that way. Thank you."

"By the way," she said, her voice careful. "Do you and Kristopher... know each other?"

I maintained my calm expression, or that was what I thought. I expected her to ask that, but I didn't have enough time to prepare myself. I let out a shaky laugh before I looked at Danny for help.

"More than just knowing each other, we kind of have a... a history."

More like a tragedy.

After I said that, Ella and Tina nodded in understanding, and didn't ask for more details. I was glad they didn't. Danny stood up and motioned his head towards the far corner of the rooftop.

I nodded nervously after I looked at Tina and Ella for permission. They were both giving me worried and encouraging gazes. It made me think twice. Did they know something?

I followed Danny away from earshot and tried my best to keep my cheerful smile despite the pounding in my head. He, on the other hand, made no attempt to hide his foul mood.

"It's been a few days since you got here," he started. "Can we talk about this now?"

"Talk about what?" I asked innocently. He knitted his brows. I sighed and then laughed my shaky feelings out. "Don't make that face. Tina's gonna get suspicious."

"Did you come here for Tops?" He asked. My smile dropped as my eyes met the floor.

It took me a few seconds to reply. "Are you two... really friends again?"

The weight in my chest lifted when he nodded. That was good to hear. I'm happy they're friends again. This was great. Really.

"You should talk to him soon," he said after seeing my expression. "Stop being stubborn and just talk to him."

Easy for him to say. He and Tops were best friends, and their problem was easy to resolve. Tops and my problem on the other hand, it was a different case. Quite an awkward case if I do say so myself.

"I'm waiting." I sighed, making Danny raise a brow. "I'm waiting for that guy to come to me himself and apologize."

Maybe it was just my pride that made me want to do that. Maybe it was just my hopefulness resurfacing in a dangerous pace. Maybe I was just being presumptuous again.

"And that made you fly all the way from London and transfer to this school?" he said, sounding more amused than surprised. I snorted. Yeah I know I'm stupid Danny, just shut up.

"I hate him, Danny." I said, looking at his eyes, trying hard not to blink. I recalled Tops' harsh words, his dead eyes, his stiff movements. Flashbacks from when we were still kids fleeted into my mind as well, making me hate myself for being too soft on him. "I hate him so much."

I glared hard at the ground. I don't want Danny to see me like this. I'm so pathetic. What was I thinking? Why did I fly all the way here?

Danny put a gentle hand on my shoulder, making me look up at him. He gave me a calm smile as he shook his head. "No you don't."

I bit my lip. My head still hurts. I was in no condition to talk about this right now. But then Danny continued.

"You came here because you missed him, didn't you?"

I scoffed a couple of times because I didn't know how else to react. "I missed you Danny. And I wanted to meet this Poopy of yours! She's so pretty! Are you two really engaged?"

He smirked at how defensively I changed the subject. "We'll go with that excuse then."

I groaned. Stupid Danny.

"Aah," he sighed cockily as he stretched his arms above his head. My glare was doubling my headache but I didn't care. "Why did you guys follow me all the way here? You two seriously can't live without me."

"Shut up. You'll always be a lazy arse." I scoffed after smacking his shoulder. "By the way."

I took a small box out of my pocket and threw it at his face. He caught it in time, unfortunately. "It's late, but Happy Birthday."

I left him there and went back to the girls where they were having a small chat themselves. I put up my usual smile again as I joined their conversation.

I'll worry about Tops later. I don't want to think about him right now.

"No! Don't!" Tina yelled as Ella opened the last pages of her notebook. I was giggling at them. Our teacher for our last period was pretty late, so we decided to fool around. The rest of the class were chatting away without a care.

"Amazing!" Ella laughed as she showed us what Tina drew in the back of her notebook. It was a poorly drawn stick figure. And um... a violently drawn stick figure. I don't know how to describe it. "The council president's artistic skills suck!"

Tina groaned as she chased Ella around for her notebook. She snatched it back after a few attempts. Ella was still laughing, enjoying everything.

They were fun to watch, really. Danny had the same thoughts as he was smiling at their childish antics.

I giggled. Oh wow, Danny can smile like that. I guess he is human after all.

"Who was that supposed to be anyway?" Ella asked as Tina stuffed the notebook back in her bag.

Tina glared at her best friend before pointing at Danny. "Him."

Ella and I burst into boisterous laughter. Oh God. Oh my God! Seriously?!

"I thought you were playing hangman by yourself!" Ella said in between chortles.

"Your drawings pain me, Poopy," Danny clutched his heart. Tina rolled her eyes as she pinched Ella's arm.

"That was ages ago." She mumbled, but hiding a laugh herself. "Be quiet. The class next to us will complain."

"If only Sean were here," I giggled. I'm sure he'd make a snarky comment at that drawing and piss Tina off. His laughter was quite contagious.

"If only Tops were here," Danny said, his words directed at me. I ignored him casually as I watched Tina ran to Ella's desk for revenge.

She grabbed a random notebook from her bag and judging by her expression, she found something priceless.

"Gone, a poem by Francella Maxwell," she announced, making Ella abruptly stop in her laughter and look at Tina with wide eyes. Tina had an evil smirk on her face as she cleared her throat, preparing to read it out loud.

"Stop!" Ella cried out as she chased her best friend around the classroom.

Oh damn I was laughing so hard right now. My headache was long gone.

"Stolen kisses! Sweet smiles!" Tina yelled, reading the first line. So it was a poem? "Just to see me, you travel miles!"

"Okay! Okay I'm sorry for going through your stuff!" Ella jumped at her and hugged her so tight to prevent her from running any further. Both of them were a laughing wreck and the people in our class laughed with them.

They were fun to watch.

"I'll let you read it, just not in front of the whole class," Ella told Tina, out of breath. Tina nodded excitedly.

Both of them walked back to Tina's desk, where Danny and I were anticipating their arrival.

Ella sighed heavily as Tina sat on her desk, facing me and Danny.

"You guys ready to hear this?" Tina asked, her smile playful and pretty. She was gorgeous. And her personality was just so pure. No wonder Danny's so crazy for this girl.

We nodded as she cleared her throat again and read Ella's poem.

"Stolen kisses, sweet smiles

Just to see me, you travel miles

A soft touch, a gentle embrace

You die a little when you see my face."

The first verse immediately caught my attention. I wasn't laughing anymore. I looked at Ella and she was hiding a blush as she stared at the floor. Tina's expression changed as well, but she continued.

"The flowers you sent were colorful and bright

The letters you wrote were my favorite sight

Our pictures together captured and froze time

Our favorite songs played and the lyrics rhymed.

But flowers lived shortly; they die after a while

The words of your letters no longer made me smile

Our pictures froze time, and there it stood still

Our songs lost meaning and so did your will.

The laughter, the smiles, and the stupid little jokes

Were replaced with hurt and silence as our hearts broke

There was no point of keeping the fire alive

When the fire that wasn't meant to start already started to die

Maybe it was love at one point in our time

Maybe it wasn't but that doesn't mean we're fine

Whatever it was we had, whatever we thought we won

Those things, those times, they're already gone

My heart still beats, but it's no longer for you

I know you must feel the same too

These feelings of ours faded and we fell out

We never gave each other the benefit of the doubt

I can't breathe and a part of me feels dead

The colors I used to imagine were now gray in my head

I don't want to stay but I don't want to leave

The internal battle continues as our hearts grieve

No one was happy, no one cried

But I think a little part of me died

The fire between us that burned so hot, so bright

Extinguished completely without us putting up a fight

It's been ages since that decision took place

I wonder if you think about the past in some ways

But that doesn't matter anymore because we're through it, we're done

Whatever it is we held on to, it's already gone."

As soon as she finished reading that poem, Tina slowly set the notebook down and looked at Ella. Her best friend noticed the looks she was getting from all of us so she laughed cheerfully.

"Bitter, right?" She took the notebook back.

"You wrote that?" I asked. She nodded shyly.



"Was that about your ex?" I asked again, carefully. A flicker of distress appeared in her eyes before she calmly smiled and laughed it off.

"Sorta," she shrugged her shoulders. "Good thing he's not here."

I sent her a sad smile. I wanted to comfort her or give her some advice but I was in no position to do that. Luckily Tina stepped forward and gave Ella a big hug.

"If writing a poem about that guy makes you sad, write a poem about Chie. I'm sure that'd make you happy."


Ella nodded while giggling, returning her best friend's hug. It was a warm feeling seeing them like that. I hope I'd be able to be like that with them too in the future.

I don't completely understand what's going on, but judging by the poem and what Tina said, Ella's seeing another guy, but still can't move on from that other guy?

"What's he like?" I asked, cautiously. I want to join their discussion but I don't want to overstep my bounds. "That guy you're seeing?"

Ella's face lit up when she seemingly remembered him. Seeing that expression relieved me. Guess I said something right.

"Aha!" I teased, trying to turn the atmosphere into something more cheery. "Is he cute?"

"Very," Ella nodded her head excitedly. I smiled. Well, I hope he makes her happier than she ever was with her ex. "Maybe it's because of his Asian mix that made him so dashing--I don't know! But he's just very charming, and so thoughtful too."

Tina and I were smiling as she continued to speak about him. He must be one heck of a guy. I wish I met someone like that after Tops too.

I mean wait.

Did she just say Asian mix?

"He's so random," she continued, shaking her head. "But still funny, that Chie."

I held back a gasp. She couldn't mean... Chie? Right? Was this just too much of a coincidence?

Ella and Tina were still talking when I quickly glanced over at Danny, who was already looking at me wearily. I raised my brows at him, silently asking him the question bothering me right now.

I felt my heart stop when he nodded, confirming that my cousin was the guy Ella was talking about.

Chie was here?

How? Why?

"This guy, Kristopher. I know you'll forgive him eventually. But your family won't. We will never forget what he's done to you. Remember that."

I gulped when I remembered his words. Why was I remembering it now? I know Chie and my uncle didn't like Tops that much after what happened between us, but were they actually gonna do something about it?

I heard my uncle gave Danny's company a hard time, though I'm not sure why. And Chie always caused trouble for Tops, especially back then when he was about to debut.

Did they hear about Danny and Tops moving back here, and beat me to it by moving here too? Was it personal or for business?

I think my headache's coming back oh God. I'm just thinking too much. Right. I should have more faith in my cousin. Maybe Chie just went for a vacation in this specific area.

And dated Ella who attended this specific school. Where Ella has a specific friendship with Tina. Where Tina has a specific relationship with Danny. Where Danny is specifically related to Tops.

Of course.

I'm just thinking too much. Right. Yes.

Someone from the class announced that the teacher won't be coming and that we could go home now. Everybody immediately got up from their seats and prepared to go home.

I went over to Danny's desk and looked at him seriously. He looked like he already knew what this was about. He better tell me what he knew. I hate it when I'm the last to know anything especially when it involves my best friends and family.

"Let's talk."

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