Peanut Butter Kisses

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Chapter 3- My Shitty Darling, My Crappy Sweetheart

~❧ Kristina

"You look like death," Ella poked my cheek as I lifelessly laid my head on the stack of papers and budget notebooks I was supposed to check later. "You having trouble with your presidential-duties?"

As if. I know how to balance my work.

I shook my head and groaned at my best friend. I can't tell her about last night. Just talking about it makes my blood boil enough to make me want to kill somebody. And surely, Ella's cupid-juices will get excited as soon as I mention that guy's name.

"I've never seen you this tired. What happened?"

"I'm not tired, I'm exhausted," I sighed.

I really was. After last night, I couldn't sleep at all. It seemed that every piece of new information sunk into my brain quite late and even if it did sink in already, it was hard to organize my thoughts.

Why did my parents decide that arrangement without consulting me first?

Why don't I recognize my childhood friend anymore?

Why do I get the feeling that my life's not gonna be peaceful anymore?

I don't even know what I'm supposed to be mad at already.

Ella was about to ask again but thankfully, the teacher came in and everybody went back to their seats. I hated lying to her so I think it'd be better to dodge the topic instead.


I slapped my cheeks and hopefully my senses too before I let out a sharp breath. I have to focus on school and get these papers done later. The festival's tonight already.

"Are you guys excited?" our English teacher, Ms Stanford asked quite eagerly. We all knew she was referring to the festival. "It's to celebrate our school's 52nd anniversary. Don't forget the cause and indulge in your fun." She reminded.

My classmates cheered, exchanged excited smiles and mumbled plans for the evening. Ella threw a crumpled piece of paper at me, and I caught it with my hand before it hit my face.

She gave me a big grin, showing all her perfectly white teeth. "I got you the best costume for later!" she mouthed.

I gave her a small smile in return, but in truth, I was worried. Ella was like my mom. Always pushing me to wear girly clothes and blah. The costume she was talking about was for the games the sports club president arranged to make the festival livelier.

It wasn't really a necessity but he insisted, supported by a lot of votes from the council. I couldn't refuse.

"Okay, now pipe down everyone. I have an important announcement to make," Ms Stanford said. The class became silent after a bit and paid attention to her. "Right now, I just got word from the principal that a foreign exchange student will be joining our class this semester."

Chatters instantly filled the room. An exchange student? Now? Wow, that's sudden. And rare. Even I wasn't informed about this. Plus, the student's a foreigner?

"And speak of the devil," Ms Stanford smiled at someone at the door. "Come in Daniel!"

I'm sorry. I only caught the words devil and Daniel.

It should be a coincidence right?

Just because that new student had the same name...

I wasn't finished contemplating my thoughts when he finally entered the classroom.

I stared from his white Nike sneakers, to his dark jeans, his black shirt and up to his face. It was a simple set of clothing, yet he managed to pull it off by looking like he just jumped off a magazine cover. He stepped up the platform and faced the whole class with a rather neutral expression.

It was really him. The pervert. Oh my God why?

Sucking in a deep breath, I heard the girls behind me whispering about said pervert.

"Oh my gosh he's so hot! Or cool? Or both!"

"I think I may have seen him in a magazine before!"

"His serious face is just... ah!"

"This must be what they call love at first sight!"

Facepalm on that last one.

Were these classmates of mine mentally stable? They don't realize how much of a big jerk that butthead is! No, they actually don't know. They're being tricked by his face. That face of his...

I'm imagining fifteen different ways to kill him.

No Tina. Do not commit a crime. But wait I'm not eighteen yet so I can still - NO. Stop that. Bad.

My hands were already shaking. I gritted my teeth and tapped my foot impatiently on the floor.


"Quiet!" our teacher scolded our class, then she gave an encouraging pat on Daniel's shoulder. "Go on, introduce yourself."

He slowly nodded his head, his eyes somehow scanning the classroom. Was he looking for somebody?

Crap what if he sees me!

Double crap, what if he's looking for me?!

I was about to hide my face under my notebook but it was too late. He saw me. He saw me and grinned. The evil kind.

His malicious smile was quickly misunderstood by the girls behind me. I even heard their shrieks of delight.

My life is over.

"Hey," he began. "My name's Daniel Curtis, recently transferred here from London. I grew up there but I was born here in LA. I lived here until I was six."

The whole time he was speaking, he never tore his eyes off of mine. What is this guy scheming? I'm getting really anxious all of a sudden.

"To be more specific," he raised his voice a bit, his lips curving up into a mild smirk as he stared at me. "I grew up in my childhood friend's house. Her name was Poopy. She was adorable back then. Unfortunately now, she evolved into some kind of demon."

I broke the pencil I was holding.


Sean burst into boisterous laughter, and since it was so contagious, the rest of the class laughed with him.

"Poopy?!" Sean choked out. "I bet she stinks just as her name does!"

I'm seriously pissed now. I wasn't even in a good mood to start with. My hand had a will of its own, picking up a random book from my bag and throwing it at Sean's head.

I was unnoticed; I was quick and invisible as a ninja.

Screw being the president. I'm still a temperamental teenager.

"The fu-- who threw that?!" he complained, caressing his useless head. I couldn't help it. When I'm mad, I'm violent. Especially now. I've never felt such passionate hate for someone before.

Oh darn my book.

"Shut it Sean," Ms Stanford scolded again, oblivious to the fact that he was hit by a flying book. Everybody in our class laughed. Served him right. "Now Kristina."

I quickly bolted up from my seat when she called my name. It was a habit. "Yes ma'am?"

She gave me a sweet smile before she held Daniel's shoulder again. My eyes narrowed into slits.

Oh no.

No, no.

"Daniel, this is Kristina, the class and council president." She introduced, oblivious again to the fact that we were already... acquainted. "Just ask her if you have any problems regarding the school or anything else."


He looked directly into my eyes and smirked. "Sure. I hope you'll take good care of me, Ms President."


"And Kristina, accompany our new student to the festival later and kindly show him around the campus after that," Ms Stanford added nonchalantly.

Crying. I'm crying!

I could hear disappointed mumbles from behind. I knew those girls wanted to show the new guy around. I'd gladly hand over the responsibility to them if I could!

Wait. I could!

"I won't!" I accidentally blurted out. Our teacher and my classmates just stared at me in surprise, but I quickly covered up that major slip-up. "I mean, I can't. I already have too much in my hands, why don't you let them show him around?" I referred to the girls sitting behind me - they were absolutely willing.

Ms Stanford was about to say something when Daniel cut in. "Oh, is that an excuse?"

He's asking for war.

"No." I quickly responded, glaring hard at him, but the smug look on his face never faltered.

"Why do you look so mad, Ms President? Did I do something?" He asked innocently.

"I'm not mad. Why would I be? I don't even know you," I spat. Just what is he trying to do, this brat! Is this blackmail?!

"That hurts," he slowly tilted his head to the side as he clutched his chest. I gotta admit, he did look charming when did that - I mean no! What?! "To say that you don't know me, right after we had an exciting dinner last night with both our parents."


I quickly became conscious of our classmates. They were getting suspicious.

"Are you done?" I had to keep my composure. Keep it cool Tina. You can handle him. "You just got here and you're already fooling around."

Then he tilted his head to the other side, raised his brows like he needed pity and made a tiny pout.

"Is it going to be that way between us from now on, my sly fiancé?"

~❧ Daniel

As soon as I said the forbidden word, she let out a choked version of a weird squeak.

Couldn't help it.

A slight confusion roamed around. Chatters and mumbles filled the room. At first, they all thought it was a harmless joke, but when they saw Poopy's reaction and my confident smile, they were confirmed of their doubts.

And then there was chaos.

"What? Fiancé?! Are you serious?!"

"You're joking! Right, new guy?"


"Is that even possible?!"

"W-W-What...?" Ms Stanford blinked fast and didn't know what to say. Guess she wasn't informed about this little personal information.

I saw Poopy clench her fists and there was practically smoke coming out of her ears and nostrils.

Nice, she's mad.

I haven't talked to my dad about that marriage issue yet since last night was still a bit of a shock. I just said that to tease her a bit. I can't believe everyone took it seriously.

"Cool!" Some guy shouted, mischief written all over his face. He was looking at me, a wide grin tugging up his mouth. "How far have you two gone?"

I looked at Poopy again, only to be more amused because of the variety of murderous expressions she keeps making.

Interesting. I wonder what else she can morph that face of hers into.

The right corner of my lips curled up as I gave that guy my answer. This'll make her flip out. "I've only seen her naked once."

She didn't disappoint. The murderous expression she had intensified by imperceptible degrees.

I don't know why I like seeing her make those kinds of faces. She can turn her face into anything - a troll, a serial killer, a dictator, an executioner, a demon - it was an amazing skill.

My expressions on the other hand were limited and plain. I can't express my emotions that well through my face. Or maybe I just don't feel that much emotion to make interesting expressions like her.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.

It's really not that big of a deal since making a lot of expressions was tiring, but dad was so bothered about it when I was young.

He said I was an introvert. Maybe that's true.

That's why seeing her like that was refreshing.

"It was our parents' decision, not ours!" she yelled almost desperately, slamming her hands on her desk.

Aside from wanting to see the interesting expressions she keeps making, I just want to tease her. I have no idea why. It's just fun.

And she's gonna hate me for this.

"True. But the part where I saw you naked wasn't our parents' decision," I grinned as I folded my arms.

I sound like a child.

Her chest slowly heaved up and down, as if she was trying to control her anger. It was funny.

"My..." Ms. Stanford wiped off the sweat of her face. I forgot she was even there. "Teenagers these days... Kristina, I never expected you of all people to do those kinds of things."

Why? Teenagers do a lot worse these days. Was Poopy a good girl because she was the class and council president? Was she a prude?


Time to change that.

"Ms Stanford I'm innocent! I swear!" She told her. And then she glared at me. I tried to smile sweetly at her. "Daniel would you just shut up?!"

I could see her face heating up. She must be wondering why I had to announce it to the entire class, or why I'm torturing her, or what she did to deserve this.

Simple: I'm bored.

I sound like a jerk, but I'm an honest jerk.

"Sooo?" Some girl asked me in a teasing tone. "What do you call each other?"

Without hesitation, I replied. "I call her Poopy."

There was a moment of silence in class.

"SHE'S THE POOPY?!" That guy from earlier laughed hysterically.

"So you two were childhood friends?!" The girl's eyes sparkled.

"Kristina, you used to be adorable?!"

I snorted at that last one. Was it that hard to believe? Now I'm curious what Poopy's like here in school. Just how much did she change?

She trembled in both embarrassment and anger. I was pretty sure she was gonna jump and claw my eyes out but I was surprised when she suddenly took a deep breath and smiled.

Oh. Wow.

She smiled at me.

It's the first time I've seen her smile in twelve years.

I wonder why I feel like I've been punched.

She pushed the loose strands of her hair behind her ear and released a short laugh. "Oh yeah," she said as if she just remembered a pleasant memory. "We always used to play when we were kids. I called him Sir Peanut Butter back then because he always ate peanut butter out of the jar. Daniel, I missed those times!"

Sir Peanut Butter? I felt my lips tug up. I haven't heard that nickname in a long time.

And this sudden change of character of hers? This was just an act. She was either trying to smoothly escape the humiliation I just gave her, or she's trying to keep calm.

Either way, she's gonna fail.

"Is she possessed?" That guy from earlier said. He's so talkative. And loud.

"Really?" I smirked. She knew I could see right through her, but I played out the role for my amusement anyway. "I missed those times too. Those hot summer days running around your garden - we always took baths together remember?

"Why yes. I still remember. How nostalgic," she replied, keeping her breathing steady. She looked like she might vomit fire on my and that loud guy's faces.

I wonder how long she can keep calm. I want to test her patience.

"You know, we could still do that now, since we're a couple and all." I said, as if it was the most natural thing to say.

I can't believe I'm saying all these stuff just to test her patience and see the interesting expressions she keeps making.

Can't help it. It's the first time in a while since I've been so interested in something.

And I'm still debating when I should remind her of that promise twelve years ago. Maybe she already forgot though.

But nonetheless. I'll use that as an excuse to tease her.

She smiled, showing that she wasn't affected by my counter-attack, but I was pretty sure her mind was already planning where to hide my body.

But I'm not going to stop. Not until she completely loses it.

She's gonna be pissed at me for life.

"Oh c'mon Dan," She laughed it off like a joke. Her little act was breaking down. I was getting strangely excited."Let's talk about this later. Alone."

I hid a smile. Oh yeah? I'm getting excited. Weird.

"I can't wait," I smirked.

She's going to murder me in my sleep.

It was quiet for a while. Poopy and I just kept giving each other smiles - that's what I think at least. I bet in the eyes of our class, we were sending each other death glares and were exchanging war-cries.

"So!" Ms. Stanford interrupted the heavy atmosphere. Again, I forgot she was there. " Let's get down to class shall we? Um... Daniel, there's an empty seat over there right next to..." she stopped and a flicker of distress showed in her eyes. "...Kristina."

I got into this class because the guy that used to sit there transferred classes. Lucky me.

"Over here my shitty darling!" Poopy happily waved at me.

I casually walked towards her, giving her a small grin before making myself comfortable in my new seat. "It's so nice to be beside you again, my crappy sweetheart," I whispered, much to her annoyance.

She just smiled at me, showing me her fist and imaginary middle finger. I just chuckled in response.

And so, class began with no one paying attention at all. Everybody was probably too distracted with me and Poopy beside each other, giving each other meaningful looks and crooked smiles. I'll bet they were all either sweating or shivering from the heavy atmosphere around them.

Dad said I had to make a good first impression so Poopy won't ignore me after what happened last night. I think I did pretty well.

"I can't wait 'til you show me around Poopy," I rested my cheek on my palm and looked at her from across our desks.

My eyes narrowed when she smiled again. I wish she did that more often.

"Likewise Sir Peanut Butthead."

And then she sent me a heart-piercing glare. I swallowed hard. I started this. There's no turning back now.

She's gonna make my life a living hell, isn't she?

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