I Stalked A Psychopath

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Alissa is 21 years old when she sees a guy who she develops a crush on, Aron. She stalks him without knowing that he is a psychopath, When she realizes how dangerous Aron is she stops, but she can't back down because Aron knows who she is. What happens when Aron returns the favor?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Life didn’t have, much to offer and that’s what Alissa learned at the age of twenty-one. She was in her first year of college and she couldn’t say life was as glamorous as she thought it would be. She goes clubbing with some of her friends, Adrianna and Lexie but she didn’t like it that much.

She didn’t want to be left out of the College experience. She went into her dorm room and she lay down on her bed.

Alissa had a long day of lectures and she was feeling very exhausted. She stared at the ceiling and she was glad she made the right choice of renting a single room because she didn’t think she could stand the loudness of a roommate at the moment.

She needed time for herself. After resting up a bit, she gets up and she looks for some food in the fridge, but she has nothing. She always forgot to buy groceries on time.

That was the sad thing about living away from your parents you were all alone. You have to budget your money and all. It was proving to be a struggle for her. She rummaged through her purse and she found some money.

She knew that it wouldn’t last her long as she sighed, she hated this. She went and took out her sneakers from under the bed and she put them on.

It was getting a bit chilly, so she put on a sweater. She did one take in the mirror and she noted that her brown her was intact and her green eyes held a bit of a spark. She put on her glasses as she couldn’t see without them when she was ready to be out the door.

She checked her phone for the time and she realized that it was four in the afternoon and the sun was already setting.

Alissa rushed out and she went down the street. She enjoyed the fresh air and the time for her to breathe a bit.

She was going to go to the coffee shop and get a sandwich and smoothie. She didn’t feel like cooking nor did she have a lot of money to have other options.

She walked down a block and she finally noticed the coffee shop, she went and saw there was a bit of a queue which she didn’t mind because at times it was worse when students received their allowances.

When she got to the front, she placed her order and she got a slip. “You may wait at the side, we will call you when your order is ready.”

Alissa went and sat down. She took out her phone and as she expected she had got messages from her friends, wondering if they would all have dinner together.

She agreed to it and she told them that she was still getting supper, so she would be running a bit late.

“I would like the number eight.”

Alissa looked up when she heard the voice. She had never heard such a beautiful voice and she was then met by a beautiful face.

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