I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 10

Alissa watched Aron make his way to his car and get in. He then sped off and soon disappeared. She snapped out of her revenue and made her way to the dorm room. She couldn’t eat properly; her appetite had vanished.

“They will face the consequences.”

That one line kept on playing in her head over and over again. He seemed to be a man with a lot of means, and that scared her. What would happen if he found out it was her? There was no way, her brain fought.

She was wearing a mask unless he interrogated people, but she doubted that he would do that. She tossed and turned in her bed. Would she stop following him around since she was a bit scared or should she continue?

The voices warred in her head, she got up. She needed some pain medication. Her head was throbbing, and she couldn’t handle the pain anymore. She found some aspirins and took some water and washed them down.

She looked at the time and it was eight in the night, she would have to call it a night. She was too tired.

She went back to her bed and the headache lessened as the minutes went by. She would have to deal with it when the time came.
The next few days went by slowly and Alissa would watch Aron from afar, she was careful to not ever get too close to him.

At times she would see him walking casually and she would follow him. Taking the same steps that he usually does. She would want to call out to him, but she couldn’t.

He often looked deep in thought and sometimes Alissa hated it when Paula showed up and pestered him. She was glad when Aron shrugged her off, but Paula too was relentless. At least Paula was better than her because she knew him personally. She didn’t have to hide in the bushes whatsoever.

Today she had a long day, it felt as if these classes wouldn’t finish and she wasn’t that productive, but she was now back to her normal self, according to Lexie and Adrianna. Her friends didn’t feel neglected anymore, because she was there at the right time.

Alissa made sure that her hobbies of following around Aron didn’t get in the way of her and her friends time. So, she made sure to see Aron late at night or when she skipped classes.

Today was no different from her ordinary days, she got home from classes and noticed it was five at night. She contemplated going to see Aron, but she had to. She hadn’t seen him for a week, so she put on her sweater and some boots. It was cold outside.

She started by trying the café when Alissa got there, she was happy that he was there. He was leaving the café. He didn’t go to his car, but he actually passed it. That puzzled her. When there was a safe distance, she started to follow him.

She walked slowly and maintained the same distance that they had. It was a bit dark, when it was cold the sun would go down pretty early.

Alissa saw him get into a building and she decided to wait outside. She didn’t want to enter and get lost or better yet be caught out by him.

An hour passed, and Alissa started to wonder if she had even seen right. Had Aron gotten in there?

Sirens where ringing and she saw that they came from ambulances and police cars that had come and parked.

People were rushing out of the car, there was so much commotion. Stretchers were being removed, police offer rushed out and she decided to stop one of the police officers.

“Sorry Sir, what is going on?”

“There was a huge shooting, six people were shot, and we don’t know if they are any survivors. So, if I were you, I would leave, before there is another breakout.”

Alissa’s heartbeat very wildly as she wondered if Aron was shot. It was getting very late, but she had to glimpse him so that she would know that he was okay. A tear fell from her eye.

After a few minutes, her eyes widened when she saw Aron coming out and he didn’t seem to be harmed. He passed by people swiftly. She wanted to run to him but stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widened when she saw him tuck a revolver behind his back. She wondered if she had seen right. Her mind started to swirl with a lot of possibilities.

She scanned him, and her eyes stopped on his shoes. She had noticed a spot of blood on his shoes. No way, he just didn’t. Aron looked up and she turned around and ran for her life. She didn’t look back and hoped that he hadn’t seen her face.

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