I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 11

Alissa was huffing and puffing when she reached her dorm room. She took off her clothes and jumped into the shower. After a hot shower, she put on her pajamas and slid into bed. She didn’t want to think about tonight, but thoughts flooded in and so many questions.

What happened, why did they get shot but the prominent one was, did Aron shoot all those people. He was rich at a young age, which meant he might be highly doing something legal. She took out her phone shakily and deleted all his pictures. She removed him from her screensaver.

Starting from tomorrow she would just focus on her school work and go out with her friend. Aron hadn’t seen her she wondered. He probably hadn’t or else he would have chased after her. What exactly was he?

Alissa woke up the next morning and went to class. After class, she went to her dorm room and napped. When she woke up. She checked her phone and saw that she had gotten a message from Adrianna.

“Hey, it’s your turn to get supper, since it’s late you can go to the café and get us some sandwiches. See you soon.”

She groaned at the message. She had totally forgotten that it was their movie night. She checked the clock at it was five-thirty in the evening.

Alissa rushed out of bed and put on some shoes. She raked her wallet for some money. She ran out the door and down to the cafeteria. Before she entered, she checked through the door, and when she saw that Aron wasn’t there, she rushed in.

She placed her order, and she started to tap her foot, due to her being nervous. She felt a tap on her shoulders, and she jumped.

Alissa turned around,

“Hannah, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Aron,” she replied, her voice barely audible.

“It looks like you have seen a ghost.”

“I am just tired.”

Alissa could now see a dangerous gleam in his eyes, that she had missed when she was head over heels.

“I see. What were you up to yesterday?”

Alissa’s eyes widened, her brain sent warning bells. Why was he asking? Did he want to eliminate his next victim?

“I, I was at my dorm. I wasn’t feeling so well.”

“Really, I could have sworn that I saw you yesterday.”

“I think you have a problem. You always see me where I’m not.”

“I know right. Which is weird. Why you of all people, Hannah.”
Her order number got called out and she dashed and grabbed it. She walked out without saying a thing to Aron.


Why was Aron calling or following her? She started to walk a bit faster.

When she made the turn, she started to sprint. She didn’t look back. She didn’t care if that would hurt his feeling. Better safe than sorry.

Instead of going to her own dorm room, she went straight to Adrianna’s. She knocked, and the door flew open. Lexie was sitting on the bed.

“Finally, you are here,” Adrianna said.

“We are starved,” Lexie said.

“Sorry, I overslept. Classes are too much these days.”

“Tell me about it.” Said Lexie.

They ate their food and watched their usual chick flicks. When the night was over Alissa went to her room.

The next morning, she headed to her normal classes,


She turned and saw Brandon, one of the college’s precious golden boy. He came up to her, his was also very nice to look at.

“Hey Alissa.”

He smiled at her, “I was wondering if you might be interested in coming to tonight’s game?”
“I don’t know. It depends on Lexie and Adrianna.”

“I wasn’t asking them. I’m asking you specifically.”

“Um. Okay.” She said self-consciously.

Before she could turn and leave,

“Can I get your number?” he asked.

“Sure.” She turned a bit red at the way she answered so loud.

She gave him her numbers,

“Is it fine if this is our first date?”

“You, want to date me?”
“Yes.” He replied. “I am straight forward guy, and I like you. What do you say?”

“Yes, I would be glad to go out with you.”

“I will see you tonight then.”


Alissa skipped down the hallway. She couldn’t focus the whole day, she was so excited to see Brandon later on.

Who knew that she would be asked out by someone like him. She would have to dress her best if she were to impress him.

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