I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 12

Alissa gets to her dorm room and she starts to rummage through her clothes. What would she wear for tonight? She was so giddy.

She finally decided to settle on some jeans, a white shirt, and some sneakers. She couldn’t wait for night time to come.

There was a door knock and she knew it was Lexie and Adrianna. She had sent them a message saying they should come as soon as they were done.

She opened the door, and her friends stood there.

“This better be good,” Lexie said.

Adrianna and Lexie sat on the bed waiting for her to tell them what this was all about.

“Okay, someone asked me out.”

“What?” Lexie said.

“Who? “Adrianna added.

“As in golden boy Brandon,” Adrianna said.

“Yes, that on.” She told them the whole story of how it happened.

“Oh, you better not be too good for us.” Said Lexie.

“Aha,” Adrianna added.

They all laughed.

“Have you decided what you are going to wear?” said Adrianna.

“Yes, some cute ripped jeans. A white top and some white sneakers.”

“That’s definitely fitting for the occasion.” Said Lexie.

“Can you guys come with me. Pretty please.”

“Sure, why not.” They both said.

They all talked some more until they left to get prepared. Alissa checked the time and saw that there was about an hour and a half. She hoped in the shower.

She dried her hair, put on her contact lenses and then she put on a bit of makeup, she curled her hair a bit. She got dressed and then added a touch of perfume. Adrianna and Lexie arrived in time.

They arrived at the game, it was buzzing with so many students. They took some seats by the bleaches.

The boys from their school came running out, and she cheered mostly for Brandon who looked like a stud in his uniform. Adrianna and Lexie nudged her.

The game finished on a pleasant note, and she was so impressed with Brandon. He was really talented in football.

“Alissa!” she saw Brandon making his way towards her.

“I would hug you, but I am all sweaty.”

“You played well.”

Adrianna cleared her throat,

“Right. Brandon these are my best friends, Adrianna and Lexie.”

They exchanged introductions as she watched.

“I am going to shower and change quickly in the locker room, then we can go grab a bite to eat.”

“Of course.
When Brandon disappeared, Lexie and Adrianna both squealed in excitement. They all laughed and talked about him.

Brandon came back, “You look lovely by the way. Ready?”

“Thank you.Yes.”

Brandon turned to Adrianna and Lexie, “Don’t worry I will bring her back safely.”

Brandon lead her to his car, he opened the door for her, and she thanked in. He got in and they were on their way.

“Is it fine if we go to the Eat in?” he asked.

“That’s fine.”

“We can eat and then catch a movie if you like.”

“That sounds great.”

They got to eat in, they first went to a restaurant where they ordered some food.

“What’s your favorite color?” he asked.

“Blue and yours?” She replied.

“Nice, I would have to say green.”


“Burger and you?”

“Pizza.” He chuckled.

“Why did you ask me out?”

“Because I have liked you for a while now Alissa, but you haven’t seemed to notice my efforts.”

“What efforts?”

“I was the one who sent you the valentines day note and rose.”

“That was you?”

“Yes.” He rubbed the back of his head.

“Well, I’m glad you asked me out.”

“Me too.”

The food came and they started eating and talking some more. When they finished, they went to the movie theatre.

“What do you want to watch?” he asked.

“Anything with a thriller in it.”

“Why?” he asked in an amused tone.

“Well since Bird Box has come out. I have been on this horror thriller vibe mood. Have you watched it?”

“No. not yet. I want to and I will get around to it since you have convinced me.”

“I’m glad.”

They bought two tickets for a movie starting in fifteen minutes.

“I will be right back, I need the bathroom.”

“I will be waiting here.” He replied.

Alissa rushed to the bathroom and she checked herself in the mirror. She saw that her curls were still there, and she at least looked decent.

When she was done, she made her way back through the throng of people. A hand grabbed her elbow and pulled her to the side.

Alissa nearly fainted.

“Hannah, a pleasant surprise to see you here.”
“Likewise.” She replied.

Alissa looked Aron over and saw that he was wearing a suit with no tie and the top buttons of his shirt were undone. Previously she would have stared at him but now she wanted to be nowhere near him.

“I have to be somewhere. I can’t chat.” She added.

“Of course.” He replied.

When she was about to go, he stopped her.

“What?” she asked alarmed.

He grabbed a handful of her hair, and he tilted his head.

“Curly hair, contacts and a bit of makeup. You look different and your scent reminds me of.”

“Thank you,” she said trying to sound indifferent. “I would love for you to remember my scent, but I have someone waiting for me.”

Alissa started making her way back to Brandon, and she heard Aron whisper under his breath,

“You are definitely her.”

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