I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 14

Alissa woke up late the next day, she took her phone from the nightstand and smiled when she saw that she had a message from Brandon, she replied to him. After that, she got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom.

After she was done getting dressed, Alissa went and ate lunch. She decided to busy herself by watching television. When six at night came, she was getting ready to go see Aron. She wore her coat and some boots.

There was a knock at the door,

“Come in.”

Adrianna and Lexie scurried into her room,

“What are you doing here?”

Adrianna and Lexie looked at each other, then Lexie spoke

“Don’t tell me you already forgot about today.”
“Forgot what?”

“You said you were going to tell us all the details, between you and Brandon,” Adrianna added.

Alissa had completely forgotten her promise, but she had no choice but to tell them. An hour later she had told them everything except the Aron part.

“That’s so romantic,” Adrianna said.

Alissa kept on looking at the clock, it was now seven at night. Lexie and Adrianna finally left to get their supper. She told them that she would follow them soon.

Alissa raced down to the bus station and made the long journey to Aron’s house, she was tired when she got there and hid behind the bushes. She peeked and waited for Aron to emerge. She hoped that he was at least at home. So that she would have not wasted her time coming.

Two hours passed and Alissa was ready to call it quits because it was late, and she would miss the bus. Her eyes widened when she saw a car coming and she recognized it to be Aron’s. She saw the gate open and the car drove in.

The car came to a stop and Aron came out, he seemed preoccupied and Alissa knew she wasn’t going to get the answer she wanted.

Aron’s phone rang and he answered it, Alissa wanted to hear the conversation so that she would know what he was talking about. Maybe she could find a bit of answer, she listened but she couldn’t hear all too well.

Aron’s voice was very husky, she snapped out of it and tried to listen some more, she leaned in more and she lost her balance and fell. Alissa got up and she saw that Aron had hung up his phone and he was looking at her direction wondering where that sound came from.

Alissa saw that he was inching closer and she had to risk it, she got up and dashed to the forest. She didn’t care if he was chasing her, she would at least die to try.

She got to the forest and ran through, without caution she tripped on a branched and she fell. She got up as quickly as she could muster, she didn’t care if she was in pain or not, she would have to check herself later.

She looked behind to see if he was following her and that’s when she lost her footing completely and fell hard. She tried to get up but couldn’t.

Alissa’s eyes were shutting slowly before they were completely shut she saw Aron walking towards her and then everything went black.

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