I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 15

Alissa roused she didn’t feel cold. Which meant that she was in her dorm room. She opened her eyes slowly and there was a dim light, and that’s when she came to her senses. She tried to get up quickly but she felt a sharp stabbing pain that was coming from her foot.

She raised herself up slowly, and her heart beat wildly. She wondered as to where she was. Then the events came back to her one by one. The following him and being tripped by a branch which leads her here.

A shadow emerged by the door, and she nearly fainted. It was Aron just as she had suspected. She wanted to faint for real this time and not wake up. Should she play du,b or act as if she has amnesia. He walks into the room and he sits in the vacant chair that is next to the bed. Her heart thudded faster and faster. He doesn’t say anything and she can feel herself squirming.

Alissa says the first thing that comes to her mind, “What time is it.” She can barely hear herself speak.

“Its one in the morning.” He replies calmly.

Alissa can’t take the silence anymore, “I need to go, it’s pretty late.”

“There are no buses or cabs at this time of night unless you are planning to walk for the rest of the evening.”

“Are you going to kill me?” she blurts it out without thinking.

Aron raised his eyebrows in amusement, “Not yet.”

Her eyes widened at his answer, what did he mean not yet? She didn’t ask him what he meant, she didn’t want to fasten the process or to trigger him to actually kill her then and then.

Alissa slouched a bit and she decided that she would go back to sleep or at least to act as if she was asleep and leave the next morning. She doubted that he would give her a lift back home.

“Why are you here?” his voice brought her back to reality.

She jumped a bit, “I....I...”

“Yes, you, you what? We don’t have the whole day.”

“I got lost.”

“How did you get lost? And of all places, it is where I live.”

“I meant I got lost trying to find you.”
“You got lost trying to find me.”

“Yes. Yes, I did.” She reinforced her answer.

“Fine, let’s go with this ludacris story of yours. Why then were you hiding in the bushes rather than waiting at the front gate as every normal person does.”

“I thought I might be at the wrong place.”

“How did you get my address?”

“I searched it up on a website?”

“What website would that be that shows people’s addresses?”

“Find their home dot com.”

He cocked his head to one side, “Why did you then run away?”

“I felt too intimidated to approach you.”

“Why were you waiting outside so late?”

“I didn’t realize the time.”

“Is that so?”


Aron got up, “I will leave you to rest then.”

With that, he left and she felt as if she could breathe and that only lasted for a second when she knew that Aron was on to her. He didn’t believe her answers, they seemed to have come from a first grader.

She leaned back and tried to stay awake in case Aron changed his mind. Her eyes kept on betraying her when they wanted to keep closing. Alissa could barely stay awake, she finally gave in to sleep and closed her eyes and drifted off.

She woke up the next morning, she realized that she had fallen asleep in Aron’s house. She got up slowly and limped slowly to the down the passageway.

“Where are you going?”

Alissa started and turned around. “I wanted to go home.”

“Well, that’s the wrong way.”

Alissa started to follow him, but he stopped abruptly which lead her to also stop. He turned around and came to her. She swallowed a lump, trying to not let her fear show.

He suddenly picked her, and she froze a bit. He walked down the flight of stairs in his arms. He didn’t stop until they got outside and he opened the car door with his one hand and then slipped her in the passenger seat.

He closed her door and came around, he got in and the car came alive. They sped through, and she looked outside. She was relieved when they got to her dorm but she also wondered how he knew that she lived here.

“Thank you.” She said meekly then she got out the car slowly.

She closed the door, she started to make her way to the dorm room.


She turned around and saw that Aron had rolled down the window.

“I will see you soon Alissa. and I won’t let you off so easily.”
With that, he sped off.

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