I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 16

Alissa walked to her dorm room and she lay on her bed. Her heart calmed a bit and she couldn’t believe that had just happened. She tried not to panic at all, but she was. So many questions swirled in her head.

What did he mean when he said that he would not let her off easily next time? Why did she have to fall? Did he now know that she was the one who had stalked him?

Alissa tossed and turned until she fell eventually fell asleep. Alissa’s eyes slowly opened, and she found that there was a lot of light streaming in, which meant that she had slept past afternoon.

She slowly rose and felt her back aching a bit. She would take a shower and that would make her feel a lot better than she felt.

When she was done showering, she felt a bit better and she decided to go get some food. She picked up her phone and saw some missed calls, she would have to call her friends later. Her heart jumped when she saw a missed call from Brandon. She was happy that he had called her.

She decided to go get some food and when she was replenished, she decided to go and call Brandon back. He answered her call on the second ring.

“Alissa, I was waiting for you to call.”

“Hey Brandon, well I got your missed call, and then yeah I decided to call back.”
“What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing,” she blurted it out,

“That’s great. I was hoping to take you out,”
“I would like that.”
“So I will see you, let’s make it seven pm is that fine by you.”

“Yes, it is. I will see you later Brandon.”

“Can’t wait.”

Alissa couldn’t wait to see Brandon because she wanted to forget about the whole Aron fiasco that was eating at her. And Brandon would do the trick. When she was about to go back to sleep she heard a loud knock on the door.

Alissa knew who it was, she opened it and her two best friends were standing by the doorway with their arms crossed.

Adrianna and Lexie walked past her and when they did she closed the door behind her.

“We need an appointment to see you these days Lisa.” Said Lexie.

“Yeah, or else you are nowhere to be found.” Adrianna chimed in.

“Sorry guys, you know things get hectic from time to time.”

“Then it’s sorted, tonight we are having a girls night out.” Said Adrianna.

“About that...”
“No Alissa! Don’t say you can’t make it .” Lexie whined.

“Brandon already asked me to go out with him, maybe we can have a girls night out tomorrow.”

“Oh, so you and Brandon are now an item?” Adrianna asked.

“I wouldn’t say that, because he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend and second of all this is just our second date.”

“And don’t forget, you guys haven’t shared an all-consuming kiss.” Lexie piped in.

Alissa had a long talk with her friends that was filled with laughter before they left. When she looked at the time she saw that a lot had gone by and she decided to get dressed.

When she was done getting dressed, she had five minutes to spare. She locked her dorm room and went outside, when she got there, Brandon was already waiting for her.

“You look beautiful Alissa.”

“Thank you.”
He opened the car door for her and she climbed in. Then he went around and got in. They drove for fifteen minutes until they reached their destination. She saw a beautiful restaurant. Alissa got out and looped her arm with Brandon.

“Table for two.”
“Yes please,” Brandon replied.

They were lead into their table, where he pulled out her chair for her and she sat down. When he sat down, the waiter bought the menus.

Alissa looked at the drinks menu wondering what she should order.


Alissa looked up when she heard her name being called and she nearly fainted.

“Aron...” she stuttered in response.

Brandon looked at their exchange quizzically.

“Can you add two chairs to their table we will join them,” Aron told the waiter.

Aron then turned to Brandon and held out his hand, “Hey I am Aron, Alissa’s good friend.”
Brandon took Aron’s hand, “Nice to meet you, man.”


Alissa was going blank at the situation that was unfolding in front of her. Was Aron really here? Was she going mad? Were they really shaking hands? Was this a dream? Should she pinch herself?

“My date should be here at any moment.” Said Aron.

When he said that, Paula emerged. “Aron.” She placed a kiss on his cheek. Alissa wondered why that annoyed her a bit.

“Paula, I would like you to meet my friend Alissa and so we will be joining them at their table.”

“Hey, Alissa. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Hey Paula, it’s nice to meet you too. This is my friend Brandon.”

Paula turned to Brandon, “Hey Brandon, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too Paula.”

Aron pulled out a chair for Paula and when she sat down, he went and sat across her. The waiter bought more menus for Aron and Paula. Alissa tried to focus on her menu and kept on reminding herself that Brandon was sitting across her, yet her mind kept on drifting to Aron, who was sitting next to her.

“Should I order a bottle of wine for everyone to share?” said Aron.
“That’s a great idea.” Said Brandon.

“That would be perfect.” Paula also chimed in.

“Yeah.” Was all she could say.

When the waiter came back, Aron ordered their bottle of wine and Alissa couldn’t care less what it was that he ordered. His mind was just spiraling and trying to solve the puzzle in her head.

“How have you been Alissa?” Aron asked smoothly.

“I have been good.”

“And you?” she added a bit too loudly.

“I have been great,” Aron replied. It seemed as if he was enjoying her discomfort so much.

Paula turned to Brandon, “What do you study?”

They all turned to Brandon, Alissa’s eyes shifted to Aron and they widened when she found his looking at her.

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