I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 18

Alissa didn’t know why she felt giddy when she heard that. She didn’t know why she thought it might be the alcohol fuelling her. Aron leaned in and his other hand went to her thigh. Her breath caught, and he went closer.

He bit her lower lip and sucked it. Alissa felt herself get hot all over and all of a sudden it was all gone. Aron had pulled back, and he was smirking. Paula and Brandon came back,

“Oh wow, it is really beautiful out there.” Said Brandon.

Alissa’s heart was beating wildly, she stole a glance at Aron who picked up his whiskey and before he drank from it, he licked his lips and then proceeded to take a sip.

“Alissa, are you okay?” Paula asked.

“I had a bit too much to drink, but I am fine.”

When the food came, she asked the waiter to give her some water. Alissa felt her lips tingling. She didn’t know if Aron really had done that. She picked up her fork and started to eat. The food was so delicious.

When the waiter bought her water she took it gulped it down. She ate some more, though she was feeling better she was ready to call it a night. When they finished eating and they paid for their bills she hoped Brandon would want to leave.

“Where to next? Should we go to a jazz bar or LaRoche?” said Paula.

“Isn’t it impossible to get into such a club?” said Brandon.

“Not when you are a regular and you know the owner.”

Alissa tried to look excited but she felt a bit done. They took their coats and she and Brandon got into his car and they followed Aron and Paula.

“Your friends are nice.” Said Brandon.

“They sure are.” She replied.

“How did you and Aron meet?”

Flashes of her at the café, and stalking him flashed through her mind but she pushed them away.

“I met him at a gathering.”

“Really, you guys seem close,” Brandon replied,

“We are but not that close.”

“I see.”

When they arrived at the club she got out of the car and went to Aron and Paula who were waiting for them. When they got them they cut through the line and went to the front. The guard opened for them to go in.

When they went in, “Let’s get some drinks.” Paula squealed,

“Let’s go,” Brandon replied.

“Not for me, I’m going to go sit down.” Alissa then made her way to the booth that Paula had pointed for her. She said it would be reserved for them. She sank on the booth and leaned back, it was very comfortable.

She looked and saw Aron, Paula and Brandon make their way to the bar. She closed her eyes and wanted to drift off.

“Already sleeping?”

Alissa’s eyes opened and she found Aron sitting next to her, his breath was tickling her. He was carrying a glass.

“Where are Paula and Brandon?”

“They are taking some shots, and encouraging others to do some.”
“Oh okay, why are you back?”
“Don’t you want me here Alissa?”
“No. Yes. I don’t know.”

Aron put his glass down and put his hand on the other side of her face. He leaned in and started to kiss her on the throat when he started to suck on the gentle spot, her breath let out. She opened her eyes and started to worry that Paula or Brandon might see them.

His other hand went onto her thigh and he went higher, she exhaled loudly when his hand rubbed against her breast. Alissa got up abruptly, “Let’s go,”

Aron looked at her with a confused look on his. She waited for him to get up when he finally did she went through people until they were outside the club. She headed for his car and when he unlocked it she got in. When he got into the passenger seat, “Where to?”

“To my dorm.”

With that, he started the car and they were on their way to her dorm. When the arrived and he parked. She got out of the car, “Aren’t you coming too Aron?”

“You want me to come?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Aron got out of the car and he followed her. She got to her dorm room, pulled out her keys and unlocked it. She ushered for him to go in first, when he went in she got in behind him and switched on the light.

“Do you want to show me something?” said Aron.

“Yes, I do.” Alissa got in front of him and she pushed him on the bed.

He fell back and he raised his eyebrow. “Show me then.”

Alissa removed her coat and she went on top of him. She started trailing kisses down his neck, he extended his neck, and she licked and gently nibbled. Alissa heard him swear and he flipped her over. Alissa let out a squeal.

Aron helped her take off her shirt and he threw it on the ground. He looked down at her, and his eyes became more intense.

He started tracing wet kisses up to her belly until he reached the swelling of her breasts. His one hand came up and removed her breast from her bra, and his mouth covered her nipple, sucking harder and harder.

Alissa’s back arched and her breath was hitched. She grabbed a handful of Aron’s hair and she pulled a bit.

“Alissa open the door, we know you are in there!”

Alissa’s eyes opened widely and she pushed Aron from her, she got off the bed and picked up her shirt. She fixed her bra and put it on. She turned to Aron, and mouthed to him, “You have to go.”

Aron pouted, and she rolled her eyes.

Aron got up and went to the window, he opened it. He winked at her and he was gone. She opened her door and saw Adrianna and Lexie standing there.

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