I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 19

Lexie and Adrianna walked into her room. “Wow you have been back but you couldn’t tell your best friends.” Said Lexie.

“Sorry guys, I had a long day.”

“And you reek of alcohol missy.” Said Adrianna.

“Yeah, we had some wine.”

“Ohhhh......tell us more.” Adrianna probed.

Alissa told them everything but she altered the story a bit, she didn’t tell them that she knew Aron but she said her friend was Paula, so they wouldn’t be suspicious. She told them about the dinner and the clubs but not the parts with Aron and not what certainly happened now.

When she was done her friends were swooning. “We will let you go to sleep, you seem tired Lisa.” Said Lexie.

“Thanks, guys.”

When her friends left she changed into her pajamas and washed off the makeup from her face. She peeked out the window but Aron was long gone. She climbed into her bed and slept. When she woke up the next morning, she found a message on her phone from Brandon, wondering if she had got home safe.

She quickly replied to his message and then her heart jumped when she saw another message from a number that she didn’t know.

“I hope we can finish what we started last night....”

Alissa tossed her phone to the side and memories came back, her inviting him in and the kiss and touching. She felt her face grow hot. She shook her head and headed to the shower. When she was done, she called Adrianna asking where they were.

When she hung up, she put on shoes and made her way to her friends. She got there and found them sitting on a picnic blanket. She sat down.

“Look who is here.” Lexie laughed.

“Miss smoochie face,” Adrianna added.

Alissa laughed, “You guys are too much.”

“Why do you look so happy Lexie.”
Lexie turned to the both of them, “Guys Brian asked me out.”
They all squealed, Alissa knew how much Lexie liked Brian, no matter how much she denied it from the beginning.

“What did you say?” said Adrianna.

“I said, yes!” Lexie replied.

They all giggled, and they were happy for their friend.

“So, when is the first date?”

“I don’t know he hasn’t set the date yet,” Lexie replied.

“Do you have an outfit,” Adrianna added.

“Not yet, but you guys will help me right?”

“Of course Lexie. You will look amazing when we are done with you.”

“One hundred percent.” Adrianna chimed in.

“Thanks, guys, you are the best.”

“We know.”

“How did he approach you?” Adrianna asked.

“And tell us everything Lex, you can’t even skip one detail!”

“Well I was done with class and heading to the dorm, when I felt a hand tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood Brian looking all hunky and of course I had to look not my best. The he asked me all sorts of questions. How I was? How am I finding it here. When I was about to leave, he just popped the question out.”

“Was he nervous?”

“Yes he was.” Lexie laughed.

“That is so adorable.” Said Adrianna.

“So dreamy.”

“You guys better not leave me alone now that you are both dating!” said Adrianna.

“Never we will be together.” Lexie replied.

“You say that now. Look at Lisa, she is barely here because of Brandon. She is with him or at school.” Adrianna whined.

“I will manage my time much more better.”

“You better.” Lexie said.

“Are you excited to spend time with him Lex?”

“I am ecstatic, I cant wait to go on dates and take long walks, and late night movies.” Lexie sighed.

Adrianna laughed, “You are sounding even worse than Lisa.”

“No im not.” Lexie retorted.

“You kind of are.”


“Its okay Lex, you seem so happy.”

“She is glowing.” Adrianna added.

“Thanks guys.”

“Now I have to hear twice the romance stories, my life is in the romance genre now.” Adrianna said.

Both Alissa and Lexie burst out laughing at the way she had said it.

“You will hear them first hand.”

“Definitely.” Lexie added.

“Will you guys double date?” Adrianna asked.

“Yes, or triple date if you get a guy too.” Said Lexie.

“Yeah maybe. It sounds like a plan.”

They all lay back and looked at the clouds.

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