I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 2

Alissa had never seen anyone so beautiful. Even though she only saw the back part of him she was very curious as to who he was. When he turned around, there he was with Black hair and blue eyes. He took out his phone and it seemed as if he was typing something.

She was so engrossed in him that they had to call her order number three times before she realized it was her order.

Alissa went up and got her food, she kept on side-eyeing. She wanted to say something to him, but she didn’t know what. She realized that she was not the only person who was staring at him. They were other girls gawking at him.

He didn’t even flinch once, it was as if he was used to girls gawking at him. Alissa left the store and she knew she wanted to see him again. Yet she didn’t know how she would find him again.

She got back to her dorm and she went to Adrianna’s room. She opened the door, “You are finally here.” Lexie said.

“What took you so long?” Adrianna added.

“There was a long queue, that’s why.” She replied.

She couldn’t tell them that she was gawking at some stranger. She took out her sandwich and took a bite out of it.

How would she see him again? Who was he? Did he go there regularly?

“Earth to Alissa.” Lexie said.

She turned to them, “What?”
“You are here but not here.” Adrianna said.

“Sorry guys, I am a bit tired. Can we call this a night? I don’t feel too well.”

“Is everything all right?” Lexie asked.

“Yes, nothing that I can’t handle.” As she gave them a reassuring smile.

Alissa hugged them both and she went back to her room. She lay on her bed and she wondered who he was?

Why hadn’t she spoken to him? She should have at least asked for his number. But would he have said yes?

She highly doubted it, he seemed as if he had a lot of admirers.

She tried to sleep but she kept on tossing and turning.

Sleep finally gave in.

Alissa woke up the next morning and she showered and got ready,

She knew what she was going to do. She was going to come up with a plan as to how she would see him again.

Her first stage was going back to the café at the same time she had gone yesterday.

She went to her lectures and quickly came back.

She took a nap, but she set the alarm clock, so she would be at the café at the right time. When she woke up, she got dressed and ran out.

She arrived at the café and she ordered a smoothie. When it was ready, she sat there and drank it hoping that he would show up real soon.

Alissa drank her smoothie until it was done but to no avail he never showed up. After an hour of waiting she knew she had to leave.

She went out hoping that she would bump into him, but she didn’t. When she got into her bed, she thought that there would always be a tomorrow. She would do the same plan that she always did.

A month had passed, and she had done the same thing over and over again. It was at night-time and Lexie and Adrianna had come to her room.

“That cafe must be that good.” Adrianna said.

“Yeah, I like the food.” As she lied. She didn’t want them to know that she went there for a guy that she hadn’t even seen for a whole month or that she would never see.

Alissa went back to the cafe the next afternoon. She felt despondent, even the girl who served there knew who she was now. She had become a regular customer.

“The same.” As she asked her, about the usual smoothie she got.

“Yes please.” She replied.

Today she felt tired and she wasn’t going to wait, she had a lot of work to do. Maybe he was visiting, and he just stopped by on his way to wherever he was going.

She walked out the door and she bumped into someone, and she split the smoothie all over her

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