I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 21

Alissa grabbed Adrianna’s hand, “let’s go.”

“Why? We just got here and that guy is a total hottie,” said Adrianna

Alissa wanted to faint when she saw Aron standing in front of her, she wondered what he was going to say or was he going to out her. Spill all her dirty laundry out? She remembered the last time when she had seen him, she had willing invited him into her dorm and if Lexie and Adrianna didn’t interrupt, she wondered how far she would have gone?

“Ladies, please take a seat.”

Adrianna was already seated before Alissa could protest. She was wondering what game he was playing?


“The waiter is here and he is asking what drink you would like to drink,” said Adrianna

“I will have a Mojito please.”

With that, the waiter turned and left.

“I didn’t get your names ladies?”

“I am Adrianna and this is my friend Alissa.”

Aron turned to her, “That’s a beautiful Alissa.”

“Thank you.” she stuttered without looking at him.

“My name is Aron.”

“That’s a nice name,” Adrianna replied.

Adrianna leaned in and whispered in her ear, “He is so hot, I call dibs.”

Alissa just nodded and she felt relieved when their drinks finally arrived. She drank while thinking of a way to leave. She would snap back once in a while to find Adrianna chattering and laughing.

She sneaked a look at Aron and her eyes found him, she quickly looked away and took another sip from her drink. She drank more, she got up abruptly and saw Aron and Adrianna were now looking at her.

“I am going to dance.”

“I don’t think you are in a state to dance.” Aron jumped in.

“I wasn’t asking for anyone’s permission, I was letting you guys know. SO chow.”
Aron stood up, “I think we should all go dance then.”

“That’s a great idea, my feet were also itching to move,” said Adrianna.

Alissa sighed inwards, she was hoping to go and be alone but no now she had to be followed by Aron and Adrianna. When they got to the dance floor, they started moving. Adrianna kept on moving closer to Aron and trying to touch him all over.

She knew that she probably looked like a third wheel but she didn’t care, she swayed to the music.

Alissa saw Adrianna lean more into Aron and whisper something in his ear.

“I am a master at dancing,” Aron replied loudly for her to hear.

Aron grabbed Adrianna’s hand and spun her around and he let her go and that’s when Alissa felt her hand being yanked and Aron dipped her. He carried on taking turns dancing with both of them.

Alissa laughed when Aron picked her up and twirled her around when he set her down, she felt a hand on her wrist.

“Let’s go to the ladies room, Lisa.”


“We will be right back,” Adrianna whispered to Aron.

When they got to the bathroom, it wasn’t that packed. When she was done peeing, she got out and found Adrianna already done, and touching up her face. Alissa washed her hands and dried them.

“I like him,” said Adrianna.


“Of course, silly.”

Alissa didn’t know how to respond, should she tell her the truth that she met Aron first or that they had already done a couple of things.

When they went out, they ended up going back to the booth, where Aron was seated. Alissa thought it would be best if she kept quiet and mind her own business.

Aron looked up when they emerged, Alissa sat down by her side, and instead of seating next to her, Adrianna went and sat extremely close to Aron.

“We are back,” said Adrianna.

“I see,” Aron replied.

Alissa had never felt more of a third wheel than she did at this moment. She didn’t want to get up leave, because that meant Aron might insist on coming and Adrianna would think she was sabotaging things for them. Part of her wanted to do that but a stronger side of her resisted.

“Alissa why don’t you come and join us this side,” said Aron.

“There is not much space,” Adrianna replied quickly.

Aron cocked his head to one side, “I am sure we can make room for your friend.”

“I am fine here.”

“If you say so,” Aron said.

“Don’t worry about Lisa she is fine, oh do you want me to call Brandon?” said Adrianna.

“No, it’s okay. It wouldn’t be right to bring him out here.”
“He wouldn’t mind and he gets a chance to spend some quality time with you or you guys could go back to the dorm.....”

“I’m guessing they would have a very steamy session.” Aron cut in, “Or they could finish what they started.”

“Wait, have you and Brandon done something that I don’t know about?” Adrianna asked.

“No, we haven’t!”

“Then why are you being so defensive?” Aron replied.

“He has a good point,” Adrianna added.

“I just don’t want to talk about those things, you two can carry on with your conversation.”
“But it’s more fun teasing you Alissa.” Aron’s said in a sultry voice.

Alissa looked at him and then she quickly turned away, not wanting them to see how red she had turned.

“So what else do you do for fun?” Adrianna asked.

“I travel, read or sometimes find girls outside my house,” Aron replied.

Alissa’s eyes widened,

“You are so funny, Aron.” Adrianna turned to Alissa, “Isn’t the girl part hilarious?”

“It sure is,” Alissa replied lightly.

“Do you have a girlfriend or anything?” Adrianna chimed in again.

Alissa wished that she would stop with all these questions but she knew her friend so well if she was hell-bent on someone or something for that matter then nothing could stop her.

“No I don’t have a girlfriend but I had a fling quite recently with this girl....”

“Are you and the girl serious?” Adrianna asked.

Aron looked directly at Alissa, “Well I don’t know yet.”

“What do you mean?” Adrianna replied.

“I don’t know what the girls’ intentions are.”

“Are you planning on finding out?”

“I don’t know. It seems as if she has forgotten me but I am going to have to remind her who I am.”

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