I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 22

“Sometimes you don’t have to remind someone,” said Adrianna.

“No for this one, I have to,” Aron replied.

Adrianna shifted, “Well I am more unforgettable,”

“What do you think of that Alissa?” Aron asked.

“It doesn’t matter what I think.” Alissa stammered.

“But it does, I would like to hear from you.”

Adrianna gave her a look, that urged her to answer.

“I think he should forget her and start afresh.”

“That’s a great answer.” Adrianna chimed in.

“Why should he?“I mean this girl has done a lot and seen him in places he shouldn’t have.” Aron replied.

Alissa quickly searched for an answer, “He can just forget about it.”

“Really.” Aron raised his eyebrow.

“Yes, I also agree with Lisa on this one,” said Adrianna.

Alissa yawned, “It’s getting late, I think we should head back.”

“But I was having fun.” Adrianna protested.

“I will take you guys home. How does that sound?” Aron offered.

“No it’s fine, we can make it own our own,” Alissa replied sternly.

“You can take me home.” Adrianna countered.

Aron got up, “shall we Adrianna.”

Adrianna giggled, “Yes.”

Alissa followed behind them and she saw Aron opening the door for Adrianna, and she jumped in and they sped off.

Alissa was left befuddled, she couldn’t believe they had really gone without her. She opened her clutch and groaned. She didn’t have enough cash on her for a cab.

She paced wondering what she would do, she finally decided to call a cab. When the cab arrived she took a deep breath and got.

“Where are you going, Miss?”

Alissa told him which direction she was going and how much she had on her. The cab took off and she looked out the window.

“This is how far I am taking you, for the amount you have.”

“Please, can you take me there, I promise I will pay you with interest,” Alissa replied.

“How else can you pay me?”

When Alissa realized what he was insinuating she got out the cab and slammed the door,

“Your loss.”

With that, the cab left. Alissa saw that it was a twenty-minute walk to her dorm, she took off her shoes and started to make her way. She looked down and made her way bit by bit.

Alissa saw lights behind, and she started to walk faster.

“Alissa, what are you doing?”

Alissa turned around and found Lexie, her shoulders sagged in relief.

“I was walking home.”

“Come, get in the car.”
Alissa got in the car, “Hey, are you okay?” Brian asked.

“I am fine thanks.”

“We were going to go watch a movie at my place you want to join us?” Lexie offered.

Alissa knew Lexie had plenty of questions for her, “No thanks I am tired and I would love to go to sleep.”
When they pulled up by the dormitory Alissa thanked Brian. When Lexie got out, she hugged her and thanked her, “I will explain everything tomorrow.”

“You better.” Lexie hugged her tightly.

Alissa left Lexie directing Brian where to park. She went up to the entrance of her dorm and found a puzzled Aron and Adrianna.

“Lisa, what happened to your feet?”

Alissa noticed her feet and saw they were dirty and a few blood stains on them.

“It’s a long story,” she mumbled.

Aron got up, “I should carry you....”
“No, don’t touch me. I am fine. You guys carry on.”


“It’s okay Adrianna, I am really fine.” Alissa smiled at her.

With that, she walked away and she felt Aron’s piercing gaze on her.

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