I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 23

Alissa got into her room and closed the door, she immediately went to the bathroom and opened the hot water. She stripped herself and jumped into the shower, the water felt good and it felt as if she was defrosting.

When she was done she got dried herself and put on some pajamas and socks. She crawled into her bed and went to sleep.

The next morning she woke up and just as she expected she got a message from Lexie saying they would have lunch together.

Alissa got out of bed and prepared herself. When she got to the picnic area she found Lexie and Brian. When Lexie saw her, she got up and they hugged.

“Sorry Lisa it was last minute and he really wanted to see me, and I like him.”

“Don’t say anymore, I understand.”

“You should invite Brandon.”

“I will.”

Alissa went and sat by the spawled over the mat on the grass, she could tell that her friend really liked Brian.

“Hey guys, so I’m late.”

They all looked up and Alissa thought she was going to faint when she saw Aron standing next to her. “I invited Aron, so I hope you guys don’t mind.”

“The more the merrier,” Lexie replied. “Please sit down.”
Aron and Adrianna both sat down, and Alissa felt as if she was dreaming, no way was he here. She rubbed her eyes but no he was still there.

Alissa was laughing when everyone else was laughing but she really didn’t even hear a word that was being said. She wondered what excuse she could use, could she say she was sick or going to fetch Brandon, but she wouldn’t come back.

“Lisa you have been quiet.” Adrianna poked at her.
“She is probably missing her Brandon boo bear.” Lexie chimed in.

All Alissa could give them was half smile, she felt as if her energy was depleted. Her mind was racing with questions as to why he was here and what did he have to gain? Or did he really like Adrianna?

“Earth to Lisa,” Lexie said.

“I told you she wasn’t here,” Adrianna replied.

Alissa jumped on to the first excuse that came across her mind, “You were right, I do miss Brandon a lot.”

“I knew it!” they squealed. “Why don’t you call him?”
“He is busy guys, with sports and all.”

“True. Maybe we could plan a triple date,” said Lexie.

Alissa wanted to faint when she heard that, how much more of Aron could she face. Should she just come clean to her friends and tell them everything but that would only make her stalker. Her mind buzzed with questions.

Alissa stood up abruptly, Everyone looked at her quizzically, “I will be back.”

With that, she dashed off and only calmed down when she got to her room. She switched off her phone and decided to relax on her own.

Later at night, Alissa heard a knock on her door, she opened it and found Brandon.


He hugged her, “I missed you and I have a surprise.”
“What surprise?”

“Get dressed and meet me in five minutes outside.”

Alissa got dressed and went outside, she found Brandon waiting for her. “You look lovely.”

“Thank you,”

He opened the car door for her and she hopped in, Alissa wondered where he was taking her?

They got to a restaurant and walked in, the place was lovely and had a view to die for.

“Reservation for Brandon,” Brandon said to the waiter.

“This way Sir.”

When they go to their table Alissa wanted to faint, Lexie, Brian, Adrianna and

Aron was all there.

Aron smiled at her and she could tell that he was checking her out. She began to feel a bit hot and they sat down.

“You look lovely Alissa.”

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