I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 25

Alissa wondered if she should play dumb or just come out with the whole truth. When she got into her room, Adrianna and Lexie sat on her bed,

“I mean I don’t understand when we met Aron for the first time you acted as if you didn’t know him. So which is which?” Adrianna asked.

“I didn’t think he would remember me again.”

“But Brandon said you had gone out with some girl he thought was his girlfriend, Paula.”

“That night was a bit hazy for me to remember,”

“When did you and Aron officially meet?” Lexie asked.

“When I bumped into him at the coffee shop.”

“Why didn’t you tell us about him?” Adrianna asked.

“I didn’t think about him much after I bumped into him.”

“What did you think about him after the first time you met?” Lexie asked.

“I won’t lie, but I did find him attractive.”

“Do you have a thing for him?” Adrianna asked tentatively,

“I don’t.”

“I think he has a thing for you Lisa,” said Lexie.

“What makes you think that?” Adrianna asked.

“I kind of observed everyone tonight and I could see how Aron was looking at Lisa and how he complimented, or let her order first.”

“I think you are over-analyzing things Lex, he is just having manners.”

“No, I know what I saw. Aron keeps looking at you openely.”
“I don’t know what to say to that,”
“Do you like Brandon?” Adrianna asked.
“Of course I do,”
“Or do you like Aron too?” Lexie asked.
“Where is this all coming from guys?”
“From everything that we have witnessed tonight clearly.” Said Lexie.
“Open your phone,” said Adrianna.
“I want to test something,” Adrianna replied.
“You have nothing to hide Lisa, so just do as she asks.”
Alissa unlocked her phone and handed it to Adrianna,she punched in some digits, then she punched some more.
After a few minutes she placed her phone on the bed, “I’m done, now we wait.” Adrianna said.
“Wait for what?” Lexie asked before Alissa could.
“I sent Aron a message, and now I want to see if he is going to reply to it.”
“What did you say to him? Did you tell him that it was you not me?”
“That would beat the whole point and experiment.” Adrianna said sarcastically,
“You had no right to do that?”
“Why are you overreacting?” Adrianna asked,
“I am not,”
“You kind of are,” Lexie chimed in, “If you have nothing to hide, then none of this should be a problem.”
“You guys are invading my privacy, and you have to ask before doing such a thing.”
“Lisa stop, we just want the truth,” said Adrianna.
“It’s not my problem that you guys are coming up with such conspiracy theories about Aron but now you are crossing a line, please leave.”
“But we haven’t seen a response yet,”
“I don’t care if you do or not please leave my room right now.”
“Lisa, Adrianna didn’t mean to make you upset, you know how passionate she gets about a guy that she likes.” Said Lexie.
“Let’s talk tomorrow, please leave I am tired.”
Adrianna and Lexie got up and they left her room without saying another word, they went out her room and she closed the door and took a deep breath, and lay on her bed.
Her phone beeped and she took it, “I can come now to see you-Aron.”
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