I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 28

Alissa arrived at Aron’s place, this was the first time after their deal was sealed. She and Aron had arranged to have the meetings at his place as she didn’t have much room and there was a lesser chance of getting caught.

Aron had arranged someone to come pick her up and now she had arrived. He stood by the door and he was looking at her in amusement, “I didn’t think you would show.”

Alissa nodded, “Well I did.”

Aron grinned, “Well I am happy that you did, this way.”

Alissa followed him, “This is me.” When he came to the end of the hallway.

She walked and his room was large. She could fit ten of her little dorm rooms into this one.

“Did you eat?”

Alissa turns to him, “I did.”

Aron smirked, “So then shall we?”

“Wait do you have the bathroom I need to change first.”
Aron gave her a puzzled look, “Okay, you can go through there.” As he pointed to a big door in front of her.

She went into the bathroom and put on her lingerie when she was done she threw a robe over herself and she walked out the bathroom. When she got back she found Aron standing by his window and looking outside without his shirt on.

She stared at his broad back, he must have sensed her when he turned around, she looked down quickly and coughed a bit.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She stammered.

“Come here, Alissa.”

She put her bag down and walked over to him, when she stood in front of him he reached out and caught a strand of her hair. Then his hand lowered to her face, her breath caught when it went down under her chin and he tilted her face upright.

Alissa looked at his blue eyes and she felt as if the world was going to end, “Your eyes are beautiful.” She immediately blushed when she said it out loud. He wasn’t meant to hear that at all, what would he think of her now? Would that ruin the whole mood?

“Thank you, Alissa.”

She looked up at him surprised that he wasn’t upset with her at all, he had a faint smile on his face. He put his hand on her waist and he pulled her closer to him. Her breath hitched, his lips landed on hers and he was gentle at first and then he ended up vigorously kissing her, Alissa melted against him and.

He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. Her arms went around his neck. He laid her on the bed and shortly after he was on top of her. He spread her legs so that he could be in between her.

He starts placing wet kisses on her neck, which has her moaning his name, “Aron....”

He smiles on her neck when he hears her hefty huffs. His kisses go lower and his had goes to her back and her bra unclasps and he pulls it off. He immediately dives in and trails kisses to her breasts. He is sucking and gripping them at the same time.

Alissa tries to stop wriggling but she can’t, Aron goes lower to her abdomen, then she feels his hands on her lace underwear, he pulls them off. She gasps out loud when Aron’s mouth land on her mound. He slowly pushes a finger in and she feels as if she is about to go crazy.

He swirls his tongue, which causes her to put her hand on his head and push him further in between her thighs. When she is about to reach the end he puts something much bigger,

“ouch “she yelled.

Aron looks down, “you have never done it before?”

“No..” She meekly replies.

“I’m going to go slow okay.”

Alissa nods, Aron is very gentle as he slowly pushes in and out of her. He does long and smooth strokes. Which she appreciates as she is enjoying them more and more. She is coming to an edge and so is Aron.

He rolls off her and lays beside her. He kisses her on the cheek, “that was great.”

Soon after he falls asleep and Alissa finds that he didn’t hold her but what did she expect? He clearly had said it was just strictly sex and nothing. She smiled knowing how wonderful it was and how much she would think about it.

Alissa got out of the bed slowly and she winced in pain. She went and put on her clothes and took her bag. She got out of Aron’s room and went downstairs, she found his driver still there.

She felt a bit conscious, “Could you please take me back to the dorm room.”

“Yes, mam.”

When she got to her place she thanked the driver and went into her room, and she smiled when she could still taste Aron’s kisses. She went to the bathroom to change into her pajamas. She looked at herself in the mirror and her hair was a mess.

She took off her contacts and wiped off the makeup on her face.

She went back to her room and lay on her bed, she couldn’t believe she had sex with Aron, she didn’t have any regrets. She tried to stay still as there was still a pain in between her legs. She wrapped the blankets around her and fell asleep.


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