I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 29

Alissa hadn’t seen Aron in about two weeks and she was sort of avoiding him. She would resume with the deal when she was ready to face him again but at the moment that wasn’t possible as she was not in the right state of mind.

She didn’t know how people did meaningless relationships without any ties, she was falling hard and fast and that is what she was putting a stop to, she didn’t want to scare Aron away, surely he would see right through her on their next meeting if she kept this up.

So she had avoided him like she did everything that she felt uncomfortable with. She saw the messages on her phone that Aron sent her but she didn’t read them. She wasn’t sure as to how she would react to them, nor did she want to react to them.

She was getting ready to go to college. She went to her normal classes and when it was time for a break, she went to the cafeteria to meet her friends. Alissa sighed knowing she would have to see Brandon. He was sweet but she had to end things with him.

She wanted to tell her friends that she had lost her virginity but it wasn’t possible at the moment because they would assume it was Brandon and she wasn’t ready to tell them it was Aron and with Adrianna’s current obsessive state that wasn’t the best plan yet. She didn’t want her friends to hate her. She wondered how she would explain the situation to them.

Alissa got to the cafeteria and scanned for her friends, Lexie waved at her and she walked to them when she got there she thought she was going to faint when she found everyone including Aron who was sitting next to Adrianna who was glued to him.

Brandon pats at the empty seat next to him and Alissa sits next to him.

“Are you okay Lisa?” Adrianna asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, why?”

“You looked startled for a minute,” Adrianna replied.

“It’s nothing.”

Brandon gives her a kiss on the cheek, “How was your day?”

“It was great.” She lied.

“I got you some food.” Brandon replied.

“Thank you.” But in reality Alissa wanted to vomit, she felt nausea coming through,

“How sweet.” Lexie chimed in.

She picked up a fork and she forced herself to eat,

“Aren’t you two supposed to friends, so why aren’t you talking?” Adrianna added in.

Alissa was trying hard to not to choke on her food, “I didn’t see him there.”

“Hey Aron.” She avoided eye contact,

“Hey Alissa, long time no see.”

“You too.” She finally made eye contact with him and wondered why he seemed to be pissed even though he smiled his eyes said something else.

Alissa thought she was reading too much into it. She went back to picking at her food, Why was Aron here? Surely he wasn’t upset at her for not answering him back. She needed her time and space but it’s not like they were in any kind of relationship so she didn’t need to answer him at his beck and call. What if she was overthinking the whole thing?

Had he not enjoyed the sex with her and he was here to try with her friend who was more experienced?

Alissa started to blush.

“Why are you so red Lisa?” Lexie asked.

Alissa tried not jump nor panic, jump answer simply she thought. “Must be a pepper that I ate.”

“Do you need some milk?” Lexie asked.

“No it will be fine, it’s going away. Thanks, Lex.”

Brandon put his hand on her forehead and then cheeks, “You are quite warm, are you sure that you are okay?”

“It’s nothing really.”

Brandon passed her a bottle of water, “Have a sip and you will feel much better I promise.”

Alissa took the water and gulped a bit. She was glad that the attention wasn’t on her now.

“What a nice surprise for you to visit Adrianna.” Brian added in.

“It is so sweet of him to think of me. I have missed you so much.” Adrianna put her arms around Aron’s neck.

Aron just smiled and Alissa kept on repeating in her head, Don’t get jealous, don’t get jealous. Breathe in and out. Aron is just a guy you sleep with and he is nothing more.

The lunch is taking so long to finish, but what’s more frustrating is that Aron doesn’t even spare her a glance and he seems to be aware of all Adrianna’s charms and he smiles and laughs at them all.

Alissa feels a hand on her small back and feels Brandon’s breath on her ear and neck, “I have a surprise for you.”

She forces herself to be excited, “What kind?”

“Alissa can I talk to you alone.”

Alissa turns to see Aron was now starring at her furiously.


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