I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 30

Alissa had to think fast and she made it obvious to look at Adrianna, “Of course we have to finish the surprise you have.”

Adrianna became giddy and she had a gleam in her eyes, and Lexie urged them on, “Go on you two and take you time.”

Brandon kisses her cheek and she leaves with Aron who doesn’t even bother saying bye to Adrianna. She follows him quietly and he doesn’t utter a word. When they arrive at his car, he opens the door for her and motions for her to get in the car.

“Where are we going?”

“Just get in the car, Alissa,”

“Okay, no need to put your panties in a twist.”

Alissa gets in and he closes the door and gets in the front. They drive off and Aron doesn’t say a word, you can see that he is going to his house. Alissa wonders what he wants to say and why he wasn’t just saying it.

They get to the house and the gates open. She walks out the car and follows Aron into his house, he gets to the kitchen and after a few minutes, he turns to her.

“What?” Alissa asks consciously,

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, Alissa.” His voice drags out.

“I know..” her voice fumbles.

“Why is that Alissa? I have called you and sent you texts but there is no word from you.”

“I know I just have had errands.....I mean busy, I mean I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“I just want the truth Alissa, I thought we were great and we had a great night...”

“We did Aron....”

“Then you just disappear, without a word. And I find you gone in the morning.” Alissa thinks she sees the pain in his eyes. In a flash its gone,

“I needed some time and space. I have too much on my mind Aron.”

“You could have told me that Alissa and I would have understood. I thought that you didn’t want to

See me.”

Alissa looked at her hands, she had been avoiding him.

“If you don’t want...”

“I want to carry on Aron, I don’t want to stop our deal. This was just a misunderstanding and it will not happen again.”

Aron smiled at her enthusiasm, “I’m glad to hear that and if anything happens let me know so that I can help you out in any way possible.”

Alissa was surprised when Aron had said that, did he care about her? She put the thought out of her mind and decided to keep herself in check. She didn’t want to be more into it than she already was.

“I will try,” she replied.

“What does that mean?” Aron answered.

“Exactly what I said, that I will see. It’s not like some things I can tell you.”

“Like what?” Aron asked intrigued.

Alissa fumbled with her hands, “Women stuff.”

Aron’s eyes light up and he held up his hands in defense. “Okay, I get it. You don’t have to tell me any further unless you want to.”

“Thank you. “She replied.

“For what?” Aron replied.

“For understanding.”

Aron tilted his head not sure as to how he should answer her, “It’s not a problem, anything that makes your life easier.”

“But did you have to call me now Aron?”

“What do you mean?” Aron asked.

“Couldn’t you have asked me another time.”

“What was wrong with now Alissa?”

“I don’t want my friends to catch on. I don’t want them to find out about us, that would really put a strain on our relationship.”

“I couldn’t stand to see you...”

Alissa stared at Aron waiting for him to finish his words, he seemed to be in disbelief with a bit of shock on his face.

“Aron are you okay?”

“Yes, I am fine. “He replied tautly.

“Are you going to finish what you were saying to me?”

Aron shook his head, “Forget about it.”

Alissa was shocked at his words and wondered where they came from, “Oh okay if you change your mind you know where to find me.”

“I know where to find you, Alissa, in my bed of course.”

Alissa felt her cheeks reddening, “Stop.

“You think that I am joking?” Aron took a step towards her.

“What are you doing?” ,

With a swift movement, Aron tossed her over his shoulder, and she squealed. He dropped her on the bed. She saw the hot look in eyes and she knew what was coming next which made her squeal even more.

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