I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 31

Alissa woke up and realized she had fallen asleep, who knew sleeping with someone could be so exhausting, she stretched and looked at the time. She gasped when she saw it was two in the morning.

Why hadn’t Aron woken her up so she could go home? Speaking of Aron she wondered where he was. Alissa put on her shoes and dashed downstairs. She found Aron seated and got a huge fright and he was still on the phone. She motioned for him that she was going out.

He raised a hand, hinting at her that he will talk to her in a second. When he was done on the phone he looked at her,

“Where are you going?”

“Back to my dorm room Aron.”

“It’s late.” Aron replied.

“I know, why didn’t you wake me up?”

Aron shrugged, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

Alissa didn’t know what his intentions were, so she had to remind herself that everything was all just for the agreement.

“I see, so I’m going to head out.”

“That’s not possible, there are no buses.” Aron replied.

“What about your driver?”

“He went home.”

“Maybe you could drop me off.”

“I will.” Aron replied.

“Thank you.” Alissa replied in relief.

“Only tomorrow morning.”

“What? Are you being serious Aron?”

“Hundred percent.”

“But why?”

“It’s late at night Alissa, there is nothing to do at this time. So get some rest and I will take you first thing in the morning, at whatever time you would like.” Aron replied.

“Okay.” Alissa replied, getting his point. There was no use in her going back right now. Aron came to her,

“Let’s go.”

Alissa followed Aron back to his room and they got into bed.

“Oh yeah, what were you doing in the kitchen.”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes.” Alissa answered cautiously.

“I was talking to some of my clients on the phone.”

“At this hour?”


Aron switched off the side lamp and he lay down. He patted his chest, “Come Alissa.”

Alissa lay down on his chest unsure of what he had on his mind. After some minutes she looked up slowly and saw that he had fallen asleep, Alissa smiled and wished she could look at him like this forever.

She pulled out her phone, dimmed the brightness. She put on her camera and captured a couple of shots, some of Aron alone and some with him. When she was done she carried on watching him until she fell asleep.

“Alissa..” she felt someone smothering the hair out of her face.

“No, leave me sleep.” She replied grogilly.

She heard a chuckle, “As much as I would love that, I need to get you back to college remember and it’s ten in the morning, I have missed some of my meetings to lay with you. Unless you want to stay till I get back.”

When Alissa heard it was ten in the morning, she shot up and took out her phone. She groaned, just as she had suspected, she had so many missed callds from Adrianna and Lexie. She let out a groan.

“Whats wrong?” Aron asked.

“I got plenty of missed calls from Adrianna and Lexie.”

“Just tell them you dozed off whilst studying, I’m sure they will understand.” Aron replied.

“Maybe and you still need to give Adrianna a surprise. That’s why I left, remember.”

Aron groaned, “I would rather not, I’m not interested in her, cant you just tell her that.”
“What I can’t!”

“Then should I tell her Alissa?”

“What will you say?”

“That I a with you.” Aron replied simply

“No you can’t, that will create so many problems!”

“How long are you going to keep this a secret?” Aron asked.

“It’s not like this is going anywhere. So I cant jeopardize my friendship over something that I wont last.”

Aron looked at her fully for the first time, and she felt very conscious.

Alissa stood up and out of his gaze, “Is it fine if I shower in the guest room.”
“You can use my shower Alissa, there is a spare toothbrush in the cup.”

Alissa scurried into the bathroom and she could still feel Aron’s eyes on the back of her head following her. When she reached the bathroom, she stripped of her clothes and showered. She brushed her teeth and put on her clothes.

When she was done she went out,
“Let’s go.” Said Aron.

Alissa nodded and she followed him on her way out when they reached her campus she was glad that most of the students were in class.

“Thank you Aron.”
“My pleasure.” He replied.

When she was about to climb out the car, she felt his hand on her wrist. She turned and looked at him, “What?”

He pulled her in and placed a kiss on her lips.

When he pulled back, she was blushing.

“I will see you later Alissa.”

Alissa nodded, and got out the car. She saw him speed off, and she was left with a smile on her lips.

“Alissa, what the hell!”

Alissa turned to find Lexie and Adrianna approached her.

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