I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 32

Adrianna looked pissed and Lexie looked as if she wanted an explanation.

“We need to talk,” Lexie added.

Alissa nodded, not wanting to cause anymore suspicion, she didn’t want her friends to be more suspicious of her behaviour.

She went with them to the café and they took a corner booth. Seated with their smoothies, Alissa waits for the inevitable that was about to happen.

“What were you doing with Aron?” Adrianna jumps in.

Lexie looks at her waiting for an answer.

Breathe Alissa, “We were discussing some things.”

“Like what?” Adrianna comes off aggressive,

“Let her explain,” Lexie adds.

“I can’t say.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Adrianna adds some more.


“What the hell does that even mean,” Adrianna rolls her eyes.

“Just what I say.”

“Alissa, we are your friends and this does not look good, we just want to give you the benefit of the doubt and get your side of the story. Adrianna was hurt when she saw you. Tell us what happened.” Lexie added.

“Why are you guys insinuating that something did happen?”

" It doesn’t make sense as to why you would come out of Aron’s car. What were you guys doing?” Adrianna chimed in.

“It’s not like I have to report my life twenty four hours seven to you.”

Adrianna’s mouth hangs, and Lexie tries to diffuse the situation, “I get that Alissa but you have to try understand everyone’s feelings here.”

“I do and I don’t know what my life activities have to do with you guys,”

“Aron is supposed to be with me!” Adrianna jumped in some more,

“I met Aron before you, and we were friends so none of that will change. I don’t know what you and him do, and that’s not any of my business.”

“Does Brandon know about this?” Lexie asked.

“Again not that it’s any of your business but he is fine with it as we are just friends, and we have gone out before with him.”

“You know what to settle all of this I think we should all go out as friends.” Lexie chimed in.

“Fine by me.” Adrianna replied.

“Cool.” What other choice did she have besides to agree, if she said no then her friends would have gone ballistic because she was already threading lightly. She had to make them upset so that they wouldn’t ask her anymore questions.

“Okay then it’s settled. Dinner on Friday ladies and then its clubbing.” Lexie beamed at the both them.

“Are we done here?”

“For now.” Adrianna replied.

When Alissa got to her dorm room she began plotting as to what she would do. She would have to text Aron and ask him to arrange something for Adrianna to dim down the suspicions because it was now getting out of hand. The lies too. What of Brandon.

Was Aron right? Should she just tell the truth and get this over and done with. She groaned, what surprise would make Adrianna forget the whole ordeal. Alissa stressed some more, what if they found out about the truth between her and Aron.

Her friendship would be totally ruined. Her friends would leave her and she would be left alone. Aron didn’t even want a full relationship so what was she supposed to do with that?

Alissa lay on her bed and looked at the ceiling, there was the dinner this Friday and she knew this could be a disaster if she and Aron did their parts badly she had to tell him the does and don’t s and she wondered if they could follow it through with the whole thing.

Alissa rolled oh her bed when she thought about Brandon. Maybe if she came out about Aron her friends might be angry with her then they would forgive her and they would move on from the whole ideal, but there was one problem with the whole idea. What if they refuse her apology?

Was Aron really worth all of this hustle and fuss that she was making her go through. What if they banished her from seeing Aron again, would she be able to do it? What was she thinking? Her friends were more important, they would be there for her for life? Was it worth risking it over boy whom might disappear on her and nothing she knew about.

The week went by and Alissa spent every single day with Lexie and Adrianna. They insisted every single day and she knew the reason behind it, if they keep an eye on her then she can’t be with Aron nor ever see him if they were with her.

Adrianna would always chime as to how she was talking to Aron everyday. Alissa didn’t let anything show she would love and agree. She knew that Lexie and Adrianna were both studying her and waiting for how she responds or the find a slip in her words.

How long could she put up a facade, they would show up at her room at the most randomest of times, and when she actually opened the door they would stand there, surprised that she actually at home.

When she would ask them what they were doing here they would respond with the same old answer, “Aren’t we allowed to come and check up on our best friend.”

She would say, “Isn’t it a weird time to be doing that? It’s two in the morning and I’m tired, Is there a specific reason you couldn’t text or call?”

“Come on Alissa we don’t have to have a reason as to why we want to see you. We are friends right?” Adrianna added.

“I know we are and I do care for you guys but I do need my beauty sleep and this whole knocking all the time is getting out of hand. I mean I spent the whole day with you guys.”

“Just because we spent the whole day together makes you not want to see us?” Adrianna replied.

“Stop twisting my words, it’s two in the morning. I have classes tomorrow, if it was the weekend that would be reasonable but this, it’s just not right. I’m tired, and now I have to fall asleep all over again.”

“Adrianna, Lisa is right, it’s two in the morning and we all have classes. We have to be sleeping,” Lexie added with a yawn.

Adrianna contemplated their words and she nodded. “True, we will see each other tomorrow for dinner, I can’t wait.”

They all laughed at the way she had said, when they left Alissa switched off her lights and she went to bed.

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