I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 34

Alissa stood there trying to not let herself feel anymore nervous than what she felt. She was already red thinking what she and Aron had done and how he was looking at her.

“You look stunning Lisa.” Adrianna said to her and she could tell that she was surprised by the way she looked.

“I very much agree.” Brandon said grinning down at her.

“Shall we all?” Asked motioning for all of them to head inside the restaurant,

Brandon put his arm around her and she noticed that Aron didn’t miss that but she gave him a hard glare not to cause any trouble.

They went to the door and Lexie did all the talking, “Reservation for six.”

“Name please.”

“Lexie.” She replied.

“This way ladies and gentlemen.”

They were lead upstairs and there were not many people there. The reflection through the glass was amazing.

The table was round, and Aron opened Adrianna’s seat for her first, and then he sat on the right hand side of her.

Brandon went to open the seat next to Aron, “For you.”

Alissa tried to remain calm, she was trying to not panic, what possessed Brandon to make him make her sit next to Aron.

Alissa calmly sat down, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure my lady.” Brandon said as he sat next to her.

Brian did the same for Lexie and she sat down, and then he sat down. They opened the menu’s that the waiter had placed out for them.

Alissa looked through the menu, acting oblivious that she was sitting next to Aron. She didn’t want to give anything away.

The waiter came back and took out a book and paper to write down their orders. “What drinks would you like?”

The waiter looked at her first, and she thought it was her imagination that he was blushing.

“A mojito please.”

He turned to Aron, “A beer.”

Then Adrianna, “Margarita”

Then Lexie, “Strawberry daiquiri.”

Brandon and Brian also went for beer and with that he left, which left them to look at the menu, everyone was focused on what they would order when the waiter came back with their drinks, they ordered their meals.

Alissa immediately took a sip of her drink,

“You two look cosy.” Lexie commented towards Adrianna and Aron.

Sip......Alissa took another one.

“Thank you, Aron was the perfect gentleman, he fetched me from my house.” Adrianna replied.


“What do you two do at your spare time?” Lexie probed them again

“Aron is busy but he says he will start making some more time for me and.....”

Brandon and Brian started to argue about sports which she didn’t care for, she just wanted to be over and done with this whole dinner.

When she waned to take another sip of her drink she realized that she had finished it.

Alissa saw the waiter and motioned for him, and he came by her side. “Can I get another glass make it a bit stronger.”

“Yes mam.” The waiter replied,

The waiter was back with her drink, she was glad that she was invincible because Lexie kept on asking Adrianna and Aron questions about future dates.

Sip......sip.....sip Alissa started to feel a bit light and she kept on tilting her head. She couldn’t blow up their cover but she couldn’t stop herself from drinking. When she finished her second one she called the waiter.

He leaned in, “Can you get me another one,”

The waiter nodded, and when he came back with her drink. She was blinking so much. She sipped more of the drink.

“I would take you on a drive to the beach.” Aron said.

Adrianna and Lexie squealed, and Adrianna linked her arm onto Aron’s arm.

Alissa looked away and took more of a sip of her drink and yet again she had reached the bottom. She motioned for the waiter who now looked puzzled. He came nonetheless.

“One mor.....”

“That’s enough Alissa! Please get her a glass of water.” Aron’s voice boomed. Alissa jumped at his words, she thought no-one had noticed how much she was drinking.

“Yes Sir.” The waiter replied,

“What is up with you Alissa?” Adrianna asked.

“Nothing, I did nothing.” She said composing her words carefully.

“You should pace yourself Alissa, you can’t be bothering Aron,” Lexie chimed in.

“She wasn’t bothering me, I just noticed that she needed water. So there is no need to take it out on her.” Aron defended her.

Alissa didn’t want to raise anymore problems, “I am fine, you guys should carry on your conversation, I’m just waiting for Brian to give me back my date,”

Brandon turned to her, “Sorry I got so caught up in sports.”

“You are right Lisa, I also have been waiting for my date to pay attention to me but he hasn’t.” Lexie added.

Brian turned to her, “Sorry, I’m here.”

Alissa saw that Adrianna was still not convinced so she leaned closer to Brandon who put his arm around her, with his other hand he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, “I’m all yours Alissa.”

She brushed a light kiss on his cheek.

Alissa tried not to jump when she felt Aron’s hand on her thigh.

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