I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 36

The music stopped and the lights came back on and Alissa fidgeted a bit.

“That was wonderful.” Lexie exclaimed.

“Yes, it was enchanting.” Adrianna added.

“I know right.” Alissa added. She had to add, but honestly she had heard nothing with what Aron and her had just done under the table.

All the guys also nodded half heartedly knowing that they heard nothing at all probably were all bored by the music.

The food came and the table became more alive, the waiter set out their food. He looked at her directly, “Enjoy your food.”

Lexie raised her eyebrow, “I see you have a number of admirers.”

Adrianna chipped in, “You have become quite the scandalous one.”

Alissa just blushed and Brandon put his hand around her, “But she belongs to me.”

Alissa felt Aron stiffen besides her. She just laughs it off. She feels Aron relax besides her and everyone begins to dig into their meal.

“Alissa can I try some of yours I don’t like mine.” Said Aron.

Alissa tried not to panic, it was harmless he just wanted to try some of her food.


“You can have some of mine Aron.” Adrianna jumped in and Alissa refrained from saying anything.

“Thanks, but I want some of Alissa’s it looks delicious.” Aron replied.

Alissa saw that Adrianna had given Lexie a knowing look. Alissa was fed up, she didn’t know what more she had to do.

Aron took some food from her plate and ate, twenty minutes later Alissa felt trapped by Lexie and Adrianna’s stares. Aron had now turned to her and he was leaning in and sharing her food. He didn’t seem to care about the stares or what they would say.

“Why don’t we order you the same thing that Alissa ordered?” Lexie chimed in and she knew Adrianna had something to do with it.

“No it’s fine, I think it tastes so much better because it’s coming from someone else’s plate I guess.” Aron replied.

“Alissa do you want to go to the ladies room?” Adrianna offered.

Alissa stiffened a bit and she hoped that no-one noticed.

“Let her finish her meal first.” Aron cut in.
“I can’t go alone.” Adrianna whined, “Unless you come with.”

“Why don’t you go with Lexie?” Aron asked.

Adrianna was quiet,j

“How about we all go ladies.” Lexie added leaving no room to argue. Before Aron could speak again, Alissa jumped out her chair.

“Lead the way.”

Lexie and Adrianna got up and they went to the rest room and as soon as they were inside she knew what she was fighting against .

“Don’t tell me that you don’t see it?” Adrianna lashed out.

“Alissa?” Lexie asked.

“What have I done now? Except pay attention to my date just like everyone else.”

“Don’t act innocent I see how Aron is acting around you and with you.” Adrianna spitted out the words.

“Adrianna it’s not my fault that you can’t capture his attention.”

“I can’t believe you just said that Alissa.”

“What else do you guys want from me?”

“Alissa, you have to understand that Adrianna likes Aron a lot and he isn’t paying her attention because of you,”

“Why am I at fault.”

“Try not to make conversation with him.” Lexie added.

“I will not do such, I was friends with him way before and now I have to stop just because you two said so? It’s not my fault, or Aron is being friendly.”

“Do you even hear yourself Alissa? You sound like a completely different person.” Adrianna replied.

“You two are the ones making me this way. Anything Aron and I do is wrong in your eyes. Even when I try I am at fault. Why don’t you lash out at Aron the same way you lash out at me?”

“I can’t Alissa, if I do he will think I am a control freak.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“Can you switch seats with Brandon?” Adrianna asked.

“No, I will not that is ridiculous.”

“I will also switch seats with Brian and say we need some girl talk so that we can catch up on a few things. Brandon and Brian can carry on with sports and Adrianna can talk to Aron.”


Adrianna hugged her tightly, “Thanks Lisa, You are the best.”

“I better be.” Alissa giggled at Adrianna’s smiling face.

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