I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 37

When they finished touching up their makeup, they went over the plan and how it would go.

“Guys it should flow naturally so that he doesn’t suspect a thing.” Adrianna said applying more lipstick to her face.

They all finished their final check ups and Alissa saw that she was flushed, and felt a bit better now that she had drank some water and the alcohol was leaving her system bit by bit.

They went back and sat by their original seats, Alissa found Brandon and Brian arguing about sports and she knew, her and Lexie’s plan had to commence.

They waited a couple of minutes, “Brian and Brandon, switch with Alissa and I so we can have some girl talk.” Said Lexie.

Brandon and Brian didn’t hesitate, they switched seats and now Lexie and Alissa drew their chairs together so that they could be next to each other and talk a lot more freely.

“We can take a sneak peek at Adrianna and Aron and see how everything goes with them.” Lexie replied.

Alissa nods, “I hope they hit off.”

Adrianna takes a peak at them and smiles at them, she knows she is thanking them.

She whispers something to Aron and Aron whispers back at her and she goes red, and Alissa wonders what Aron said to her.

Why was she getting so jealous?

“Adrianna is blushing.” Lexie squealed.

“I know right.” Alissa exaggerated her voice so that she sounded happy, she hoped that Lexie didn’t notice that her voice was over the top.

Thank goodness she hadn’t, Alissa watched as Adrianna and Aron whispered back and forth. Alissa wanted to scream when she saw Aron tucking Adrianna’s hair behind her ear. Why was he flirting with her.

At the same time she rationalized if she could do it with Brandon, why couldn’t he do it with Adrianna. And all they were doing is hooking up so he wasn’t just exclusive to her and her alone. Was he already tired of her?

Was it because she didn’t bring much flavour in the bed? And Adrianna seemed like that type.

The type that knew what they were doing in bed. She tried not to overthink but that’s all that her brain was doing. Making her more anxious.

Lexie was so consumed in watching them that she didn’t notice how agitated she was, it was good thing because she wouldn’t expose herself and much.

“Here are the dessert menu’s.” The waiter placed each one in front of them.

They looked at the menu and when the waiter came back to take their orders. They all placed their orders, when they were done ordering the waiter went.

The waiter came back with desserts, and Alissa, just as Lexie noticed that Aron and Adrianna had ordered a dessert to share.

Adrianna picked up the fork and she held it out for Aron, and he opened his mouth and she popped it into his mouth.

Alissa forked a huge chunk into her mouth, sulking at Adrianna and Aron. That’s what she had wanted right?

But it hurt because she really liked him but now he seemed like the womanizer he was. She had forgotten how she had met him and how he was with her because she sought him out not the other way around.

Now that Adrianna was doing the same thing, what would stop him from accepting her too?

Alissa sighed lightly, and carried on eating, “Aron is taken by Adrianna.” Lexie whispered to her.

Alissa just nodded, she didn’t like being an instigator there was no point at all. She hurt but for what? Did she really think that she would be the one for Aron?

When Aron had made the proposal she should have known that he was the type to get tired. So why had he given her false hope for caring.

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